Christchurch GCSB meeting – why mass surveillance matters in 2014


This is the video for last weeks GCSB meeting in Christchurch. Don’t forget Nicky Hager’s public meeting Wednesday night in Auckland, TDB will live stream the event in the interests of our democracy. Broadcast starts 7.30pm here on TDB.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.06.00 pm


  1. This was really informative, and big kudos for hosting and promoting it. But I do have to say, the audio is tinny and it makes the speeches hard to listen to. I can’t imagine anyone with a casual interest would stick with it. Perhaps in future try taking a DI of the audio instead of recording what’s coming out of the speakers? The echo of the venue and overly thin audio add up to detract from the awesome content of these speeches.

  2. This excellent forum describes the truly Orwellian police state Key and his storm troopers are planning over everyone in NZ.

    heir destruction of our democracy is criminal and mind boggling indeed, why has the MSM kept silent?

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