National Party Poetry Day Haiku

poetry day logo 2014 web
Key’s inbox and Cam’s
poison most foul, there he blows
hoist by own harpoon


  1. Word of warning to you all: Make sure you add an authorization to all your poems or the Electoral Commission will call them political ads and will hunt you down. What you gonna do when they come for you?

  2. Not haiku but on National Poetry Day I always take poetic licence. Just like John Key.

    Maybe this could even be the anthem as the skiff goes down. Six weeks after Dirty Politics.

    Aotearoa, rugged individual

    Glisten like a pearl, at the bottom of the world

    The tyranny of distance, won’t stop this cavalier

    And why should it stop me?
    I’ll conquer and stay free

    Ah c’mon all you lads,
    let’s forget and forgive

    There’s a world to explore, tales to tell back on shore

    It’s just six weeks in a leaky boat

    Six weeks in a leaky boat

    Net-wrecked love can be cruel, don’t be fooled by her kind

    There’s no wind in my sails to protect and prevail

    I’ve just got six weeks in a leaky boat

    Nothing to it leaky boat

    (Acknowledgements to Split Enz)

  3. Not a Haiku but I thought Paul Henry’s compact poem was so beautiful, it should be included – Judith Collins is toast, isn’t she?

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