From smiling assassin to grumpy butcher – on giving Judith Collins a last last last chance

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After #dirtypolitics Key isn’t the smiling assassin, he is the grumpy butcher. When he said Judith had  a ‘last chance’ he meant 1 second after voting closes on 20th September. Key would love nothing more than to cut Collins loose and end her career, the damage she’s created by handing Slater so much info will probably cost the National Party the election, and he’s desperate to distract attention from his own relationship with Slater.
Unfortunately for TeamKey – they can’t dump Judith before the election. That would admit the allegations in Hager’s book and it would turn Judith rogue. Right now, Collins has more power than Key.
If Key loses this election, Collins is best placed to take the leadership, if Key wins the election, it’s all over for Collins. Do I personally think Collins has any chance at the leadership after the hate she’s involved herself in? No way, but she’s wide eyed enough about her own greatness that she can’t see it’s over.
National are about to have their own Game of Thrones blue wedding.


  1. If by some miracle she did manage to seize the leadership after the election, when JK resigns and goes home to his true home, that would be great, as it would lock the Natz out of power for a long time.

    She is so divisive, especially now, even more so than what Muldoon was. She still has some support, but only from fanatical extremists on the right and from some willfully ignorant privilege addicts, and that is not enough support to win elections with.

  2. Yeah I disagree. I think Key can make a deal with Collins to get rid of her if he really thinks he has to (the deal likely being some sort of high-profile cushy government job). Collins, like almost everyone, will have a price – especially if she suspects (like we all do here) her future in politics is over anyway. I’m still quietly bullish on the chances of her “resignation” iPredict, unfortunately don’t have an entry for her dismissal, but she is at just 6% chance of becoming National’s next leader.

    • I disagree. The left can still influence the direction the country heads and with *the book* National will be forced to clean house.

  3. I think Collins may have flicked Key by losing him this election. He always said he would exit if he lost. So, a rival out of her way. What is three years in the wings for her? He’s been suckered by not paying attention to what was going on when he was busy with his photo ops. Steven Joyce should watch his back.

  4. Right thoughts Martyn,

    Collins has more than a broom closet snog session on these gutless male team key Muppets.

    The tension must be getting to them all, and the Fuhrer is probably on tranquilisers as well. ‘

    We are watching the meltdown of a former mob that were very comfortable with a dirty little secret they had in store for every timer they got stuck in a corner.

    But now they know, we all know as does the cops, SIS, and the whole country.

    They are now equally exposed as us people and the opposition parties.

    No more element of surprises now, only hollow men with hollow sounding promises.

    I actually feel their pain, at feeling vulnerable now as they had left us all for six years.

    But we are used if it and stronger for it while they are weak and insecure . sad for them.

    Every day they wake up now will be one of what the hell is going to happen today, well National welcome to our world you put us in six long years ago.

    The price of Freedom & democracy is constant vigilance.

  5. ‘Those were …the days my freind ,

    We thought theyd never end, …

    We’d sing and dance…forever and a day…

    We lived the life we choose, we’d fight and never loose…

    For we were Nats and sure to have our way…..

    La La La La ………..

  6. Makes you wounder what she’s got on him , I think its hurting them more keeping her than it would to sack her

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