Assange, Greenwald to appear at Town Hall meeting? + KDC is not the hacker after all


Wikileaks founder and the engineer of revealing some of the largest abuses of power in the modern era, Julian Assange, is rumoured to be appearing at the September 15th Town Hall meeting.

Assange would join award winning investigative journalist Glen Greenwald and other guest speakers to put the argument that we face a new threat of mass surveillance and how Kim’s case is a battlefront in that new war against our civil liberties.

Assange however could be a controversial choice for some. His extradition to Sweden to answer questions on two allegations of sexual assault will have some claiming this is another example of rape culture where the victim isn’t being respected. The details of the claims against Assange  were covered by The Guardian at the time.

While those developments take shape, it turns out that Kim Dotcom WAS NOT the hacker who hacked Cameron Slater after all , it was as I suspected a hacker activist.

Cameron should spend far more time worrying about what Kim’s case against him might reveal. I suggested last week that Slater had accidentally stepped on a land mine when he was waving Kim’s texts around as proof that Kim had hacked him. Slater now has to work out how to lift his foot off without the land mine exploding.

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Good luck with that Cam.


The September 15th Town Hall meeting will be simulcast on TDB


    • Video link or recorded piece would be the extent of it unless something is going to happen re Assange in the next week or so.

      Dotcom has been proven to be correct advertising his Sept 15 event all those weeks ago as it has kept up interest. Bet all the trench coat boys and data cable snoops have been busy.

  1. Is he allowed out of his confinement now?

    Will he make it through the airport security?

    I expect FJK would issue ‘orders’ to deny either of them entry.

    Awesome if they are allowed in!

  2. I take it Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange will be appearing by video link at this rally. I say that because I can see this corrupt government jacking something up, preventing both entering NZ!

    Either way, these two combined will guarantee it will be a firecracker of a meeting.

  3. In person?….and how, pray tell, would you manage to extricate him from his unofficial prison in London……?

  4. Perhaps Keys masters will allow Key to let him in for the purpose of entrapment. Assange was making noises this week about leaving the embassy soon. I think it would be more likely however that a video link would be set up.

  5. Well , in the sleepy little hollow of NZ…its time we woke up to the fact we are not invulnerable to this sort of globalist intrigue. In fact , we are a test case for a lot of the skulduggery that goes on.

    And that s the advantage of having people from overseas bringing their own unique perspective …and pertinent information on these matters.

    September 15th will be a watershed moment for matters not if in person or by satellite video they present their data…New Zealanders have got to break the habit of being so blaze and accepting that that sort of thing only happens overseas….all this govt corruption…we are not immune to.

    We now have our own Watergate crisis…and one other thing….the height of media bias and collusion is borne out by the fact that a politician can have a .22 calibre bullet shot through his office window – and not barely a whisper from them.

    Ask yourselves – how serious is that ???!!!!

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