Want to lift voter participation? #futurevoter selfie this election with your child now


As the importance of democratic engagement starts making its presence felt in the wake of the lowest voter turn out in a century, it’s time to make universal suffrage a goal again.

One step towards that is nurturing the future voter. The Electoral Commission has launched a Kids Voting program, and that’s a good start, but I think there needs to be a push to go further than that.

I think parents who want to establish the heritage of citizenship in their children early should be encouraged to take their kids to the polling booth and have them tag along as you vote. The tradition builds a connection and should be as welcomed as a means to building national identity as positively as children attending ANZAC Day commemorations.

This election parents should take a selfie of them and their child at the polling station and hash tag it as #futurevoter.


If we want to stop apathy, we need to celebrate voting & bring our kids along – we’ve voted for change #futurevoter


  1. What a lovely daughter, she looks very bright like her dad.

    I agree we should let our kids know what democracy is and how to help preserve it for future generations and never take it for granted as this Government has to our detriment.

    Good positive message Martyn for our young who are our future.

    There’s no I in team so we have to be all together as we wash this Government away and save our country..

  2. So nice to see little J in the photo! She’s gonna be a political steam engine just like her mum and dad, I expect – And a fine thing that is.

  3. I have asked my almost six year old several times in the last couple of weeks if his teacher is talking about the election, in the same manner that they have had weeks of Americas Cup, Maori Language Week and Commonwealth Games themed activies at school over the last year. Nope, and, ah nope. Lots of cutting out sea creatures and colouring inside the lines though.

    Nevertheless, he knows the PM is not our cup of tea (in a respectful manner) and he and his little bro will be joining us at the polling station to experience this most important of civic duties.

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