Kumeu Political Panel – Marama Davidson Speech at Helensville Electorate meeting



Seven generations.
We must plan ahead for at least seven generations.

These are the words of my ancestors, my tupuna. I was reminded of these words yesterday by a man I met on the campaign trail. I asked him if I could quote him for my speech here tonight. He replied; they aren’t my words. They are your words. From your tupuna.

What will our words be – to OUR descendants. Seven generations from now.

Will they have embraced how to share better? Will they have embraced how to care better? Both for their natural world and for each other. And will they be reaping the benefits of a smarter economy that we could plant the seeds for today.

Dr Kennedy Graham has run through it already. The Green Party has the immediate steps, the longer solutions and the proven stability to build an Aotearoa fit for our children NOW. Practical steps for our children now. Visions for our seventh generation children tomorrow. And a strong united caucus. We are a leading growing force. Like our policies, we are growing a party that is sustainable and will last the political distance. We are here for the long term.

My name is Marama Davidson. I am the Green Party candidate for Tamaki Makaurau, and for tonight I am our Tai Tokerau spokesperson. I am also number 15 on our list and am seeking mandate to enter Parliament through your party vote.  I am standing for the Green Party because women need more compassionate and informed representation. I’m standing for the Green Party because my puku says it is not good enough when children are left behind. I’m standing for the Green Party because I have seen what works when communities are well supported and self-determining.

I am committed to staying in touch with the struggles and the celebrations of ordinary New Zealanders. The mum who is doing her absolute best to build a better life for her children, if only the constant blocks would get out of her way for a bit. The grandfather raising his mokopuna and having to combat generations of struggle in that grandchild. The families who are being helped by grassroots, community driven action. And who have best practice to share but also support to ask for.
I believe our common ground for protecting each other and our planet is a large area. The Greens are the crowd who are in there helping to transform our collective walk.  Party Vote Green for a smarter, fairer and cleaner NZ. Party Vote Green because we are fit to govern. And Party Vote Green for our seventh generation mokopuna.

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  1. Kia ora Adam. I appreciate your support and confidence regardless. I will keep working on the Party Vote as best I can with others who might be open to it 🙂

  2. Marama, thank you for all your hard work and dedication – your cause is a noble one, and a vital one for the future of our country and all her Citizens. Especially to those in need and those less fortunate in life, it is reassuring to know we [ the People ] have you & the Greens on our side.

    I am eternally grateful to you, for your selfless deeds, for giving a shit about humanity & the environment, for allowing voters to have a credible and trustworthy choice this coming election!

    Peace & much respect from a long time fan,


    • Kia ora Vaughan
      I am simply inspired by the hard work and dedication of leaders in our communities at the ground level – who genuinely love their neighbourhood/marae/hapu whatever it may be. And who live their lives nuruting it. If I can use my platform to support them, that is a my small contribution.
      Thank you for your kind comments.

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