THIS is why we need a public broadcaster!



The richest 20% of us in NZ own 70% of the wealth, with 18% in the hands of the second richest quintile, and 10% in the hands of the middle quintile. Just 2 per cent was owned by people in the fourth quintile, while the bottom 20% of NZ owns nothing! Yet the mainstream media decided Pam Corkery swearing at them was more newsworthy than free education, full employment and feeding hungry children.

THIS is why we need a public broadcaster!

When Seven Sharp becomes the standard of public debate, our fourth estate fails democracy and allows for the very misperceptions of poverty AUT have highlighted into becoming believed narrative. Poverty denial is as important to this Government’s mythology as bennis bashing is for distracting public attention. See no child poverty, hear no child poverty, speak no child poverty is not a social policy.

National have failed a vast majority of NZers economically, yet Key’s empty aspiration and vacant optimism is held up to the voter like a slice of cheese is held up to the rat forever trapped on their mouse wheel, endlessly chasing a promise they will never taste.

The rowing clip TV advert National are using epitomises the mindset of the top 20%. Powering away from the hopeless losers  they despise, using the inherent bias in the existing economic hegemony to ensure their ride is as smooth and rewarding for them as it is endlessly and needlessly cruel for everyone else.

If the mythology of the right is to be dismantled, it will require a public broadcaster more focused on light than heat.


  1. Espiners interview of Key last week made Hosking look like the lightweight bit of fluff in the National Party’s belly button that he is.

    And it only takes 15 seconds of analysis to work out that Nationals housing policy that “will provide new housing to 90000 people” or was that 90 kagllion kagillion?? (its all as empty and meaningless to John Key), will be an epic failure in its stated objectives because they still wont touch the local and foreign speculators (“investors” as the prefer to be known).

    But as we all should know, this housing policy is to provide more stock for those speculators, so on that front its a win for core National.

    Where are the media on this???

  2. Pam Corkery wasn’t the only one swearing at the Meanstream Mania!! I mean, remember they are suposed to be giving us NEWS not picking something that Kim Dotcom has been saying for – how many weeks now-? – (hardly scooped by anyone there) – and link it into the same bollox that talkback and our big boy JK has been saying. Why would Dotcom – if he had all this info – be signalling earlier an unrelated big reveal later this month? If anything needs questioning it is Mr Key’s assertion that he has a ‘top draw’ of secrets yet has denied any participation in the Dirty Tricks? Get caught lying with dogs then carry on BAU! And I’m refering to the jornos!!

  3. Is Hosking still the bloke running the leaders’ debates? Here’s an idea; if the ABs make it to the next World Cup final against South Africa, let’s have the South African rugby union president referee it. That makes as much sense as having this right-wing stooge as the man in the middle for the debates. If TVNZ insist on him, they’re clearly in Key’s pocket. Hell, why didn’t they just go the whole hog and have Slater do the job? Couldn’t be any worse that this TV light-entertainment clown Hosking.


    What is clear is that the media is out of control.

    As we have said to the opposition six times now.

    Hold a mid election conference between all opposition parties now to force this rotten media to give impartial election coverage.

    If not then NZTV & RNZ must set aside studios for impartial independent party political broadcasting.

    This election is a nightmare and the opposition has to force a change in broadcasting or stop the election clock until independent studios are made available for opposition Parties to operate with their own preferred media coverage panels like national is doing now.

  5. Our public broadcasting has been totally stuffed by this despicable government. Having an informed populous is not in the interest of this government. So important to our democracy. Good work, Mr Bradbury.

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