Public Broadcasting Auckland debate 6.30pm tonight now with Colin Craig & Laila Harre



The Coalition for Better Broadcasting debate on public broadcasting happens tonight at 6.30pm in Auckland at the Pioneer Women’s Hall, High Street, Auckland City. 

In the light of Dirty Politics and the manipulation of the media, public broadcasting is more important for the health of of democracy than ever before.

I will be live tweeting the event on my account.


  1. thanks for that notice …Laila Harre will be the star of the debate….i have huge admiration for her incisive intellect and her passion for justice and equality ….and boy does public broadcasting need a shake up !

    …the poor quality of public broadcasting and the main stream media is one reason why people have sought out the likes of Slater’s Whale Oil for their ‘news’….

    • another reason for poor quality msm is that the likes of John Key have drip fed Slater via Jason Ede and by-passed the main stream media and public broadcasting

      ….there needs to be set in place strict codes to control undemocratic rogue politicians who go with their governmental information ( information that pertains to the interests of all NZers) via the likes of salacious and scandal PR merchants like Slater

      …. and thereby sidelining the the msm and making it dependent on crap PR merchants whose allegiances are to who ?….overseas?

  2. No Winston? The last couple of interviews of his I’ve seen have started swaying me his way (one 20mins+ on Stuff was particularly good).

  3. I’m all for conservative…when you actually listen to him the man so makes sense when he’s talking about his policy’s he knows what the majority of nz wants.

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