A brief word on hacked celebrity naked pictures



Of  all the inane bullshit I’ve heard in my life, the one currently saying ‘if you take naked pictures of yourself you should expect them to be seen by everyone’ is possibly the dumbest. Deleted intimate images people take in the privacy of their own space that were never intended for anyone else that are then stolen is no justification for publication and mass humiliation! That’s as intellectually shallow as blaming women for wearing make up and short skirts for rape.


Grow up.




    • I was waiting for some sanctimonious prick to try and use that as their argument. That you of all National Party loving Trolls would be the one to try it speaks volumes of the gutter you crawl out of you filthy piece of right wing scum.

      Taking emails that show MPs being blackmailed, candidate selections rigged, Labour Party computers hacked, hit jobs on the SFO, brothel trawling and SIS information given to a far right hate speech merchant like Slater is a fucking world away from hacking the private photos of celebrities naked you sexist fuckwit.

      The first has public interest as its defence – that what has been revealed is such an attack on democracy that the using of them is essential for the health of that democracy. The second has no public interest defence whatsoever.

      Crawl back to the sewer where slater lives arsehole.

      • In any case, poor widdle Camewon “Swug” Swater can scarcely cwy too hard about the hacking of his own machine when he was not above that sort of thing himself. Whether the stuff he passed on was hacked by himself or by others is beside the point. His use of leaked material is not such as to place him on any moral high ground here.

        Personally, I reckon there is a world of difference between foregoing one’s ‘expectation of privacy’ and having to count on the high likelihood some snurge illicitly obtaining access to and making use of private communications. That the two appear to have been conflated by the legal advice to governments is the sort of snaky a piece of casuistry that one might have expected from a back-street shyster, rather than advocates for the Common Weal.

        But if it is good enough for governments to gather up private communications and data for their own uses, than said governments are in no position to complain if it happens to them. (I notice that the USA moans and whines about the Chinese successes in mining USA corporate and government data, for all the world as though the USA hasn’t been doing precisely the same thing for even longer.). If private individuals hack into the private data devices and emails of other private individuals, then if they want to whinge about it happening to them, let them tell it to anyone who gives a rat’s arse.

        There are far too many right wing types who behave like a certain type of schoolyard bully, who, though fond of dishing out the pain, is quick off the mark to tell teacher when what went round came round and smacked them in the teeth. There we have “the Swug” in a nutshell: the schoolyard bully who’s copped a good one on the snoot.

  1. @ Intrinsic value: it really is a bit desperate and creepy to attempt to draw a false equivalence, as you’ve done here.
    I agree with everything King Oath says: couldn’t have put it better meself!

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