Key’s ducking for cover – utterly unbelievable!!!

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I don’t often re-print media stories verbatim – but this piece by Andrea Vance, for Fairfax Media,  deserves wider circulation. Please note the highlighted statements by Dear Leader as he ducks, weaves, obfuscates, and deflects any and all responsibility for the situation;


Jason Ede still has Beehive access


ANDREA VANCE – Last updated 16:39 17/08/2014


Prime Minister John Key says he can’t explain why “black ops” spin doctor Jason Ede still has a staff access card to Parliament.

Ede is at the centre of claims in Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book, in which it is alleged he fed gossip, research and tips to Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater.

Paid by the taxpayer as a ministerial services staff, Ede is also accused of infiltrating a Labour party database, which contained sensitive personal information. Slater said the website was insecure.

Ede was spotted in the Parliamentary complex last week – with a security access swipe card – despite National saying he is employed by them at the party’s Wellington head office.

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask whoever is responsible for that. But it’s not me,” Key said.

“He works for the National party now, that’s all I know.”

Key didn’t know why Ede was at Parliament and he wasn’t visiting his office.

“You’d have to ask him. He hasn’t been in my [physical] office for years… He was originally a press secretary years and years ago. Again Hager’s got it wrong, he’s not two doors down from me. I hardly ever talk to him. Most of the work he did in research and communications was either with backbenchers or other people.”

Key said he doesn’t know what Ede’s role with National was now.

He also reiterated there would be no action after Justice Minister Judith Collins admitted passing the name of a public servant to Slater, resulting in a vicious online attack.

“At the end of the day, should people pass names, I don’t know… Labour does that too,” Key said.

Collins was “welcome” to talk to Slater.

“If I have a particular reason to call him, I will. It’s three or four times a year. I might call the mainstream media three or four times a day.”

Key insists Slater was a “force of nature into himself” with “sources all over the show.”

He also defended a text message to Slater, following public outcry at offensive remarks the blogger made about the mother of a Pike River victim. He also called the blogger on the phone.

“I didn’t text him about that woman. It was something completely different.

“I said absolutely, and I stand by it, that I recognised her. Those are the only words I’ve said… I said I knew the woman in the picture, that’s all I said. I didn’t ring him about that issue, I was ringing him about something completely different.”

Labour has called on National to release the name of a staff member who accessed its database.

“I don’t have that information,” Key said.


Key’s inability to take responsibility for his party’s actions remind me of similar blogposts I have written in the past;


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It appears that the “plausible deniability” strategy is starting to wear thin. (Or did Key’s media spin team take the day off, leaving him to his own devices?!)

How much longer can key keep saying,

“I don’t have that information.”

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask whoever is responsible for that. But it’s not me.”

“I don’t know.”

“It was something completely different.

“That’s all I know.”

“You’d have to ask him.

Because very soon now, people are going to be scratching their heads and wondering – “What the f**k are we paying $428,500-plus-perks  per year for this guy?!”




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  1. Paul says:

    This also needs publicising
    Lisa Owen’s brilliant interview where she asks questions Cameron Slater cannot answer.

  2. Stuart Munro says:

    Key has played the plausible deniability card so often he’s arrived at implausible deniability.

  3. kevin says:

    I’m absolutely amazed how the Lame Street Media can get away with under reporting this book and it’s implications.
    I know way more about a (poor) black guy being shot in the USA, the attacks on ISIS etc etc etc and TV3 (and I guess the other National (party) propaganda outlets are also as bad) think we don’t need to quiz the PM etc about these democratic changing issues.
    The PM is allowed (presumably by the LSM being part of the process) to get away with batting the questions off. Absolutely appalling behaviour.
    IF he is allowed to get away with this then it’s game over folks. When ever a fascist wants to take over NZ, all the ground work has been done by this ‘lovely wavy smiling chap’.
    A play on the WW2 theme………….What will the press ‘reporters’ say when their grand children asked them what they did to save democracy in NZ, …………other than accept their ‘ten pieces of gold’ and look the other way.

    • Michelle Hedges says:

      Kevin, you’re not the only one who as seen echoes of Germany during the 30’s; and what ‘thing’ rose to power! My focus was military history at uni and it’s all there in black and white.

  4. Wild Katipo says:

    To be honest…..the interview conducted in Dunedin left Key looking like either an out of touch bumbler , a deliberate liar , or some air head who really doesn’t know his right hand from his left…

    Are we really paying him that much to be such an incompetent fool?

    And what does Obama REALLY think of this idiot from the Antipodes?

    And are we really entrusting this disconnected court jester to be the head of our intelligence services?

    And are our intelligence people equally as dopey as this specimen?

    Or do they just hide things from him then have a good laugh behind his back when the news comes out?

    For someone supposedly ‘leading ‘ our country….he really didn’t seem to know a lot now , did he?……….

    Its frightening to think such an individual is charged with the leadership of our country…

    For the sake of all our futures, for goodness sake’s – VOTE LEFT !!!

    • Today’s interview between Guyon Espiner and John Key is damning for the PM, with his ducking and weaving;

      • Wild Katipo says:

        That Iv’e just heard…it was hard to believe….hearing Mr Espiner tear into Mr ‘plausible denial’ , over and over and over again..

        For about 10 seconds the battle of wills between the two was obvious…with FJK constantly trying to ignore and divert the relevant question Mr Espiner was asking….

        But Espiner had him like a bull mastiff – firmly round the throat…and FJK knew it.

        The guys days of ‘leader’ are numbered.

        • mary_a says:

          @WK – yep. The Espiner interview this morning was a game changer for FJK and for the country I think.

          FJK can’t continue with his head up his backside like this for the next month until the election, expecting to cruise into a third term of office.

          He has two options available to him now:

          1) – fess up and sack Collins and prepare for the vicious onslaught from her via her buddy Slater, which will be bloody for FJK


          2) – resign!

          Either way it will be an admission of guilt, confirming Nicky Hager’s revelations in his book are correct.

          Key has really soiled himself with this one! Won’t be a good look on his CV!

      • Mistery Mistery says:

        I just listened to that – thanks for the link.

        Had to stop part way through because I’m so fed up with listening to FJK waffle and sidestep and lie.

        It didn’t really sound like FJK speaking – was he drunk? Anyway, he sounded different, maybe medicated? Or maybe he hadn’t taken his “Lizard-Go” drops in his coffee yet?


      • e-clectic says:

        Just listened:
        1:14 – No
        1:22 – No
        1:29 – ??????

      • mary_a says:

        @Frank – agree. FJK is a done turkey now.

        The only thing I regret about the Espiner interview this morning, was the body language!

        And FJK’s body language would have been an absolute treat to watch during the interview, regardless of where he was at the time! Entertainment of the year no doubt.

        Espiner raised the bar in objective journalism today. Look forward to other journalists/broadcasters doing the same between now and the election.

      • Clubconnecter says:

        WOW! After having just listened to the interview, I’m stunned. Good to hear GE asking the pertinent questions.

        JK = Serious case of ‘Hubris Syndrome’!

    • Sueh says:

      The great thing about that Dunedin interview were the continuous head shots of sometimes one report holding the mic and then the blonde reporter that kept appearing in the background, then moving away, then reappearing….the faces of both those reporters showed their utter disbelief in anything Key was spouting forth with. I got more enjoyment from watching their reactions than I did from the utter bullshit Key was coming out with.

      • richarquis says:

        Could you possibly provide a link for that? I live abroad, so I have to squirrel around for the things that everybody else back home has in front of them. Much appreciated. 🙂

    • Jguest says:

      Well, I can’t speak for all intelligence officers, but I’d say those on the floor are quite committed, diligent lads and ladies who work hard. I’d say they often hire the wrong people and that cripples them. One must ask why there aren’t harder requirements to get, keep and maintain security clearances and why so many bumbling fools manage to creep up the ladder and take the top jobs.

      When you consider how many previous top ranked public servants in intelligence operatives HAVEN’T ever worked with the technology and were hired on a ‘friendship’ basis — it makes you surprised.

      But then you see Parata majorly fucking over teachers, pay and the education system. Look at the health system. Look at crime.

      We take average Joes from the streets and put them into public leadership roles. NONE of them have any experience in any of these sectors.

      Are we surprised when they fail?

      Why are we surprised when any of these publicly funded organisations fail? We handshake people with no experience into the roles.

      • Peter Archer says:

        So, answer this… why was Fletcher hired to head the GCSB?

        Get to the bottom of THAT one, and a whole can of very dirty worms will come SPEWING out itno the light of day!!!

        • Mistery Mistery says:

          Is this the same Fletcher/family that was given the contract to oversee the dishing out of contracts/contractors for the CHCH post EQ rebuild? You know – all money passes through them first etc.
          Does anyone know?

        • Wild Katipo says:

          Ill give you all an example of how ‘in – house’ and bad our vetting system is for these positions –

          You may well remember a few years back a certain ‘Thompson ‘ who falsified a C.V ..and went on to gain the top job as head of immigration.

          Another is a chap who became head of the S.I.S I think it was…same deal…got the job with a falsified C.V …

          Now either the screening and vetting process is akin to a primary school class representative , …or else its simply a case of ‘jobs for the boys’….

          Or latterly…….hand selection by the P.M for a very select task…fascists of all stripes do it all the time…..

          Its called cronyism.

          • Stuart Munro says:

            In fairness, SIS head has always been at the current PM’s discretion. So Key was entitled to appoint Fletcher unilaterally. He wished to pretend he hadn’t however, and ran an expensive hiring facade to conceal his choice – instinctively secretive and possibly up to no good.

    • kevin says:

      I’ve just read the book, KimDotCom and there’s a great quote in there from Gordon Campbell, ……………..It is hard for anyone (inc Key) to prove a negative, however, for Key not to have known (about KDC) would requireKey to be acting at the level of a village idiot for a six month period.
      i.e. ……a great counter reply (for the press and the public) to all of Key’s future ridiculous defense claims of ……….I don’t know etc etc etc , is OH you’re choosing to use the villiage idiot defence then Prime Minister?

    • kevin says:

      I’ve just read the book, KimDotCom and there’s a great quote in there from Gordon Campbell, ……………..It is hard for anyone (inc Key) to prove a negative, however, for Key not to have known (about KDC) would requireKey to be acting at the level of a village idiot for a six month period.
      i.e. ……a great counter reply (for the press and the public) to all of Key’s future ridiculous defense claims of ……….I don’t know etc etc etc , is OH you’re choosing to use the ‘village idiot defence’ then Prime Minister?

  5. Mistery Mistery says:

    “I don’t have that information,” Key said.

    Well he jolly well should have that information.
    This is a lie of course – he is head of the country’s security – he can get that info in less than 1 day – like Slugman did.
    Liar he is!



  6. YogiBare says:

    I hear the person who leaked the emails to Nicky Hager is coming out with them on Twitter later today under the pseudonym “Whaledump”. Love it, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate pen name myself!
    Ambergris, anyone?

  7. Pete says:

    Since John Key is so into rugby I’ll use an analogy from that field.

    I’ve just heard him, guilty of eye-gouging, blaming others for getting their eyes in the way and attacking his fingers with their eyes. Dirty no-good lefties. Even used their left eyes.

    In case football supporters feel left out, key’s performance was like Luis Suárez blaming Giorgio Chiellini for attacking his teeth with his shoulder.

  8. […] Key’s ducking for cover – utterly unbelievable!!! […]

  9. Marcus says:

    Actually not unbelievable at all, Key has been doing that for years. The difference now is that he is not getting away with it now. Some of his formerly sycophantic MSM followers are now beginning to realize how they have been played for dupes. They are stating to wake up and ask serious questions of our PM and are no longer satisfied with his enigmatic and vague responses.

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