Book burning copies of Hager’s book? The next generation of National Party Dirty Politics now?


It seems we are getting the next generation of National Party Dirty Politics now.

There are claims the Young Nats in Hamilton are buying up copies of Dirty Politics and burning them.

One witness was contacted by the Waikato Times and former Nexus Editor Art Robinson says he overheard Young Nats claiming to have bought up 202 copies in Hamilton alone yesterday.

These are Art’s postings…




…if Young Nats are behaving in this manner, it is a brand new low in NZ Politics.

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  1. Yes, I heard about this yesterday. Not sure if it is true. Can anybody confirm? I don’t think we should get too upset yet. It sounds like a wind-up, and I’m having trouble believing it. It seems almost too stupid to be true.

  2. Wonder if they were wearing white gowns and holding burning crosses as they were doing that. Doesn’t this sound awfully similar to the activities of a certain clan in the United States?

  3. 202 times $35 = $7070. Who’s electoral expenses would that come off?

    Though even Young Nats can’t be that stupid, can they?

    • Two fund-raising dinners at Antoine’s at $5,000 a head, would leave some change.

      Maybe the Young Nats could buy $2,930 loaves of white bread to feed to the poor victims of “trickle-down economics”.

      No nutella for the white bread, just lather on a thin veneer of bullshit – same colour, different after-taste.

  4. the alleged young nat organizer is apparently the ex head of the Waikato students union. what sort of twisted oxymoron is that lol.

  5. It might actually make sense at electorate level if the race is tight – but I hope all the Gnats start doing it – Nicki & Craig’ll clean up.

    • Yep they’ll have the biggest best seller in NZ history if all the Gnats did this, but it sounds like a bit of a jack up.

  6. Go back and read the news .
    Never happend isn’t going to happen.
    Was reported by someone in NZ first unnamed another typical left wing release without the guts to put a name to it because it lacks any substance.

  7. Come on everyone, this story is a steaming pile of bullshit. Now can we all please get back to talking about the issues that matter, such as whether John Key can ever be taken at his word ever again.

  8. Yes indeed. Yesterday, Facebook was awash with talk about this, and, when I did some checking, as far as I could tell, it was confirmed as being true, from a source very close to the Waikato University Students Union.

  9. (Its all over the front page of todays Waikato Times, I couldn’t believe my eyes)

    I agree it’s a new low in NZ politics. But more than that..
    Mindless young fascists – I dread to think what they will be like when they are adults. Makes me think of “mob rule” (shudder)

  10. Let’s assume it was a bit of bullshit-talk by a bunch of over-active Young Nats…

    And let’s assume they had no real intention of actually pulling it off (the book burning – not a circle-jerk)…

    It would still be the dumbest thing ever to put into the public arena.

    All it would take now is a bunch of clever kids to dress up in suit’n’ties (the young Nats uniform); with a Nat hoarding in the background; a pile of old books blazing away; someone tossing an extra copy of Nicky Hager’s book onto the conflagration, caught by a video-camera… and the resulting terrible publicity for National would be imprinted in our collective psyche like the 1972 “Dancing Cossacks” ad.

    Only the truly terminally stupid could possibly put an idea like that into the heads of their opponants.

  11. If this is true, which would not surprise me one bit if it was. It will be the final nail in the coffin for Key. We don’t want to see 10 may 1933 ever again.

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