Refuting the claim that all Hager reveals is just ‘politics as usual’



This line of attack that the Left blogs somehow get up to the same level of dirty tactics that the right do is an utter lie. I am in contact with all the Left wing Parties all the time, but sweet Christ I don’t get briefings from the SIS! I don’t trawl brothels to try and entrap Len Brown, John Boscowan, Labour MPs, the Herald’s editors or Duncan Garner! I don’t blackmail MPs into standing down! I don’t hack political party computers, I don’t arrange to have prisoners moved to remote prisons who then attempt suicide. I don’t go onto Wikipedia and edit in sexual smears about MPs! I don’t get police evidence from the Minister of Fucking Police to publish on TDB and I don’t get OIA requests that are worded for me!

Trying to pretend that all that has been revealed is ‘politics as normal’ is a fucking disgraceful attempt to minimise what is going on here. Yes media and bloggers talk with political parties all the time, but the level of collusion between the PMs office and a far right hate speech merchant and what they then get up to is NOT politics as normal, it is a deeply warped and mutated version of hate politics, and every decent citizen should be revolted by what is now on display.

Previously the gatekeeper media would let this slide, but with social media now competing with the narrative setters and the fact Slater and the PMs Office have purposely focused on the media themselves, this isn’t just going to fade away.

To think, these pricks took the moral high ground over a bunch of students chanting ‘Fuck John Key’. Turns out we should all have been chanting ‘Fuck John Key AND Cameron Slater’.

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  1. Nicky Hagar has highlighted a very concerning lack of integrity, honour and honesty within areas of our Government, and any other organisation that has made a conscious decision to get involved with these attack bloggers for political or financial gain. You lie down with dogs you get fleas, and now there needs to be some intensive fumigation.

  2. We have all known that there was something very, very wrong with the way this govt does business and now we know. So now, we need answers to our questions and not only that, we deserve answers to our questions. They have made a mockery of our political system, they have laughed and smirked and denied, when asked serious questions about their actions. They have given us faked figures and have outright lied about issues that are important to us. We have been treated with contempt by these disgusting excuses for ministers. The MSM need to answer some hard questions too, even this morning they are playing this down as much as possible and defending Kee and pointing out, ” the opposition does this too”. No, they do not. When do we, the ppl, get heard?

  3. Oh dear – Nine to Noon ‘brain fade’ from Matthew Hooten…time to open the John Key Can’tmemorial Dementia Hospital.

    • @BROWN UNDER – yes I hope so.

      I’m sure with Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald exposing Key’s suspect involvement in the international spy network, at the meeting with Kim Dotcom on 15 September, the PM will be under heavy fire.

      Getting closer to National’s implosion on itself!

  4. It’s not “f* off, you’re dead to me” it’s “lie low for a while mate, I’ll be in touch again when this has all died down, love ya”

  5. Hey whoa, what, hang on just a second!

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I can’t resist a good spoiler. What is the connection with Duncan Garner and brothels? Spill! Spill! Spill!

    • If I understand correctly (I live abroad, so have no access to the book at this point, and can only piece together the articles and comments I read from here) many right leaning commenters or politicians view Garner as “Labour friendly.” Therefore, Slater or his cohorts try to find dirt on him as well as left mp’s and/or party members / affiliates.

      • Which is funny, because whenever I give in to temptation and listen to his radiolive show, I come away ready to punch myself in the dick at his populist twattery.

        I’m wondering whether they had a tip that Garner was using brothels, because I am tempted to give in to temptation and listen to him today. I caught some comment yesterday and much like Sean Plunket, and the pair of them seemed firmly focused on proving that if the dirt on Key comes from hacking, then they can pretend it doesn’t matter.

        If Garner has found out in the meantime that they’ve been reporting on his cruising activities, then I’d be interested to see if this results in a change of tack.

        • Who cares if Garner uses brothels? Or are we talking about evidence pre-sex worker law reform?

          btw, Dirty Politics is on Amazon for kindle.

  6. Please tell me where is the equivilent radio/tv left leaning station that can so blantantly influence people’s opinions with their own views and absolute slander as Radio Live, Seven sharp and Paul Henry. I am so sick of these people having free reign to influence people’s opinions with their ill informed rubbish!.

  7. Well, if this really is “politics as usual”, then politics is fucked and it’s time to tear it down and start again.

  8. You kind of expect such behaviour from a troll like Slater, but it is very telling to hear National Minister Steven Joyce defending it as normal politics. Well, Mr Joyce if you think this is normal New Zealand politics or should be normal, then you have a very warped sense of what New Zealanders demand of their political leaders and I hope you and your cronies pay dearly for your contempt of Kiwi values on September 20.

    • I wrote to Mr Joyce telling him the age restrictions on post-grad study further reduce options for those trying to retrain after (second or even third) redundancy and he had the grace or face to tell me New Zealand has the best education system in the world. Cool, eh?

  9. Can you believe that RNZ used Pete George as an impartial judge on blogs?!
    Of course he said that all blogs were the same and that Farrar was open about his connections.
    Just listen the next time Farrar’s on the Panel. His central role in the Nats political game is not mentioned.
    That’s a new low for Checkpoint.

  10. I would be surprised if all of the ‘hacked’ information is in this book. My guess is that Hager knows how dangerous Key is with his new GCSB laws and his mate running it. I suggest he knows exactly why Greenwald is coming in September and he has enough ammunition left to make sure that this is the end of Key’s career.

  11. Sadly we know that this is going on , and tis Key driven government are just American Suck ups, that are using those kind of dirty tricks in our own country now BUT…. I’m sorry we are apathetic as a nation, more worried about the next Blue’s game and the brand of beer were drinking ins read of giving a fuck and getting of our asses to do something, especially when it comes to vote. We voted these bastards in, we need to Vote them out. will we???? will we really???? some of us will try, some of us will just grunt and then ask the channel for the next super 15 game, then moan about it all again on monday after the election. Wake up New Zealand, you can change this, if you can be fucking arsed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOHN KEY IS FUCKING US OVER, he learned his skills in the US of A, not some state house. so waken up and do something about it FFS !!!!! this is you opportunity , this is not conspiracy theory shit, this is real though will try to deny it, this is real….. pass another steiny will ya…. arghghghghghghg

  12. What strikes hard with me, is the flippant and regular use of the “Nazi” label by the right lately … over the fact that somebody owns a particular book, or for a group which congregates to voice their anger. I’m not normally one to make such comparisons but when vilification and hatred toward an identifiable group is being actively and deliberately fomented to the point of wanting them dead, we no longer have a tenuous resemblance to Nazism … we have a re-enactment of it.

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