Winners & Losers in Collins sacking plus what’s the latest on Slater’s new attempt to weaponise the news?




Make no mistake, there was no way this was a resignation, it’s a face saving way out for Collins, she was sacked.  My understanding is that National internal polls are haemorrhaging and that the powers that be within National who had ben holding onto this email for sometime decided to use it Friday night for a Saturday ‘resignation’ in some desperate attempt to cauterise the wound. Knowing the Sunday Star Times was going to drop this bomb didn’t help.

Good luck with that because what has been revealed are allegations that Slater & Co, with the supposed support from Collins, was attempting to destabilise the  head of the Serious Fraud Office.

Before we start pegging winners and losers here, can we all just pause and consider in horror what the hell they’ve been caught doing this time? They were trying to destabilise the bloody head of the SF fucking O! He’s not some chump candidate they are chewing up and spitting out, this is a serious player in the serious business of serious investigation, that Slater & Co thought for one millisecond they could take out such a senior and important figure is beyond hubris. These people are bloody monsters!


So we now have a smear campaign to destabilise the head of the SFO, alongside allegations of blackmailing an MP using lewd dirt, hacking into Labour’s computer and downloading their entire database, rigging candidate selections, moving prisoners around  the country for a female ‘friend’ of Slater’s , trawling brothels for dirt of journalists, crucifying a public servant and most damaging, giving SIS info to Slater to damage political opponents.

This is now so serious that only a full inquiry can be the response. What the bloody hell is going on here? How have people with such warped and hateful views been allowed and empowered into directing so much of what passes as current affairs in NZ?

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Judith Collins: Gone at lunchtime. She was hanging on by a thread as it was, this last email where she’s effectively being caught plotting as Justice Minister against the Serious Fraud Office has been used as the final straw by those inside the Party who hope ending her will stop the free fall of internal National Party polling. As a power base and next Leader of National, she is toast. I doubt she will stay on past the election and will be looking for a new job in the Chinese milk industry.


The Lusk clients: Jami-Lee Ross, Sam Lotu-llga, Louise Upston, Mark Mitchell and Nicky Wagner are all now so damaged by association they will all see demotions soon.


David Farrar: His pathetic silence on an issue as serious as this shows how neutered he has become now his own tole in these games has been outed.


John Key: John Armstrong in the Herald attempts to frame this meltdown as actually a win for Key. Sure if that’s what you need to rock yourself to sleep at night, you keep telling yourself that Mr Armstrong but the reality is that it is a train wreck that just keeps giving. Watching Key try and explain that this anonymous email from the right isn’t a ‘right wing conspiracy theory’ but everything Hager says in his emails is a ‘left wing conspiracy theory’ should be made into a game show it’s so entertaining. If this was ethical, Key would sack Ede as well – it isn’t ethical, it’s politically expedient. Who know that all it took to destroy teflon was whaleoil? Key’s Government is dying by a thousand rays of  sunlight.



The front Page the Herald would run if they could

NZ Herald: The latest email boasting about an easy way to manipulate the NZ Herald if taken in isolation would be read as Slater arrogance and hubris, but seeing as the NZ Herald ran a baseless smear story against Cunliffe over fictional $100 000 bottles of wine, fictional $15 000 book and fictional $150 000 donations – (remember John Armstrong actually wrote that Cunliffe may have to resign over the total none event that was the Donghua Liu smear) –


…there has to be some negative backlash towards them in the wake of this email. There are honourable Journalists there, David Fisher wrote a moving article recently on his dealings with Slater and I find it very difficult for someone of Fran O’Sullivan’s intellect getting caught up in this sort of despicable muck raking – it just isn’t her style. But the ability to point to balance inside the Herald is almost impossible with the leaving of Matt McCarten (a columnist the NZ Herald still hasn’t replaced) meaning that it is entirely too easy to see the Herald as part of the problem rather than the solution. When the Herald couldn’t even see how appointing Cathy Odgers and Josie Pagani as their ‘balanced’ election commentary was a terrible blunder, then it’s time for some heads to roll. (Note: The NZ Herald announced they had dumped Odgers only after TDB started pointing it out).


The wider mainstream media: Fresh from the depression in the Press Gallery brought about by watching their hero John Key get taken apart by David Cunliffe, this latest revelation after the fact is another blow to the supposed watch dog role our media have walked away from. It really begs the question what the bloody hell the media are actually doing if not holding then powerful to account? Rather than plomping someone down at fashion week to endlessly wank on about nothing, how about focus on abuses of power? Nicky Hager has done more journalism in one book than the entire mainstream media have done in 6 years. Any progressive Government coming in MUST make public broadcasting a priority.


Winston Peters: The energy Winston managed to lever off allegations that one of Judith’s people approached him have now had the oxygen cut, meaning that trivialisation is no longer in the news cycle. With that nasty Judith gone, Winston and John can become new best friends. A vote for NZ First is a vote for National is not a message Winston wanted.



Whoever launched the smear campaign agains Labour + Greens: What a terrible day to launch a smear campaign. All the backers of the latest anti-Green dirty politics attack has reminded voters is how the Right are relentless in their negativity. What a way to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Heather du Plessis-Allan from Seven Sharp: How does it feel to have been manipulated into painting Slater out as a nice guy with her soft focus puff piece on Seven Sharp now? Ouch.


Ede & Eagleson: Now Collins is gone, focus swings immediately back to Key’s Press Secretary and Chief of Staff. If Slater & Co were plotting to take out the SFO Director, how do those other allegations of dirty tricks as outlined in Dirty Politics stack up? How could Eagleson not have known about what Ede was doing and how could Key not have known what Eagleson was doing? The drum beat for their heads will begin right after #Whaledump drops the Slater-Collins private messages and the Slater-Ede private messages.


Rodney MP, Mark Mitchell: Mark becomes a terrible loser in all of this because he thinks all the shifted attention means nothing is coming his way. What a terrible false sense of security he has.


Cameron Slater: Dear ole Cam, he has managed to allow others to think even less of him than they did, and after the month he’s had, let’s admit just how difficulty that is. *

Cam’s sadistic impulses have been enabled by powerful political allies, it’s like Russia giving high grade military weapons to ill disciplined pro Russia militia and then looking surprised when those ill disciplined pro Russia militia accidentally blow a commercial airliner out of the sky. Cam is in trouble. He was set to launch a brand new news site with a rumoured $600 000 from former MEGA CEO Tony Lentino, and if you check out the ravings Slater is currently uttering over at whaleoil as he twists and turns in the wind trying to justify the hate he injects like a toxin into the body politic, he still seems to think it’s all on. In this post, the sanctimonious prick has the audacity to quote Gandhi – I kid you not.

The problem for Cam’s new plan to weaponise the news is that the backlash from Dirty Politics is still building. Everything he writes is critically read with the view to trying to pick up who he’s writing it for now. Cam can’t rely on Carrick or the other corporate vultures for revenue as Slater is now so carcinogenic, not even the Tobacco Industry will touch him. Cam will need to rely on the Israeli Embassy to pay the bills of his new venture, and when Apartheid Israel is your only client, that speaks volumes.


The other problem for Slater has been the scrutiny now applied to his bullshit stats. We all suspected he used bots to inflate his supposed influence, now we have some basis for those suspicions.

Slater now attracts the revulsion his malevolence deserves, Tony Lentino should be thinking long and hard about how much he wants his own reputation to be associated with this pathological hatred and with more details to be released on #Whaledump, Tony may want to make that decision quickly.




Nicky Hager: Sure, it was an anonymous email from inside the National Party that finally toppled Collins, but her head means all the ‘left wing conspiracy’ bullshit has to stop. The allegations laid out in Dirty Politics demands resolution in the wake of this latest madness. Hager has managed to make National Party cheerleader and NZ Herald editorial writer John Roughan’s own book on Key look like the sad flaccid nothing it always was.

Cunliffe and Labour: This following on the heels of his win in the debate is now forcing many to ask, ‘why am I not voting for Labour again’?

Patrick Gower: His live TV yesterday was amazing, and there’s no one on the hunt like Paddy when there is this much blood in the water.

Grant Robertson: Great on live TV yesterday.

Paula Bennet: New leader of the National Party post Key’s loss.

The Greens & Internet MANA: The only Parties to not have anyone talking to Slater.

NZ Democracy: We are a better country for having this pus filled boil lanced, now we need to clean out the wound this Government has become.




*In light of today’s tragedy at a Winz office, my jab at Slater has been edited out.


  1. She is gone because Key was forced to use his get out of jail card earlier than he had hoped.

    He had embarked on advice on a campaign of denigration of all the emails published in the hope that the public would tire easily, that combined with watching their internal polling to time if needed his escape much closer to the election date so the reason did not go through the public’s scrutiny because of time factors.

    It has now come out that this latest email had been in the PMs office as long ago as last Wednesday if not earlier, the backroom boys have obviously been working hard to get the dirt as the get out of jail that isn’t linked to Hager’s emails and they have succeeded but the didn’t count on the Winston factor which has blown their timing to shreds

  2. This seems to be one of the few issues that is creating a split in the Press gallery with Gower going on the attack (as he should) while the usual suspects (Particularly Armstrong) try and protect National by ring fencing this issue around Judith Collins. The media who break this open will make a name for themselves because clearly there is a lot more to this story than has been leaked out so far, every few days things get worse for National.

    On another note, anyone who votes for the National Party on Sept 20th given this will fit in one of two categories: Immoral or Stupid.

  3. John Key must resign also.

    This revolting Black Op’s model was run out of HIS office. Whether it was through his express instructions to manipulate things to their advantage in any way possible or vague visionary statements such as “I want no trip ups from my ministers, I want constant good news stories and I want dissent eliminated and I’ll leave up to you how that is done”, Key is up to his eye balls in this.

    Collins would never have acted like this if these “ethics” were not approved of. If Key had set the standards for behaviour high she would not have dared. And how many other National MP’s are involved in some dodgy thing or another?

    When Key started on his way of doing business, The Warner Bros deal to trade in labour rights for money, or the SkyCity deal to give them TVNZ’s land and buildings along with vastly increased gambling rights for the next few decades for a shitty conference centre the Herald for one eewed and ahhed at his masterful ways. But for some it made our skin crawl that a PM would bring his Merrill Lynch money trading – deal making morals and trade away things like that over a piss up lunch with no checks and balances.

    And so it comes to light that other wealthy businessmen saw the NZ government as a commodity they could buy as well. Whether you were the alcohol industry, Tobacco, fast foods or whatever other health threat industry there was or labour law changes to crush the worst-paid people in NZ like cleaners in government departments or if you were one of their brother millionaires who was in trouble with the law, there was a go to guy or gal in National who could make everything go away and go your way.

    A full but very independent investigation is needed, in the least, into all of the activities that have benefitted anyone with this deals or law changes with this government, an inquiry with the powers of subpoena but with this National Government firmly out of the way of any control of it and with no involvement of the Prime Minister. Otherwise it will be anther corrupted episode in this nightmare.

    It’s sad to say but its time to wake up New Zealand, you have a corrupt government!

    • “Collins would never have acted like this if these “ethics” were not approved of.”

      Unless, that is, Collins had some dirt on Key which effectively neutered him. This would also seem to confirm Key’s ‘last last warnings until the next one’ kid-gloves approach to her. And I suggest led Key to want to get some dirt in return on Collins for a ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ stand-off. As Minister in charge of SIS it presumably wouldn’t be difficult to get hold of an email compomising of her.

      So why use it now, and risk nuclear retaliation? I suggest Collins’ approach to Peters told Key that she was going to use whatever she had to take him down after he had won the election, leaving him with only the option of a pre-emptive strike in the hope she wouldn’t retaliate and totally destroy the Party’s electoral chances – putting herself totally off-side with it – and perhaps that she is by now so hopelessly compromised that any strike in return by her will simply be seen as sour grapes.

      However if Hell truely hath no fury like a woman scorned, and as I understand Collins is legendary for her temper tantrums is she doesn’t get her way, I’d advise Key to get out his chain-mail and watch his back.

  4. Good reading however need to research the pro-Russia blowing the plane out of the sky scenario again because it was shot down by the Ukraine Air Force firm evidence confirms that.

    • FFS – you screwed up what is an an excellent piece on Nat trash disaster by wrongheadedly introducing the Malaysian Aircraft shoot down by Eastern Ukrainians … because it is MSM-like ignorant/stupid/evil/incorrect … and you are better than that.

    • look at the number of people who marked this down. People know the US govt lies after the fact eg Iraq, Syria, but wouldn’t believe it prior to the beginning of the war they create. Interesting.
      I’ve given trustworthy sources if you want to start with Dr Paul Craig Roberts, ex editor Wall Street journal, ex advisor to Regan, economist, The Nation and Professor Stephen Cohen great piece on analysing why the US, West government get away with propaganda, lying. Democracynow,org – US site providing a left point of view on the impact of US policies – international and at home.

      • Yes…the advantages of Paula Benefit is of course the top rate circus act she will facilitate, I couldnt think of a more satirical self commentary on stupidity and ineptitude than that choice for leader.

        Throw in Joyce for the giggling clown sideshow act and we have a clear recipe for ensuring the Left can rebuild all the damage of the last 6 years unhampered. Pity its such a serious rebuild , though…

        • Agree.

          Paula Nobenefit – if she was ever to make the leadership of the National Party – would be the final nail in the coffin of this fast sinking ship. She makes even Palin look pretty intelligent, and Kiwis are by no means Americans.

          My money is on English and, like most ‘on and off’ relationships, the final verdict regarding his leadership skills are predetermined by history.

          National is fucked and we are all the better for it.

    • Paula Bennett winning is fantastic.
      She will commit so many blunders as Admiral of the Lifeboat they will be consigned to history.
      I will cheer every day she is “leader” (read Patsy) and has a microphone pointed at her.

  5. Great article Martyn.
    Still such a large portion backing Key Govt. More mud on top of more mud seems to be making some people zone out. I’m not sure what it takes for some to realise the cesspool that has been unearthed.

    PS since yesterday I cannot link to your stories thru FB (error 404).
    And am having to go straight to blog – anyone else having this prob?

    • ” I’m not sure what it takes for some to realise the cesspool that has been unearthed”.

      The thing is that the whole mess is character assassinations, smears, leaks and foul play being unearthed by way of character assassinations, smears, leaks and foul play. As far as political parties go, each one can have a bit of this smeared on them.

      All of them are dirty players, but none so dirty as the players on the outside of parliament – Hotchins, with his skin to save and his hitlist, Whaleoil with his dreams of media dominance, Cactus Kate with her overarching need to be relevant, the fervent Green party supporters with their rage attacks on National party billboards, Kim Dotcom with his vendettas and those on all sides who evangelise about “their” side and demonise the other side. The sensible voter is going to cluster their vote around the middle and send a message against extremism.

    • Quit worrying about the numb-brain sheeple from the right still clutching to their hearts the (corrupt) politician fantasy of Wrongkey; the evil piled upon evil revelations will keep coming … and don’t forget that Glen Greenwald is arriving soon – and he will be wielding a mash hammer. The Nats are dog tucker … that even the dogs won’t touch

  6. There is lots more left to discover. The most explosive news remains, and I hope the fuse is short enough so it can affect the election.

    This morning, the Herald’s Lynley Bilby said of Odgers, that “last week her Hong Kong-based employer Jeeves Group confirmed she was no longer a consultant for them “by mutual consent” “. But a respected US financial blog identified her on August 22 as a “director” of Jeeves rather than a consultant, and provided a link to the archived webpage that presented her as that (since removed at Jeeves, of course). That post also went into some detail about those behind Jeeves, which should be very interesting to New Zealanders.

    That post ( and a follow-up were quite long (, but packed with information. They (and a couple of earlier ones from last year) provide a much wider view of the networks involved, including the role New Zealand has played on the world stage of dirty money (not just dirty politics).

    The posts are long because they are well researched, and because they tell a complex story of the deliberate obfuscation of money trails and personal connections around the world, using shell corporations as fronts. The bombshell for New Zealand is that the New Zealand Companies Office has been involved in this game for years, and there is a suggestion that legal reforms were delayed to facilitate the continued use of New Zealand as a part of worldwide money-laundering by some very unsavoury people.

    Where was the SFO in all this?

    From these few posts, it seems that Odgers has been a key player in some of this activity, so any connection between her and anyone in New Zealand government has explosive news potential, not to mention her not-so-funny “Chop, chop, Nicky” attitude in the emails in his book.

    From the first post: “Anyhow, there must, of course, be some reasonably innocent explanation for these very unfortunate recurring Odgers associations with major international white collar crime, other than that Odgers is a crook. Coming up with something else that’s plausible stumps me, I must admit. For instance, Odgers doesn’t appear to be an idiot; not, at any rate, in the formal sense of having a very low IQ. Whatever the explanation is, it will have to be something more complicated than that.

    So, worst case: Odgers is a crook, directly involved in Russian mafia moneylaundering, a $1Billion US Ponzi scheme, and the largest pension fraud in Australian history. If that’s how it is, then Key, via Whale Oil, looks a little too close to her.

    Best case: Odgers is a monumentally oblivious idiot, with an astonishing knack for working with, or for, large-scale fraudsters, again and again. Even in that best case, and somehow discounting Trio Capital and the Russians altogether, it’s still only two steps from the Prime Minister to the crooks (Key => Whaleoil/Odgers => Flader/Jeeves), and that $1Billion US Ponzi, and $314Million in US penalties.”

    I suggest that those interested read those two posts, and start by skimming rather than by trying to keep all the characters straight on a first read (as difficult as a Russian novel). Once some familiar names catch your eye you will be oriented and know whether you want to slog through the details of the global web of fictitious names and companies that has established itself with some important New Zealand connections.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but this seems vitally important to New Zealand in the long term, and critically timely right before the election.

    • I’ve read the blogs: and you are right about their importance. Worth an article here on its own, or else an investigation by a reputable MSM outlet.

      Um… I’m not holding my breath for the last option.

      There have been attempts sometime in the past five years on TV (last shake of the REAL MSM investigations?) to investigate NZ’s status as an international tax haven but the Revenue Minister, Peter Dunne, was adamant that it’s all nonsense. These blogs certainly support those allegations. Another reason for a cleanout, I guess.

  7. On a totally different topic. Totally disagree with analogy re Russia. Once again even though you are writing about the role of the reporters here in spreading misinformation as news, people still get sucked in to the “Russia bad US good.’ Outrageous lies from the US and NATO, EU, no hard evidence, sometimes a grainy ‘satellite’ picture from a private source is reported by the propaganda parrots, know as the main stream news media, as fact. Unfortunately people believe what is reported. There is no proof that the SDF shot down the plane. In fact proof abounds that the Kiev govt supported by the US did this. Commonly known as a false flag. US can, with the help of their EU ‘friends’ demonise Russia and Putin to bring him down. They won’t rest until they do. What could happen though is WW3 if they don’t let up. Putin and Russia have been extremely patient but not sure how much longer he can ignore the petulance from the West.

    I am happy to provide you with alternative sources.

    • Ive read a bit about both sides of that particular incident but tend to go with the argument that it was a rebels/russian blunder for two main reasons. The rebels made it hard for international investigators to get there and attempted to hide the evidence and also their actions of the past few days.

      • Incorrect in point of fact fambo.Ukraine govy actually refused access to inspectors saying”they couldn’t gauarantee therir safety”
        The rebels??Freedom fighters if theyre defending their homes I reckon…ACTUALLY waited 2 more daysfor the international team,then arranged the reefer train and loaded the bodies themselves. Add to that they retrieved the flight data recorders and restricted media only from walking over body parts and crash scene.
        You omit the major point not undisputed by even Ukraine ,that was that Ukraine air traffic control directed the flighjt 200kms into the kill zone. Thereby enabling the murder/accident.
        You are correct however in that you have only read a :bit” that is an obvious fact.
        If you are genuinely interested in the truth,start by looking at all the anti rebel information first..note its lack of veracity, plus check out exactly the same modus oprtandi false flag exercise by Ukraine/kiev/usa funded junta in the instance of lughansk where 28 kia civilianswere blamed on rebel rpg attck. Subsequent absolute proof showing Ukrainian a/f su b25 air attack with a to a rockets. If you want evidence.i can probably find you a couple solid pieces.

      • The Ukrainian govt refused a cease fire and kept bombing the area. The rebels went around and picked up the decaying bodies. No thanks of course from the West or Western media. Just more demonising about what they were supposedly not to have done. Investigators said they were more then helpful. Investigators also said the plane looked as if it had been shot down by a plane. Russia has provided their evidence to show that Ukraine planes were flying beside the plane. The Malaysian govt supports the evidence that Russia and militia did not blow up the plane. I have read extensively and know the evidence supports Ukraine shooting down the plane. Sad that Martyn talks about the spin of the news media but uses the MH17 as an example. The news media spin is what has caused you to think the militia shot the plane down. I think Martyn did fuck up on this one.

    • Acclaimed and courageous Russian journalist Marsha Gessen’s chilling book “The Man Without a Face – The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin” gives a startling insight into Putin, and life in Putin’s Russia (corruption, bribery, death threats, beatings, poisonings) as he has taken it back to a nostalgic Kremlin-controlled footing. Once you read this book (and Masha’s subsequent online articles since the book was published) it becomes clear that the supply of weapons into Ukraine, and trained personnel capable of firing them at civilian airliners, fits right in with his thug style of politics in advancing Russia’s war on Western values. He has shown no remorse for the deaths, and full-blown war is only a hair’s breadth away. We are getting off-topic a bit, but I needed to share Gessen’s concerns for Russia, and the West facing off against Putin.

      • For another view of Putin
        The Nation esp Prof Stephen Cohen NY uni. New article out.
        And google
        Zero Hedge
        Dr Paul Craig Roberts Economist, Ex advisor to Regan, Ex editor Wall St Journal
        Gerald Celente trends forecaster
        Max Kaiser Reports
        Global Research
        Putin has a 85% approval rating and Russia unlike the US don’t have the same economic woes. Unfortunately the West with the Western news media doing their bidding continue to demonise him and Russia. Sounds a bit far fetched but links closely to what is happening here. John Key wouldn’t have been able to get away with it if the news media had been doing their job. Instead they’re more than happy to report about how wonderful he is/was.

        • Yet another view of Putin, from someone I’ve known and respected since high school (ca 1960). Besides the general expertise listed at the blog, Jay has been to the USSR (bad old days) a time or two in a professional capacity, and likes to keep an eye on the world. He’s nowhere near as extreme in his politics as I am, but still very much worth listening to.

          • Had a look and there are a lot of things that I could refute. Putin saying Ukraine like Nazis 1. Ukraine government has a strong Nazi element and they are shelling and bombing their people from outside the cities. Like apparently the Nazis did. Also US proclaims themselves as a protector of democracy. Leading to the destabilisation of many countries. Is it necessarily the most just course of action? Anyhow what price democracy if our leaders use it as a disguise to act unconscionably? As in the current case. Cant tell me John Key didn’t know. Either he’s stupid and apparently he isn’t, or he’s lying.

  8. Page 64, fourth line down of Dirty Politics, quote from book; Here are Lusk and Slater discussing iPredict: ‘Great post on iPredict’, Lusk said. ‘You like, i manipulated Scott to being the front runner before I posted, only took $5 Slater replied….. I mentioned before the book came out and blogger Frank Macskasy’s post questioning Whale Oil traffic stats that it looked like he was using a site called Fiverr to manipulate the stats which is very easily done. The above quote for manipulating iPerdict seems to fit with my previous theory.

  9. Thanks Martyn. Good perspective.

    This issue is only gaining traction now and has a very long way to go yet, before running out of steam!

    I’d compare this topic to a pulsating pustule about to erupt, spewing a foul smelling trail leading to more prominent people being exposed, including some msm sources, which it seems have been acting unethically as well!

    Now we know why FJK looked uncomfortable during the leaders’ debate with Cunliffe. He had these latest damning revelations sitting on his desk!

  10. I think it was Matthew Hooton who said on Q&A this morning something along the lines of if there was a link found between Judith Collins and Mark Hotchin then there may be criminality involved in her actions. I wonder if the fact that Hotchin sold the Paritai Drive property to the Orivida boss could be a clue. (Herald article 29/11/13). It may be coincidence of course …

  11. So what do Intrinsic Values and Gosman think of their great party now? Still everything you thought it was? Is it just me, or have you been very quiet lately?

    • Well…as we all know….the Natz boat is rapidly sinking…..and as plebites for them ….they have been ordered to bail – and bail quickly !!!.

      If you look really hard …you can make out the name of the boat….T …I ….TAN …..IC .

      • WK, the only boat sinking is Labour. The polls still show National in the high 40’s and Labour in the low to mid 20’s. There will be no left wing Govt this year.

    • Nothing’s changed. Politics is a dirty game. The left play it just as dirty as anyone else. Their emails just haven’t been released. Yet.

  12. This morning I posted the following comment to the Whale Oil site. It was removed within a very short time (but not before I noticed 3 likes) and I am now banned from making any more posts.

    ‘ I now consider that Whale Oil’s emails have got the National Party into this mess.
    We can’t only blame the hacker or the Left as I first thought. ” You reap what you sow”.
    His ’embellishments’, if that’s what they are, have shafted Judith.
    As for having a go at John Key for releasing the email – that’s another distraction that the party don’t need. He wrote and sent it to others – it’s up to them what they do with it.
    Whale Oil seems hell-bent on repairing his own reputation at the expense of others. That’s going to take a miracle.
    I am one very angry National supporter.’ (End of Comment.)

    This is the first post I have ever put on Whale Oil and by the looks of it the last. He is obviously on a giant ego trip and is intolerant of any opinion that is contrary to his agenda.

    I am not fiercely political but I do take an interest and read all party’s policies before I vote. I do not normally participate in blogs but am now doing so to vent my anger at all this craziness.

    I am horrified at the nasty, horrible way people’s lives have and are being damaged and manipulated by all concerned. Politicians, bloggers, media and KDC.

    I will not change my vote this time because I’m not sure who we can trust.

    A full and thorough enquiry will help me with future decisions.

    • If you are at the point that you can’t trust National, but have reservations about KDC, then don’t stay home, and don’t give National your vote in the hope that this carry on has ended. You should vote Labour and/or Green so that they have the numbers to ensure stable government. Returning National will just allow Slater & friends to play on; at best, simply delayed a while. He and his man Simon Lusk still have loyal MPs in the National caucus, and Judith has only resigned as a minister, not an MP. The moment Key is gone or shows signs of going, she will return. And Slater & friends will be right there with her as well.

      Don’t sell yourself short. Vote positive/Love New Zealand.

  13. Win, I support your disagreement, but hasten to also support as an informational venue. Reading the second article carefully, it does say with respect to the Russian banks that they are currently under investigation for money laundering – just doesn’t say by whom, but I would hope by governmental entities.

    Here’s the pertinent comment by Lambert, one of the persons running the site:

    Lambert Strether
    August 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm
    Ya know, if this were some kinda corrupt third world country instead of “Five Eyes” member New Zealand, I’d be asking myself what high official was protecting the New Zealand Registrar of Companies. And why. Just a thought.

    I go there often for the ‘to and fro’ – not so much for the economics which are quite over my head. They address the matters you point to very frequently, especially in comments.

    A lot of us residing in the US are watching and hoping for New Zealand border collies to shake yourselves free of Five Eyes slime this election season. I have a feeling you just may do it.

    Best wishes. And yay, Nicky!

    • Absolutely right re nz companies selloff…,..they are being absolutely decimated of the register judging by the few ive seen…its diabolical…why wont anyone notice…god almighty helpus here…I know one real biggie got bought out already,giving cartel control of customs/import bonded yards and my mate lost his job after 25years service…its wicked…we getting ripped real bad…HELP HELP.inquiry,police,sfo, police oia ANYONE.IT AINT RIGHT.

  14. The latest emails released in The Sunday Star Times and the implications in regards to Mark Hotchkin and Carrick Graham are extremely serious. In his book The Roaring Nineties: Why We’re Paying the Price for the Greediest Decade in History, Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz argues that market and financial deregulation has taken away the incentive of major corporations to provide good truthful information and instead disseminate disinformation in order to boost their companies stock market value. The only thing standing in the way of this culture of greed in NZ is the SFO, which to many small government ideologues is nothing more than unnecessary government regulation. We desperately need a sea change in our understandings of where markets work and where they fail – before the democratic deficit worsens even further and becomes oligarchy.

  15. All this and we still can’t be sure that National won’t win the election (with the Conservatives or NZ First – there’s stupid, immoral but also both.

    • If we could be sure of outcomes we’d be gambling millionaires. Doesn’t change the fact that National are starting to look like toast.

  16. The New Zealand Herald is such a rag. Very appropriate it changed to tabloid size. Don’t even buy it for the crossword anymore, which was about the only thing it was good for.

  17. Bang on mostly Martyn, but imho I respectfully wish to take issue with the below inference,as I challenged the nz prime minister himself. It has become apparent while I have hunted through many many long hours of research that the likliehood of the suggested event as you write below is highly unlikely. Particularly as that theory requires the collusion of the Ukraine/kiev’usa junta air traffic control to have directed the mh17 flight into wr zone airspace in the first place.. The fact remains evidence is sorely lacking,and in fact being withheld by those most at risk from its fallout…nato,belgium,usa,and Ukraine kiev junta itself. Respectfully yours…etc.

    “Cam’s sadistic impulses have been enabled by powerful political allies, it’s like Russia giving high grade military weapons to ill disciplined pro Russia militia and then looking surprised when those ill disciplined pro Russia militia accidentally blow a commercial airliner out of the sky. Cam is in trouble. – See more at:
    My understanding and opinion leads more to the generally held view that ukrainies themselves took it outwith grounf or air to air by su25s in a similar false flag event as they were caught out doing in lughansk.

  18. Even though it is joyful to watch this slow death of National, please Dotcom, come the 15th – put the final nail in the coffin, and lets be done with them.

  19. Great article with regards to the wide scope of the whole affair, I read it with gusto.

    But yikes, comparing Cameron Slater to Anders Breivik is a bit too close to the WhaleOil style for comfort. I understand the comparison – and hearing he has firearms is frankly terrifying – but if you want to take a moral high ground in this arena, it might be wise not to make these types of parallels. To the untrained eye, a ‘shock horror’ call like that could see your site placed firmly in the same league as Slater’s, when clearly, it is not. God that was a wordy paragraph, apologies!

  20. Just one question you said only Greens and Internet/mana didn’t talk to Slatter. Who in the Labour Party did? I don’t recall seeing anything about that?

  21. I generally enjoyed this gloat but the Anders Breivik comparison was crude and (I’m hoping) beneath you. I hope you’ll realise (perhaps waking about 2am, the regretful hour) that this was not cool and that you’ll choose to edit your story to omit it. However bad Slater is (and I never thought I’d be defending him), he’s not Breivik. Not until he’s shot a bunch of people, anyway.

  22. I think the biggest winner by far is old Winston who is coming across as solid and predictable. If I didn’t think ipredict was rigged I’d bet a sizeable sum that after Sat 20 he’s back.

  23. “when those ill disciplined pro Russia militia accidentally blow a commercial airliner out of the sky.”

    Has some convincing evidence turned up? I don’t mean the ravings of idiot politicians like Key and Abbott either.

    • It’s one of the three credible scenarios – and I think the most likely.

      The options are

      the Russians did it
      the Ukrainians did it
      the militia did it
      unknown third parties did it

      The first two are unlikely because they don’t achieve positive political results. The third is reasonably likely as a ‘boys with SAMs’ scenario – which doesn’t require a political motive, only confusion. The fourth is certainly possible but there is no evidence to support it. On current evidence the militia are the most likely.

      • except there is clear evidence to show the Ukies did it with CIA support. So wrong because of your very tenuous source of evidence. There are many more reliable sources to read about the other side.

  24. Cam’s sadistic impulses have been enabled by powerful political allies, it’s like Russia giving high grade military weapons to ill disciplined pro Russia militia and then looking surprised when those ill disciplined pro Russia militia accidentally blow a commercial airliner out of the sky. Either Martin is deliberately trying to blame Russia for the Airline going down or he is an incompetent writer using a lie to explain an analogy, if everyone hadnt noticed the volume on Russia and or the Local militia having anything to do with the downing of that aircraft has gone strangely quiet, if it were true as many satelites could attest to, The Western Warmongers would have already invaded Russia. So Mr Bradbury smarten up and research the words you choose to share. cheers Tony

  25. Just how much damage this whole sordid saga has done to New Zealand’s erstwhile stable democracy has yet to be fully seen. Just talking with many (mostly non-political) friends over the weekend, most of them are totally sick and tired of all the dirt and want nothing to do with any politicians. Several told me how they didn’t even feel like voting because they were so disgusted at what has happened. There was no point in telling them that the way to fix it was to vote out the sods that started it, they were in no mood to accept that. I can’t say if this is a general feeling around the electorate but if it is then we should prepare for a very low turnout, which unfortunately will be to National’s advantage.

  26. Awesome article.

    Collins is gone yes – but the corruption she initiated and then completed in her Justice and ACC portfolios is still there – just in different hands now. It needs to be undone. Who will do this?

    And meanwhile, what has happened with the Tania Billingsly debacle?
    Is FJK still being an ostrich about this?

    And what is happening in CHCH – to the people and their homes?


  27. Bomber, politics aside, I think that in light of current events, removing the Anders v Slater pic would be the tasteful thing to do.

  28. Well I needed a good laugh and this certainly did the trick. All so true. This government are garbage and so are the MSM.

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