Why Cunliffe will be the next PM


David Cunliffe will be the next Prime Minister of NZ.

Labour’s inclusive and positive TV adverts…

…are in stark contrast to National’s team of white people powering away from the rabble of the ‘others’…

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 5.11.58 pm

…the messaging is vital and crucial in what will be a dirty election. Labour’s focus on inclusive positivity contrasts with National’s advert in that even when National are trying to be positive, it ends up being an attack ad…

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.41.45 pm

…so every time National lash out, it’s going to remind voters of Dirty Politics. Today’s smear by Key on Russel Norman by insinuating he’s a stoner is a perfect example of how limited National are this election.

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This is a problem for National because prior to the release of Nicky’s book, National’s dirty ops team were gearing up for their usual viciousness. That’s a tactic no longer available to National and they are desperately floundering to work out what to do next. Slater is a pariah and no one is touching him with a barge pole meaning National simply can not risk feeding him any more. As the full scale of what whaledump has runs on and on throughout the campaign, Key will be facing questions on it every day.

What is the most fundamental change however is the focus of the media. By now, all journalists in NZ have read the book and the sneering manner in which Slater and National manipulated them has created a genuine anger. The book has been a devastating blow to the egos of NZs entire media punditry and Journalist world and they want Utu. Key has never faced this kind of scrutiny and the public have never seen this kind of Key under pressure.

The latest Roy Morgan Poll was being conducted when the majority of the news media still hadn’t read the book and were still trying to defend National with the ‘this is politics as usual’ mantra, but the power of the words and Nicky’s timetable means there is no way any person reading the book wouldn’t walk away with a sick fury and that is what is driving the media to act like hungry sharks swimming in blood.

This is the outrage with a 12 000 print run, imagine what it will be when it’s 20 000 or 30 000?

With that temperature of scolding hot criticism, Key will face the next month with the most severe media scrutiny of his 6 years in power and it’s an impact that will either drive voters to vote for an Opposition Party or not vote at all.

Add these dynamics to the MMP mechanics and National’s usual drop in the Polls, and the chance of Key being PM after September 20th have greatly diminished.


  1. nationals only hope to get out of this is to carry on with an oj simpson type defence, attack the way the evidence was gathered not what the evidence is, in the end truth will set us free

    • Nat’s are a gonna now, I saw Nixon do the same thing from the start in Canada in 1972 and Key is tripping over the same slab on his way to the bin, believe me.

      Whats worse here is that Key has lost control now of the media, as he has no hound dog Slater to hold them to account.

      And also having to deal with and the revelation that much more emails will come between now and poll day.

      Media will go for him as this moves on, and we will see it get worse by the day.

      TV3 Patrick Gower was good at 6pm tonight and so was TV1 Corin Dann. “Made another uncomfortable day.” (for key)

      On RNZ even the chief Nat’s Muppet Jim Mora had a some questions and a new panel without David Farrar.

      • @cleangreen – I also watched Paddy Gower on TV3, interviewing FJK while he was on the campaign trail yesterday.

        FJK was very indecisive in his responses to Gower’s questioning. At one stage just shrugging his shoulders, not supplying answers one way or the other. This only demonstrates his total disregard towards Kiwis, who deserve answers re the suspect activities of Collins, Slater and Ede, as revealed in Hager’s book!

  2. Could the advisers thrown up theirs hands proclaiming “we’re Boned. We out, you’re on your own” like stoner comment WTF what is he 15?

  3. Well said Martyn.

    It really feels like NZ is experiencing a ‘watershed’ moment. The progressive left has a real chance at gaining tangible influence in the next government and beyond. All while (hopefully) National tears itself apart and it’s vote tanks courtesy of Key, Collins, Slater and the rest of the ‘Cabal’ having their machiavellian antics exposed.

  4. The chapter on David Farrar was very enlightening.

    We have been fed a line that Key has some almost super human political instincts but really all he is, is a B grade actor, or more likely a billionaires sock puppet who can spin a yarn better than most and never talks straight, ever.

    The inference I took from it and as revealed by the book National poll and canvass almost daily through their polling firm Curia and this in turn governs the way National behave and how Key will present on any given day. He like an actor in a soap opera sitting around the set each morning whereby he is given his script and choreography lessons to react to any perception that will minimise vote loss or connect with the average Kiwi.

    This is government by poll, not government for anything useful. No wonder their first 3 years was a period of almost emptiness, whilst Key smiled and waved and did nothing. 3 years they should have made tough decisions but couldn’t because it would have been unpopular.

    Since this book came out National will have been polling their arses off trying to get a feel on each day, (as they had no time to prepare), to see if any strategy is working or not. Hence Key has floundered all week long. He’s been like an actor without a script!

  5. Reading through the online MSM articles there has been a mind shift, previously pro National journo’s are writing anti National stories, asking for accountability etc.

    Good to see this has woken the MSM up a bit, made them look like fools and puppets.

  6. You do have to remember that most journos have also read the Hasbara guide on how to manipulate peeps to a particular point of view. The herald actually published a pdf of the Hasbara handbook for astro turfers about a month ago.
    You can see this effect in John Armstrong who published a column over the weekend that was mildly critical of his idol, but today he has returned to form claiming KeyCorp has turned the corner and all will be well on planet key from here on.

    No journalist in their right mind, especially not one with Armstrong’s rep of Natz ass kissing, was going to come straight out supporting the govt on the ‘dirty politics’ issues because that would have permanently blown cred. After being a bit critical in a sort of weak assed, spineless attempt to seem objective, readers are meant to be lulled into believing these tory-loving scuzz buckets are their own men.
    Then the enablers of misery, poverty and the destruction of Aotearoa, will go right back to spruiking the Natz.
    Same same with the storm in a teacup over ‘colour me blue’ bryce edwards.
    By pretending to sack edwards from his herald gig & replace him with two other less reputable neoliberals, granny has made it appear as tho they are going to write objectively about the campaign. Ha Ha dream on. APN’s foreign owners would be making castanets outta the editorial staff’s kneecaps if they went soggy on KeyCorp & the govt changed. There is a big mob of money riding on this election – if you’re a billionaire with mobs tied up in the Aotearoa economy – much more than could ever be made from a media outlet on life support getting resdy to swallow a pay wall cyanide capsule.
    Edwards comes from a long line of ‘independent academics’ from Muldoon fanboi ‘prof’ robert chapman, through ray miller to edwards who never forget to damn any non-Tory party with faint praise when they aren’t blatantly putting the boot in.

    Watch over the next week and you’ll edwards and miller both trying to put the entire litany of issues Hager has raised to bed as quickly as possible.
    They may try to run with the old ‘its time to talk about policy’ diversion, being as the Nat launch is on the weekend, but not much real Nat policy will be critically examined by the usual herd of compliant pundits.
    Instead they will revert to spruiking up polls whose sample group is so small, the margin of error rivals the foreign debt KeyCorp has incurred in our name.
    Then straight back to the same old sub-text of: “It is pointless to vote cos this outcome is deadset pre-ordained – so why make yourself more of a loser by voting for the losers on the left, stay home and get pissed instead”.
    That is what we have been hearing all year from these tory apologists and I have no doubt they will revert back to type once they believe their asses are sufficiently covered by the quick slapping of KeyCorp’s spotty buttocks with a limp biscuit.

  7. Hehehehehehe………..The smiling assassin ‘ Bill ‘….is about to get a visit from Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba……..and she’s angry ….reeeeeeal angry .


  8. Just you might feel the slightest “sympathy” for Key’s position, he comes out with another a….hole comment like the one about Russel being a stoner. I don’t think he’s ever hidden being a jerk, it’s just that people have liked him picking on some sections of society.

  9. That photo … red & green rowboat – orders being given from opposite – who gave THAT to you ? A National Party strategist ? FFS !!

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