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Cameron Slater


1. “Conspiracy Theories”

Psychopath, bully, faux-Christian, convicted criminal,  Right wing blogger, and germ-masquerading-as-a-human-being, Cameron Slater has finally had his arse nailed to the wall by veteran investigate journalist*,  Nicky Hager.

Slater’s response, on Newstalk ZB was a pitiful attempt at deflection;


WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater has already responded to the book, and appears to recommend reading it.

Cameron Slater says he hasn’t got a copy yet, but it’s likely to a be very one-sided affair.

He says it’s a direct attack on the government to hurt it at election time, and appears to avoid what happens on the left side of the spectrum.


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Slater’s memory is getting worse as he breathes in the methane fumes from the shit he continually wallows in.

Hager has also written an expose on Helen Clark’s government, “Seeds of Distrust“, which nearly destroyed Labour’s chances of re-election in the 2002 general election. Environment Minister,  Marion Hobbs, from the left-wing Labour government of the time said of Nicky Hager;

“Nick Hager’s conspiracy theories do not match the facts.”

And John Key today (13 August) said of Nicky Hager;

“Most people know that Nicky Hager is a screaming left-wing conspiracy theorist,”

No, he’s not a “conspiracy theorist”. He’s an impartial investigative journalist. Something we have precious little of remaining in nthis country anymore.

So Cam; if that’s your best come-back – tragic fail.

2. Karma

However, my memory is a tad better.

I remember an event in January 2014, regarding the death of a passenger in a car, in Greymouth, West Coast. At the time, Slater reached rock-bottom with his vileness, writing “Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour“.

The grieving parents of the man killed in the accident were appalled by Slater’s gutless attack on their late son, Judd Hall.

As Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said at the time,

This young lad has a mother and father who are going through a great deal of hurt at the moment. It’s compassion and support they need at the moment, not condemnation from the likes of Slater.

They (the parents) are people that Slater has never met, does not know, so for him to describe their offspring as feral is the lowest of the low and an utter disgrace.”

I also remember writing this piece on my own blog,  on 29 January, in response to Slater’s grubby rubbish;

He obviously still does not understand that if you attack, denigrate, and abuse people – that eventually he will strike someone who will hit back. Hard.

Karma is not a mystical thing. It is humans getting pissed off.”

It seems that seven months later, my prediction has come true;

3. “Crusher” Collins

This précis from the book, from a TV3 report,  is noteworthy;

Justice Minister Judith Collins was another of Slater’s informants and emailed him an account of Labour’s Trevor Mallard making a fool of himself – “You can use this if you like but just don’t say it was me”

Well, well, well. That answers this question then,

Judith Collins on offensive over Radio NZ comments

But relate to the leaking to media of ACC complainant Bronwyn Pullar’s identity along with an email from her support person, former National Party president Michelle Boag.

Ms Boag sent the email onto Judith Collins and a staffer, who forwarded it to ACC chairman John Judge and chief executive Ralph Stewart.

All deny being the leak, but somehow it got out.

“I’ve been very clear all along,” says Ms Collins. “I am 100 percent certain there was no leak from me or my office.”

Probe into email leak welcome, says Collins

Confirmation that Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff will investigate the email’s trail from Ms Boag to an eventual report in the Herald on Sunday came as Labour claimed Ms Collins, National Party operative Simon Lusk and right-wing blogger Cameron Slater all played a part in the leak.

So now we have the clearest evidence yet, of who leaked Michelle Boag’s email, relating to ACC claimant, Bronwyn Pullar, to Cameron Slater.

Leaker, I name thee: Judith “Crusher” Collins.


4. Conclusions


This is a small country.

Secrets are fleeting.


Key’s $55 million backside has just been  given a swift kick. His “credibility” will have taken a severe beating after this.


If the National Party politburo have a shred of common sense and functioning neuronal-activity left between them, using Slater as a conduit for dirty tricks will cease. The game, you Tory Twats, is up.


A major source of “easy news” for the mainstream media has just dried up. From now on, journos will actually have to do their own work.


If information was sourced from the SIS, and Labour wins this election (chance now increased), expect a major shake-up of both security agencies and resignations. Heads will roll like bowling balls.


I love karma.


(*a real journalist – not the faeces-shovelling variety found at “Whaleoil”)




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  1. Can someone please point out to all Journo’s that interview Nat members on this issue, Nickky Hager wrote the piece on labour in 2002, how does that make him a left wing conspiracy theorist?
    Just heard Joyce on Nat radio bleating on about this and expect it to be a standard response from now on..

    • It’s the standard “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” response that completely overlooks the possibility of people forming independent opinions.

  2. Cameron Slater in true low life form, has referred to the people living in earthquake damaged “Labour strongholds” of Christchurch, as “scum” and are of little relevance. This came over Campbell Live last evening. I hope this one is challenged.

    What’s coming out now via Nicky Hager’s book, it’s becoming obvious why FJK didn’t pressure Judith Collins to resign over her involvement in the Oravida issue! Her close connection with Slater, could very likely damage National, in particular FJK. Hence the reason she is still there!

    A can of worms has been opened. FJK has some very serious questions to answer now. He can’t fob NZ off any more!

    • Slater thinks he is living in 1920’s Germany.

      He is dreaming of supporting inevitably weak National governments of the future with his Freikorps.

      Let’s make sure this does not happen. Get those undecided friends to vote.

  3. Ha ! Brilliant work @ Frank . It’s nice to see the old blond bulldozer and neckless , anti viagara collins mixed up in that particular bucket of shit .

    • Thanks for that link Frank.

      Steven Joyce annoyed me immensely.

      If you’ve been caught out – fess up!

      I don’t know why politicians go any radio talks, coz all they manage to do is avoid the answers, and try to shift the problem out of their lap.

      So annoying!
      Why does Joyce think we are all stupid. Are we all stupid?

      And why didn’t the radio host keep asking him proper questions until Joyce got so mad that he walked out, and made a worse fool of himself.

      I was disappointed with this radio host, and the Aussie interview I heard earlier.

      When will people stop being scared to ask the real questions – in plain and blunt english – so there is no way to waylay the question. Why doesn’t it happen.

      Here, in this book (apparantly) there is compounding proof of skulduggery by National – and everyone who are in the position to rattle National, are pussyfooting around the edges, rather than going in for the jugular.

      How disappointing. This golden moment to rip them to shreds, and everyone’s clipped their fingernails, and has a packet of bandaid in their pocket.

      Blimey, no politician would ever intimidate me – but I would certainly intimidate them with honesty, truth, and an unrelentless onslaught of questions until they answered the question.

      Disappointed. It must be truth, as the book hasn’t caused a legal suit.


      • No, we’re not all stupid. Just the National voters. They still can’t see their emperor has no clothes when I’ve been reporting him for flashing for years. I’m sick of the sight of his sorry ass. (Maybe I’m confusing that with his face?)

        At least the usually one-eyed Armstrong in the Herald and Gower in his opinion piece on the TV3 website had a go at Key. Hopefully that’s just the start.

    • Contrast with Arspinair’s badgering interruptions when “interviewing” Cunliffe this morning. shonKey’s donkey Lord Haw Haw wasn’t braying as loudly as is his norm. To be expected of the Hootin’ Hoor – it’s what his masters pay him for. More interested to see what the few remaining journalists of repute in MSM will do – or will be allowed to do, with the revelations from Nicky Hager. The dots have been joined up for them by Nicky, the ducks are lined up, who will now step up.

      • Listened to that. Thanks.

        Matthew certainly was being an apologist. How annoying it was listening to him – trying to deflect blame onto the writer of the book, rather than the people and incidents ‘in’ the book that have been exposed.

        And saying that Hagar isn’t a judge – just a political activist. ‘Just’ a political activist? Blimey, political activists are awesome. And anyway you don’t even need a judge when you have the written evidence in your face. What a twat he is!

        National never let themselves be held accountable for their actions. None of them prepared to answer real questions. Just eternally spewing forth the same old garbage of nothingness from their hollow mouths.

        Well, we will see on the 20th of next month.


  4. I find it incredibly interesting that Key described Hager as a left wing conspiracist, especially as it was National who delighted in ‘Corn-Gate’.

    In fact, I can remember hearing absolutely appalling things about the Labour government come from the mouth of it’s then elected National partisans.

    And yet…suddenly it seems (!!)…Hager is a left-winger.


  5. The name Simon Lusk keeps popping up in these stories and it eventually dawned on me that I knew him at university, he lived two doors down from me in our student hostel in 1991.

    He was 18 years old and although we were all pretty insecure in those days he was noticeably more desperate than most. He had a really strong need to be seen as an important person and was constantly pointing out other people’s flaws to them. He also never missed out on a chance to have a laugh at someone else’s expense. Needless to say he didn’t make many friends that year.

    I’m presuming that Cameron Slater has a similar desperate psychology and need to feel powerful. Given that Judith Collins was quoted as saying; ‘if you can’t be loved, then it’s better to be feared’ I wonder if she’s the same as well. Then there’s Key…

    Makes me wonder if there is anyone left in the National Party who isn’t acting our their psychological dysfunction at every turn. Paula Bennett is clearly another case study in psychological dysfunction.

    It’s all a bit dispiriting really.

  6. And when is FJK going to stop hiding behind Steven Joyce, getting his minister to confront media on his behalf, on tough issues?

    I heard Joyce on RNZ’ Morning Report today being interviewed by Guyon Espiner re Nicky Hager’s book. He came across as very subdued, quite toned down in fact, minus the usual arrogant, smart arsed attitude! Maybe he can see the end in sight for the government, after Hager’s expose`!

    The PM is going to have to come out and face the public very soon and explain his and National’s position as described in Nicky Hager’s revelations, particularly his and Judith Collins’ involvement with Cameron Slater! He can’t smile and squirm his way out of this for too much longer.

    Time to front up FJK!

    • ” the protection of New Zealand from acts of espionage, sabotage, and subversion, whether or not they are directed from or intended to be committed within New Zealand:

      (b)the identification of foreign capabilities, intentions, or activities within or relating to New Zealand that impact on New Zealand’s international well-being or economic well-being:

      (c)the protection of New Zealand from activities within or relating to New Zealand that—

      (i)are influenced by any foreign organisation or any foreign person; and
      (ii)are clandestine or deceptive, or threaten the safety of any person; and
      (iii)impact adversely on New Zealand’s international well-being or economic well-being:

      (d)the prevention of any terrorist act and of any activity relating to the carrying out or facilitating of any terrorist act”

      So, surely the TPPA comes within this?

  7. Can you please drop this ridiculous claim that Cameron Slater is a right wing blogger. He consistently defends the non-centre right National Party, he supported same sex marriage (quite happily I may add) and doesn’t have a problem with the sale of land to foreign owners. He also regularly has swipes at the Conservative Party and its leader Colin Craig. There is almost nothing conservative about him.

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