Dear Canon NZ – what does Cameron Slater have to do for you to remove your ‘Best Blogger’ Award from him?


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Dear Canon NZ

Hi Guys, look I appreciate that you are probably hating that you appointed Cameron Slater’s mate Deborah Hill Cone as the judge and must be banging your head against a wall for all the negative publicity his hate has cost your brand, but in light of the current allegations against Slater and the dirty tactics he has employed – you must surely be at the point where you need to step in now and protect your brand and take Cameron’s award off him?

Seriously Canon NZ, what does Slater need to do for you to step in and remove his award that he hasn’t already been found to have been doing now we see Hager’s book?

This is your reputation and can I humbly suggest that you don’t stack your judging panel with right flunkies next time.


  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    Looking at the photo of whale slob accompanying this story I realized the trophy he was holding was all wrong.

    It should be a cannon camera mounted onto a shoe ….. In other words a ‘ shoe cam’ .

    Thats the sort of trophy which slater the unstable, bullying sleaze merchant deserves. It fits on so many levels. 😉

    A camera mounted on one of John keys shoes no less.

  2. As a film person , I was about to trade up to your gear . Unless you kick slater back to the sewers , my colleagues and I will go elsewhere .

    ( What were you thinking for fucks sake ? Are you mad ? )

  3. @ Martyn Bradbury High Martyn, just letting you no recently I took a look at Slaters blog, on it I spotted an advert for Flight Centre, as my family are frequent flyers and I thought the blog was trash so I emailed Fligt Centre an asked if there company were supporters of Camron Slater, they replied to me by email disturbed to find there advertising on his blog and had there Ad agency remove immediately, I suggest more people should take this stance, I shall also write to Cannon with my disgust, the power of suggestion and the people, keep it Up them Martyn.

    • Good idea. I won’t be buying or using any Canon product until it takes Slater’s award off him. Neither will I have anything to do with any outfit that advertises on his site. If only I could avoid Fonterra too?

      • Don’t drink milk. The cows are abused anyway. They will probably contract foot and mouth in the near future, then we, the Irishmen of the twenty first century will get a taste of The Famine.

  4. Emailed Cannon pointed out there blogger of the year does hate piece for Fonterra against breast feeding mothers and I will never buy another Cannon product unless they remove the award

  5. If Canon had insisted on properly qualified and impartial judges then Slater wouldn’t have had a chance of winning his award. He only won it because his palsy walsy Hill-Cone was the judge. Canon must really be cursing their ineptitude on this one.

  6. Boycott the lot – all companies with ties to current National party et al:

    Stop feeding the Australian retail banks – that would be a good start.

    All that money – and, what is written off, a larger figure – leaves NZ every year.

    Fonterra – destroying our environment for short term financial gain – for the few.

    The list goes on, and, on…

    Happy Days

  7. I see Cam is bitching about getting death threats over this. I have often wondered what the fall out would look like if someone actually carried out the threat. He’s a despicable human being.

    Our company & suppliers are cancelling our Cannon orders now.

  8. Mr Slater is doing Excellent work.

    In the Future, the Defender of the Proletariat will certainly not be slandered by people in public, nor on the internet. There will be no books produced to sully our Leader’s name.

    Mr Slater has set a most excellent precedent.

    His efforts will not be wasted by the Future Party of the Working Class.

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