If Mr Key won’t read the book before the election, then it’s our responsibility to ask him every day until September 20th


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John Key is astoundingly saying that he won’t read the book and he won’t ask any questions of his staff or colleagues regarding any of the extraordinary allegations contained inside Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics.

If John Key won’t read the book and won’t ask questions of his staff and colleagues, then we the people should ask this question every time Key appears in public…

Why shouldn’t you read a book with as many serious allegations as Dirty Politics and please don’t tell me Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist, because that’s not an answer.

…and every National Party Candidate needs to be asked…

Why shouldn’t John Key read a book with as many serious allegations as Dirty Politics and please don’t tell me Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist, because that’s not an answer.

…it doesn’t matter if you are left wing or right wing, there are serious allegations in this book, and nothing that Slater has said to date as s defence washes in any way. This is serious and the authorities dealing with it will take it seriously.

The right wing pundits trying to justify this as ‘the left do it too’ and “it’s just politics as normal’ are purposely misdirecting the focus from the cruelty and hateful manner in which National has managed its smear tactics.

Key has described Slater as “a pretty colourful character” – no, he’s a sick crypto-fascist who has poisoned the entire political debate for 6 years. I don’t think the PM understands the word “colourful”.

It’s ironic that many in the mainstream media seem to be attacking Nicky Hager for doing their job properly. 
 This book raises serious questions that go well beyond, “Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist”. The question Mr Key and every National Party Candidate must be asked repeatedly this election, “Why won’t he read the book”.


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  1. …if he doesn’t read the book he can say he can’t answer questions in it because he hasn’t read the book. If he doesn’t talk to Jason Ede and Judith Collins then he can still keep saying he trusts his people wouldn’t do things like the things that are in the book.

    All John Key has to do is keep his hands clean until the election. Then after the election he can read the book, talk to people in the book, then be outraged and ‘do the right thing’. Which is retire Judith on three strikes and assign Jason Ede to be Shane Jones’ assistant.

    What he can’t do is put himself in a position where he has read the accusations and be seen to do nothing for the next five weeks.

    That’s why he can’t read the book.

  2. Well I guess if FJK doesn’t read the book, then he doesn’t have to acknowledge the revelations.

    You know, out of sight, out of mind! The usual easy way out for FJK!

    This way, in FJK’s pathetic little brain, Nicky Hager’s book doesn’t exist.

    Heard him on TV this evening stating the expected, when questioned about the revelations “nothing to do with my office.”

    Weak, cowardly little man, you will have to come clean soon! Time is running out …. tick, tick, tick …..

    • Yep, as expected. There is nothing anyone can do to tarnish Hosking’s idol. Hosking will steadfastly continue pimping his main man John Key right up to election day, and people with evidently feeble minds will continue to listen to what he has to say.

    • Yes,jus what I thought …Mike Hoskings showed his usual disgusting display of pimping for National tonight, the slimy little prick! … HOW can it be allowed that he will be the moderator of the keys /cunliffe debate!!!!!

      • We can hope that Cunliffe will become the moderator, by being honest, and strong, and showing up those 2 narcissistic ostriches for what they actually are.

        FJK likes to use the ‘conspiracy’ word a lot, along with can’t remember, or nothing to do with my office. He has 3 offices, or maybe he forgets that!


    • Typical the way that Seven Sharp approached it. First they treated the whole thing as a joke with a few carefully edited clips of people reading exerts in a story teller voice to make it seem like it was a Mother Goose story. Then Mike Hosking asked Steven Joyce in a disbelieving tone if there was any truth to the allegations. Joyce said no, and Hosking’s attitude was basically “oh well that’s that one wrapped up then, next story please”. Hosking look almost embarrassed at having to admit that John Key had been invited to appear but had declined. You can well imagine what Hosking would have said had David Cunliffe been invited to appear and had declined. But I loved the way Nicky Hager rubbished Hosking and implied that his journalism was slack. Nicky is the man!

      • and when nicky called him a cynic, you could almost see hoskings implode within his self being, just about couldn’t wrap up his interview fast enought

    • Yes. Hoskings was totally OUTRAGEOUS, even by his own low standards. He made not even a pretence of seeming neutral, he just constructed his own fantasy narrative, that, “there is nothing in this”. He is worse even than Paul Henry, much worse.

      • Agreed, Henry was not nearly as dismissive as Hoskings. Indeed, he said numerous times that Judith Collins must NEVER be allowed to become the Prime Minister based on the allegations in Hager’s book. You can tell he wasn’t particularly happy about any of it though.

    • Yes – Hosking was appalling. Actually instructing viewers on what it all meant, which in his mind was nothing at all, nothing to see here, politics as usual, not a game changer and all done with stolen emails anyway. Neither he nor Joyce had read the book. He referred to ‘allegations’ not seeming to understand the difference between an allegation and a primary source/documentary evidence.
      Prepared to sacrifice Slater to keep the Nat politicians clean.
      Right-wing capture of the media is near-complete

    • Disgusting bias, and a smarmy conceited look doing it. Steven Joyce was laughing his arse off in the background. Hopefully it has fired Nicky up to deal more dirt.

  3. Now I thought modern cell phones had these recording things in them. Maybe, just maybe, we should be asking the questions???


    About 12 hours ago, I read a piece by John Armstrong in the Herald on line. He defended Hager’s credibility as a journalist, and said that Key had serious charges to answer, he seemed especially shocked about the SIS stuff. I was surprised and impressed.

    Now it looks like the Herald has pulled it :

    Did anyone else read it, or was it all a dream? Did it make the print editions?

  5. Deny, deny, deny, stonewall, stonewall, stonewall – don’t budge an inch – that’s the strategy. Give the story no oxygen and let it die. They think they can guts it out – that could work but if it doesn’t the damage will be much greater.

  6. ” Why won’t he read the book ? ”
    Because he doesn’t have to .

    Do you know what he’ll do next ?
    I’ll tell you what .
    He’ll cancel the elections as American war ships sail into Auckland , Wellington , Christchurch and Dunedin’s Harbours . Hahahahaa ……. Ah . Perhaps not that funny when I see what the American cops are doing in Ferguson , Missouri .

    It’s my view the Governor General should dissolve Parliament and wait until September and place jonky under arrest for treason . Call me old fashioned if you must .

  7. Then FJK will also have to do some explaining after the Kim Dotcom/Glenn Greenwald revelations on 15 September, which I’m picking are likely to revolve around FJK’s part in the international spying game network!

    Hee hee … and here was Key thinking after the 2011 election, Winston Peters would be his worst nightmare! He certainly wasn’t counting on the likes of Dotcom, Hager and hopefully Greenwald, to rub his face in his own stinking excrement!

    Bought Nicky Hager’s book this morning 🙂 I managed to get the last one in stock at the bookstore, less than forty eight hours after it went public! I was told stocks in Auckland are running low, so there is great interest in the book, despite FJK’s reluctance to read it, passing it off as the work of a “left wing conspiracy theorist”! Stupid boy John.

    Looking forward to some ‘entertaining’ and possibly shocking reading.

    • And the TPPA, that’s worse than the GCSB. The GCSB we know what’s in it even if we don’t agree, the TPPA we don’t and won’t till it’s signed and unlike the GCSB which is legislation we have some hope of changing the TPPA we won’t have a cat in hells chance of changing.!!!!

  8. To be fair, Helen Clark chose not to read the Refugee Status Appeal Authority decision on Ahmed
    Zaoui but this did not stop her dissing it and him.

  9. The devil here is the TPPA, that’s worse than the GCSB. The GCSB we know what’s in it even if we don’t agree, the TPPA we don’t and won’t till it’s signed and unlike the GCSB which is legislation we have some hope of changing the TPPA we won’t have a cat in hells chance of changing.!!!!

  10. Can someone assure me that the polls are not being manipulated please? Given what I sense about the mood of the country and the quality of the policy Labour has released, including a lift in the minimum wage, it’s inconceivable that they keep going backwards. Surely someone is fudging the numbers, as probably they did last time, to give us a sense of a dead horse, why bother? Given Nationals influence it would not surprise me. Who could investigate that???

    • Historically (last 4 elections at least), National gets about 4% less than what the later polls say, which is about 3% less than their usual peak a few months out. For instance, they peaked around 54% last time (biggest result about 57), and got 47%. This time the peak is around 50% (biggest 52), so should drop to around 43%.

      Give or take for stuff like this book and other voter engagement issues, or someone doing something unforgivably stupid, or it rains cats and dogs, or just voters being funny on the day, or the polls being more bullshit than usual.

      In turn, Labour and Green go up and down (Greens poll way up and never quite match it on the day, still should hit ~12%), NZF gains heaps, should hit 7%, Internet-Mana is a bit new but you’d expect 4% if they can raise youth enrollment, and Conservative will probably hit 2-3% again. ACT is 1 seat and still going under. Maori I’m not sure, could even be 3 overhangs.

      That leaves ~31% Labour again, with the most room to move, 43% Labour-Green, 43% National, ~3% wasted and some overhang. Fun times for the next minority government.

      Labour’s weakness in recent polls seems to be Labour voters replying that they’re uncertain about voting. They probably will, Labour gets good turnouts, but if you’re only “mostly sure” you’re going to vote, they don’t count you in the poll results, and that’s a lot of Labour voters since Cunliffe got in. They want to see him in the debates, and fair enough. I imagine he’ll trounce Key.

  11. What if the left set 5 goals in relation to the revelations:

    – Collins must resign.

    – Ede arrested.

    – Police, GCIS to state official positions on the revelations.

    – Mass distribution of the book through our volunteer efforts (donate a book anybody?)

    – Media must out themselves where they have been complicit with #teamkey (like having Slater as commentator after he made ‘feral’ comments, removing any credibility).

  12. Why did he not read it? Because he’s seen the source emails from himself (because he sent them) and he trusts those under him to brief him properly on the content of the book once they themselves have read it. There are no “Moa-resurrections” being planned by the National Caucus.

  13. How can Key run both these lines of defense at the same time?

    The emails were hacked, Hager is dishonest … and

    Hager made the emails up.

    Either they are legitimate and stolen, or invented by Hager and not stolen.

    One or the other John, you fuckin doofus.

  14. Chairman’s friend sure is a colourful character all right. If you dare risk scarring your mind forever by painfully reading some of his disillusioned cynical prose, you quickly realize, he is one Technicolour Yawn.

  15. John Key doesn’t have to read this litany of lies if he doesn’t want to. There are probably more truths in ” The lord of the rings ” than in this. All just conjecture and innuendo, might have, could have etc. Hager just another mug having his strings pulled by the puppet master dotcom.

    • Brian if it ain’t true we can expect to see some court cases against Hager. However there were none for all of those other excellent books Hager has produced as they were all absolutely true. Making spurious comments about Hager’s political beliefs – just like Muldoons ‘reds under the beds’ back in the eighties is all bluster.

  16. I, like JK, would sooner end up with Aids (familiar to the left weirdos), than read anything by the greasy little worm Hager . . . he reminds me of Bradbury.

  17. Another point: This was just Slaters emails, imagine if they had got Hoskings, Gowers, Plunkets, Henrys ect ect ect… And what has Dotcom got in store for us.

  18. in all the comments i’ve read and listened to over the last couple of days, can the ones against nicky hager and the book come up with some thing else other than ….. he’s a liar, makes stuff up, left wing conspirator, hager is this and that,and actually come up with anything that isn’t a personal attack, pretty hard to hold a debate when one side isn’t prepared to comment on the information in the book, maybe some don’t want to read it as sometime the truth hurts, whether left or right wing, they should all be outed and held accountable.

  19. Has anyone ever wonder this. Can John TricKey Key actually read? Maybe that’s why he refuses to read anything.

  20. When you are a PM sponsored into your position by the international bankers and corporation you don’t need to read anything or know anything. Your just need to churn out platitudes, smile and wave, and get idiotic billboards displayed around the country. The ignorant masses will do the rest for you.

  21. It’s his right not to read the book, it is also our right to see him as a little kid with his eyes shut, fingers in his ears, shouting “nananananananana”

  22. Yeah why would Key read it, just like he believes in honest John Banks and never read the police report so he could continue to say honest John Banks. That vicious woman Judith Collins is in this right up to the top of her head and I hope the original emails are released so that Collins can really be held to account along with Key and Ede and that dirty right winger Slater who is currently in Israel courtesy of the Israeli government, helpingthem spread their propaganda.I hope at some point we find out all the names of those who have paid Slater to spread misery around.

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