State propaganda on TVNZ – pssst, just don’t mention the war! Er, Election!





TVNZ’s Breakfast on 12 August, went from it’s scurrilous mis-reporting of the effigy burning, to sheer, naked propaganda. This time, Key put on a performance as a typical all-blokey cook-in-the-kitchen.

The programme host, Jeanette Thomas, opened with this statement – in-between eye-lash fluttering and schoolgirl giggling;

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“We’re cooking with the Prime Minister, John Key. And this is alllll about getting to know yooou, and all the stuff that you do kinda behind the scenes, ’cause we’re not allowed to talk politics today…*giggle, giggle*”



TVNZ - Breakfast - cooking


Yeah, yeah, giggle, giggle, flirt…

However, one sharp-eyed viewer made this comment on his facebook page soon after the show was over;


TVNZ - Breakfast - cooking- facebook - hugh fletcher


Not quite the ordinary, blokey “man-of-the-people” after all, eh?

Question is, will TVNZ’s ‘apolitical’ Breakfast show allow equal time to Labour leader David Cunliffe? And will it be hosted by ‘impartial’ host, Rawdon Christie…?

Which brings us back to this slightly-more-serious-matter…

11 August – TVNZ Breakfast Show:

Note the  Breakfast host’s chatty “interview” between Rawdon Christie and Dear Leader John Key. Rawdon is all smiles and let’s Key speak without interuption;


TVNZ - Breakfast - kim dotcom - video - effigy - john key - burning - 2014 elections


12 August – TVNZ Breakfast Show:

The following day, TVNZ allowed Internet Party, Laila Harré, to respond. Note the combative/defensive stance  by host, Rawdon Christie;


TVNZ - Breakfast - laila harre


Laila’s “right of reply” included at least thirteen interruptions as Christie spoke over his guest within a five minute period.

It was left to the State broadcaster’s competitor, TV3, to publish a ‘retraction’ by John Key,


John Key admits effigy video not linked to Internet Mana


No apology from  Key, of course. Dear Leader does not ‘do’ apologies – unless it is “serious”.

It appears that media can broadcast or publish any old garbage with minimal recourse. Even when the target of a deliberate smear is given an opportunity to correct misinformation, the broadcaster’s representative will fight tooth and nail to justify their own misconduct.

We’ve seen it with the NZ Herald and the Donghua Liu Affair.

Interesting though that when Rawdon Christie first interviewed Key on this issue, on 11 August, he said,

“Another stunt, which may cause you slightly more concern, and that is on Cameron Slater’s WhaleOil site, recently…”

It should come as no surprise that Key and Christie were more than willing to taken the blogger’s story at face value;


PM hints tip-off came from Cameron Slater


As Claire Trevett wrote in February this year,

[Key]...would not confirm it was Mr Slater, but said he did speak to Mr Slater “every so often,” and had called him earlier this week during which they briefly discussed Kim Dotcom. He said that did not mean he agreed with everything Mr Slater wrote on his blog. “I speak to lots of blogsters [sic].”

Such is the unholy relationship between the National Party and far-right, sleaze merchant, Cameron Slater – along with media connivance for an “easy story”.

Though this time I suspect Key and TVNZ may have ended up with some egg on their faces.

Anyone for some fried eggs’n’effigies?




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john key is scared of your vote

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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  1. The godKey appeared on a TV fishing show just prior to the last election, treated royally and no sign of any other party leaders on that boat–me hearties.

    Just replied to Weepu’s Beard on another post, he had questioned the Electoral Commission on the ’New All Black Captain” Rugby News Key cover and guess what–an exemption under the Act just happens to apply to regularly published periodicals!

    It is not paranoia that makes many think the msm is out to get the left it is firmly based in ‘gotcha’ dirty tricks and bias stimulated by the corporate owners.

  2. I have to say @ Frank . You’re a brave fellow , to try and stomack TV One first thing in the morning . I can’t do it . I just get outraged , I frighten my dog and alarm my bogan neighbours with my swearing , rantings and threats at the TV . I bellow like a bull with a clamp on its testicles as those two bland-on like plastic sofas who’ve found their voices . rawdon christie ? Isn’t he just a wheedling little pom ? A smarmy Golem in a suit . And then of course there’s the blank , Stepford Wife clone . The blond Idiocrat . No disrespect to blond people or idiots . ) I loved it once when I saw her by accident where she was trying to force out the look of the worried intelecshul . I’m sure she went cross eyed , she looked as if she pooped herself . Her faux concern was smothered by her thinking of her six figure salary as they fought for elbow space in the small , windowless room that is her brain . ( I hope she dosen’t read this , I mean her no harm and I’m sure she’s a lovely person and bright to boot but honestly , she must leave TV one and become a cage fighter or something . )

    • Countryboy – thank the gods I’m not drinking coffee when I read your stuff. I’d be spraying it all over the monitor and keyboard, with laughter…

      Truth to tell, I rarely watch morning TV, either on TV3 or state TV (as a Libertarian/Left friend of mine calls it). It’s too puerile and too kiss-arse for the reigning PM.

      I’m definitely a ‘Morning Report’ Man.

      I do, however, look at items that come to my attention, and Christie’s behaviour was being screamed all over the place.

      Comparing his interviews between Key and Laila Harré, the difference in style was crystal clear; deference to Dear Leader; aggressive interviewing to Laila.

      Viewed end-to-end, Christie’s love affair with Key and hostility to Laila made it a joke. Any suggestion of impartiality was blown to bits.

      I haven’t seen “interviews” like that since my brief sojourn in Eastern Europe in the 1970s and ’80s.

      “Breakfast’s” producers might try to excuse Christie’s soft interviews with Key by saying that it is not the intentional style of Morning TV to be confrontational.

      Yet, Christie’s interview with Laila was precisely that; confrontational.

      Media bias in this country is getting worse.

  3. Did he really call bloggers blogsters? that’s as bad as the US Senator (who had oversight of internet issues) calling the internet “the internets”. I think that’s what started this whole interweb, intertubes, internets thing off.

    So Frank, you’re officially a blogster now, the PM said so.

  4. In hindsight its not before time that someone quite rightly and matter of factly threw Keys bullshit allegations back at TVNZ as Harre did!

    It made a real difference from David Cunliffe’s apparent lack of fight every time Key casts spurious allegations or kicks off smear campaigns against him.

    10 out 10 to Harre!

    A revolting one way street with public TV all nicely tailored for John Key at this time.

  5. A few things are becoming crystal clear. One, the realisation is dawning on the nats and their supporters are just how much they have underestimated the depth of anti-national government feeling in previously silent groups of the population, eg, young people, and how Internet-Mana is tapping into that. Two, the Nats and their allies, and sycophants in the media are increasingly startled as the initial pangs of alarm visibly escalate into full scale panic. Hence the banning of the brilliant Planet Key song, the foaming at the mouth at the “FJK” video, the “internet Party burned my effigy” accusation, and outrage at the defacing of billboards campaign. Three, Labour is playing a long game, having taken some big hits in the polls and in whatever shit the msm can make up, but have steadily released some quality, well thought out policy, and Cunliffe has kept his nerve and is looking more and more like a Prime Minister in waiting. Who would have written this script three months ago? Game on!

  6. Re Laila Harre on “Breakfast”; I have never watched it but tuned in to see Laila. I did not know the interviewer but it only took a couple of minutes for me to want to throw my oaties at the telly. he was, as you say, rude and hostile, interrupting constantly. Laila was superb.

  7. Media catering to the privileged

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Patrick O’Dea, Mana Party candidate for Epsom
    To: Q+A
    Subject: Why was Mana excluded from Epsom Debate?

    Why was the Mana Epsom candidate not invited to be included in the Q&A Epsom candidates’ debate?

    When Christine Rankin who does not represent a parliamentary party was included?

    When discussion of treaty rights and so called Maori privilege was one of the topics of discussion?

    Hi Pat,

    We made our final decision using our Q+A Colmar Brunton poll

    We chose the top five candidates.

    Kind regards,

    Claire Silvester

    Producer | Q+A

    Epsom is the smallest electorate in the country,

    Epsom is the whitest electorate in the country, (only 3.8% of the population of Epsom are Maori compared 17% nationally)

    Epsom is the richest electorate in the country, (over half the population earn over 100,000 per year, and many much more).

    So explain to me, why does the richest whitest electorate get its own nationwide televised candidates debate?

    Why do we never see a televised candidates debate from Otara?

    Why do the the tiny group of rich and powerful voters of Epsom get to have their needs views pandered to more than any other group of voters in the country?

    And why is criteria chosen to exclude a candidate standing in this electorate from a party championing the rights of the least well off in our society?

    Are we to understand from this, that the preoccupations and views of our wealthiest citizens, grouped in our wealthiest electorate, are of more import and concern to the media than everyone else?

    The results seem to say yes, with the collective privileged and wealthy of Epsom having more say in the make up of our next government than any other group of voters.

    What ever this is, it is not democracy.

  8. I don’t think it was Cameron Slater who spied Winston Peters at the mansion. I thihk it was the SIS. They would have been doing continual surveilance of Kim Dotcom home, whereas I can’t see Slater sitting outside it at all times of the day and night.

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