F***ing John Key: How Kim Dotcom and Internet-Mana transformed the Right into their best recruiters.



ARE YOU READY FOR A REVOLUTION? When was the last time anybody asked a crowd of young New Zealanders that question? Seriously? When was the last time a political party, with a reasonable chance of putting at least five people into Parliament, had five candidates for whom the idea of participating in a revolution wasn’t utterly abhorrent?

Honestly? The last time such a thing happened was nearly 100 years ago, when Peter Fraser openly admitted that, were he in Russia, he would be a Bolshevik; and when Labour’s first parliamentary leader, Harry Holland, in his maiden speech, informed the New Zealand Parliament that:

“We of the Labour Party come to endeavour to effect a change of classes at the fountain of power. We come proclaiming boldly and fearlessly the Socialist objective of the Labour movement throughout New Zealand; and we make no secret of the fact that we seek to rebuild society on a basis in which work and not wealth will be the measure of a man’s worth.

“We do not seek to make a class war. You cannot make that which is already in existence. We recognise that the antagonisms which divide society into classes are economically foundationed,  and we are going, if we can, to end the class war by ending the causes of class warfare.”

Both Peter Fraser and Harry Holland were former members of the militant trade union organisation known as the “Red Feds” (The New Zealand Federation of Labour) and were well versed in the ways of inspiring their mostly young audiences. Being good Edwardians, they would have shied away from the public use of Anglo-Saxon expletives but, as good Socialists, they would not have hesitated to state in 3,000 impassioned words what a boisterous crowd of Canterbury students this week condensed into just three. Confronted with this government’s and this prime minister’s record, the essence of Peter Fraser’s and Harry Holland’s message would also have been: “Fuck John Key!”

The young advisers to the Internet-Mana Party, at whose urging the in/famous FJK clip was posted on YouTube (21,665 hits and counting) knew what they were doing. Quite apart from accurately anticipating the reaction of their peers, they also hazarded a shrewd guess as to how the “offensive” clip would be received by the political and media guardians of the status-quo.

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And they have not been disappointed. Almost to a person, the conservative commentariat has condemned Internet-Mana in the most extravagant terms. PR maven and political commentator, Matthew Hooton, tweeted that the clip contained images reminiscent of a Munich beer-hall circa 1920, thereby setting in motion a Kim-Dotcom-as-Adolf-Hitler meme that within hours would infect huge chunks of the mainstream media. Curiously, very few media commentators appeared to consider how gratefully such criticism might be received by a movement whose primary objective is to be seen as the antithesis of everything old and well-behaved and conventional and boring.

The over-riding goal of Internet-Mana is to be branded as dangerous and transgressive. The Powers-That-Be have co-operated splendidly.

Then again, they may have had no choice. The internal polling of the major political parties may well be detecting the invisible effects of what the visible manifestations of Internet-Mana’s efforts are signalling. The packed halls and enthusiastic chanting of the hundreds of young people who have turned out for the party’s public meetings may simply be the tip of a vast iceberg of political re/engagement on the part of those who usually keep well away from the electoral fray. The pool of voters may be expanding; bringing into play for the first time since 2005 the marginalised, the disillusioned, and – most alarmingly for the forces of the Right – the angry and aggrieved. The sort of people who need very little excuse to begin chanting – “Fuck John Key!”

This is the stuff of nightmares for the Right. Rising participation in the electoral process has always spelled doom for conservative administrations. John Key’s best-case scenario has always been one of mass political somnambulance: in which hundreds of thousands of voters, convinced by the pollsters and their journalistic interpreters that the election was already won, would march, zombielike, into the polling-booths and make the media’s prophecies come true. Kim Dotcom’s unparalleled ability to disturb and disrupt has put this fantastical scenario to the sword. Even worse (from John Key’s perspective) the political spell he has cast cannot now be recalled.

Even were all the rumours of dark secrets soon to be revealed proved correct, the effect of their release would likely be very different from that anticipated by their purveyors. The Establishment, in its hysterical reaction to the FJK clip, has already demonstrated a willingness to do almost anything to upend Internet-Mana’s campaign. Even the most scurrilous revelations will now be received by the insurgent party’s target audience as yet further proof of the extraordinary lengths to which the Powers-That-Be will go to bring Dotcom down.

The optimum strategy to derail Dotcom was always to completely ignore him. But even that option is now denied his enemies. In his Auckland Town Hall meeting of the 15 SeptemberDotcom has laid a trap which the National Government cannot escape. If it attempts to persuade the news media to stay away from the meeting and/or wilfully misrepresent its significance, Dotcom’s case will be made against Key with a force equal to or greater than any evidence he may, with Glenn Greenwald’s internationally visible assistance, produce.

Like Brer Fox and his Tar Baby, Kim Dotcom has, in Internet-Mana, created an object which the Prime Minister and his allies simply could not resist. In his version of the story, however, there will be no Briar Patch into which the Prime Minister can, like Brer Rabbit in “Uncle Remus’s” famous tale, be conveniently thrown and thus escape his fate. If all goes according to Dotcom’s plan, the refrain upon which this story ends will not be “Born and bred in the Briar Patch, Brer Fox! Born and bred in the Briar Patch!” but “Fuck-John-Key! Fuck-John-Key! Fuck-John-Key!”


  1. Excellent! It has been a very long time coming, but I sense that it might be “pay back time”!

    Pay back time for 1951, and for 1981, and for the disgusting BETRAYALS of 1984-90, and for Ruthenasia and Shonkeyism, and all of the other permutations of Toryism, blended with neoliberalist voodoo economics!

    Bring it on!!!!

  2. I am LOVING it ! What a bunch of soft Tory cry babies.

    He and his rich mates have spent the last 6 years fucking us all over, fucking the environment, the Unions, the poor, and even the law, and he get’s all precious when a bunch of kids call him out…bless him!

    Somehow I don’t think he’s going to enjoy the Candidates meeting at Kumeu on Monday night, when he actually has to face the public for the first time.

    It’s not going to be like a walk amongst his wealthy disciples at Matakana market that he’s so comfortable with.

    What goes around ALWAYS comes around !

    It will be so great to see him on the back foot 🙂


  3. Hi,

    This is a geniune question. I have decided to find out about Internet party policy. I have googled them and got a website with candidates and a policy incubator, but other the policy about accessing the internet and GCSB, I can’t find anything. Can anyone help me out?


  4. I’m pretty sure the chanting was during a hip hop concert or similar and that’s what contributed to the demographic of the turnout. Reading into that, that young people have suddenly become politically motivated and a real political force is naive at best. The reality is come election day I doubt many of those chanting will feel the same motivation to trek to a polling booth, patiently wait in line and then cast a vote that they perceive as meaningless.

    • What you / we have to realise is that up to this point,..our youth have not felt that there was an avenue of expression…the setting at the venue was convivial to them…safe, in good fun…
      – and the mere fact of being part of that memorable night ,coupled with the now viral state of the video clip ……means that they can look back on it and claim it as their own.

      It is this fact that will give a sense of political motivation. And most certainly will stimulate political discussion.

      Not only that , ..there is a certain sense of pride in being the ones (the disparaged youth vote ) who have now encapsulated and coined this elections new political slogan and catch cry …..

      FJK !! FJK !! FJK !! FJK !!

    • TEATATUTIM, although you are correct, you are wasting your time pointing this out on this article; look at the comments, people actually believe this is symptomatic of a revolutionary uprising. As a current undergrad, I have political discussions all the time with my peers. Noone I know, or know of is even contemplating Internet-Mana.
      All the TrendyLefty/Che Guevara/F*ckJohnKey types (take your pick) are voting Greens or Labour.

      The kids chanting were liquored up and there for a subsidised party. At one point Kim Dotcom, having spent thousands on the event incited the chant which some went along with. Big. Deal.

      • “All the TrendyLefty/Che Guevara/F*ckJohnKey types (take your pick) are voting Greens or Labour.”

        I seriously doubt that.

        Were it true, certain Labour MPs would not be frothing at the mouth denouncing Mana-Internet – with one Labour MP going so far as to invoke the ‘Cult of Key’ by demanding respect for the Prime Minister!! I kid you not; http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/nz-politics-gets-dirty-in-lead-up-election-6050669

        What has shocked the conservative political/media establishment is that public sentiment is now coming to the fore – and the Right can’t handle it.

        They’ve never witnessed such public antipathy to their Dear Leader (#teamkey).

        It’s a shock to their system.

        My own view? What took the kids so long?

        Anyway, it’s nothing new under the sun. The 1970s were practically synonymous with “f**k piggy muldoon”.

        Baby boomers like Claire Robinson should get of her pedestal and remember she was young once (?). Stop being your parents.

        And people like Matthew Hooten should keep doing what he’s doing; promoting Mana-Internet. Good onya, mate.

        As for certain Labour MPs – you guys are in the wrong party. Your time will come as your membership take note of your behaviour.

        • “I seriously doubt that.” OK then, 99% of them. Fixed.

          I don’t think Labour, the very party emphasising a positive campaign, demanding respect for the PM is a sign of fear of IM. They were never really buddies to begin with. Goff and Hipkins were particularly anti-IM from what I recall.

          I think you have a point about the media’s reaction; this stuff certainly isn’t run-of-the-mill, but give it a few days and, like the CWG, nobody is going to give a toss.

          As for the ‘Right can’t handle it’, well actually they can. The overwhelming majority of right-leaning people aren’t going to be losing any sleep over this, as much as Chris Trotter might like them to.

          • I think you are overestimating Labour’s popularity with the youth. Greens get some traction with the ‘TrendyLefty/Che Guevara/F*ckJohnKey types’, but IMP do too.
            Mana has had a strong following with the young activists and those who are politically aware – heard of Fightback?.
            The Internet Party attract a different crowd, but youth non the less.
            Labour have a minor following with the youth. Students aren’t stupid, they study policy and know that Labour has helped put the two latest generations into debt just for an education. Labour on campuses are pitiful in comparison to National and Greens. Labour have some serious issues going on – they’ve screwed the younger generations and offered them the same as National.
            Bastiat, you’re way out of touch…

            • Actually I fully agree that the Greens have a more powerful presence on campus than Labour.

              That is precisely why I stated “Greens or Labour” in that order.

              However, as far as the student vote goes, Internet-Mana are not gaining as much traction as this article implies (I’m an undergrad, for those who didn’t read my first post). As for the wider ‘youth’ vote, they might be gaining some votes. I guess we will find out soon enough

      • Big deal ,son?…I was earning more when I was 18-20 years of age doing construction work out in the bush for the then ARA than I ever have since the neo liberals – under Douglas- took power. Since then Ive worked for as low as $8 ,$10 and $12 per hour..currently at $15 at age 51- Ive been self employed and employed 6 people , had a lifestyle block, been there, and done that- and I feel with that sort of life experience Im quite qualified to point out the triteness of your comments.

        Im one of those people who you could say have lived a life and seen alot of action – this aint no bullshit Che Geuvara – style – wannabe revolutionists club – this is a protest about 30 years of fuckin bullshit neo liberalism , ya twerp!!

        Try getting out in the real world and applying all that academic brainfood you got a student loan for, – and while your at it- try getting out of that circle of friends for a bit- go have a convo with some low paid cleaners and see the long bloody hours they have to work that wont even feed, clothe their families or pay the rent.

          • I’m loving your comments WK. You are really into it and good for you too.

            I’ve noticed today the NZH has heaps of comments re FJK. Not usual for the Herald, so I guess Kim Dotcom has awakened a sleeping, seething passion in Kiwis and it’s beginning to rise and make a noise.

            FJK has undoubtedly become the catchphrase of this election and FJK has brought it on himself! The maker of his own downfall!

            Yep FJK and everyone else who clings to him, politically or otherwise.

        • Interesting response WILD KATIPO.

          We were discussing the (ir)relevance of Internet-Mana after I’d explained that bugger all students are voting for them and you tell me your life story.

          To re-iterate: this is all a sideshow, despite Chris Trotter’s crossed fingers. It has nothing to do with Rogernomics. Kidding yourself into believing IM have got students on their side or, worse, assuming that they are actually going to be able to make positive change isn’t going to help the very real problems of society that you rightly point out.

          • Well sometimes people such as yourself need a few real life examples to have it explained to them…sadly , as, I would take it…you were a child when Douglas forced his neo liberalism on us…Watch Ian Frasers ‘FORTRESS NZ ‘ for a history lesson , please.

            Its called anecdotal history…from someone who was there. They run history courses at Uni to educate people like yourself about it.

            – As has been said – this isnt just about IMP, Labour or Greens popularity , ….this is about the destructive influence of NEO LIBERAL policies- no matter what political stripes it comes painted in.

            It is THAT ….that people are reacting to. The FJK slogan is merely an encapsulation of that sentiment.

            All the rest that your alluding to are simply labels…and, like many others , you fail to determine why the IMP came into existence……it wasnt all about KDC , ….it was the preexistence of economic /social conditions that have influenced large scale public dissent.

            And if you were honest, and looked back on the last 6 years …and critically analysed the lies and deceit from National and co…you would have to agree…..its not looking good for the Right…AND THEY KNOW IT.

  5. Very good summary Chris.

    How sickening to watch Clayton Cosgrove waffling on about the shame of our NZ Prime Minster being told to F… Off.

    I believe this is the best message that he has ever received – and he can take the rest of his dishonest cronies with him.

    If any of the Labour ABC’s wish to join them, they will not be missed.

    This election is all about the People of NZ – there will be changes.

    • 30 YEARS of spoilt brat elitism , deconstruction of all Kiwis have built up before that, murder of our national soveriegnty with selling off our S.O.E’s….and dirty deals with TTPA and TSA………

      These pricks have got it coming….

      There will come a time when the very mention of the words ‘neo liberalism’ will be a dirty word akin to Nazism in this country . Garaunteed.


    • Sometimes, someone, or what they represent, is so odious and loathsome, so destructive to everything that fair-minded people cherish, and so disingenuous in their defense of their own appalling behaviour, that the only rational response is… FUCK OFF.

      Given his track record, I think Dear Leader is getting off lightly.


  6. It made me want to vote Internet Mana.
    Just like putting and adult advisory warning label Explicit Lyrics on an album. Like Eminem or the Dead Kennedys.

    Could only make them more appealing.
    Just shows John Key is not More Popular Than Jesus.

  7. The number of calls from John Key for Dotcom to release his evidence and for David Cunliffe to re-state, and re-state his position on IMP are deafening. The Government seems totally unprepared and desperate for information.

  8. How anyone could be sucked in by this bloated buffon beats me. Nothing less than a criminal. Deport the trash.

  9. A most entertaining side to the gathering in Auckland is how the frightened right have thrown in all the stuff about Nazis and Hitler. The same people no doubt who got all frenzied when a school principal likened the approach of Anne Tolley to that of Hitler.

    Funny how they want freedom. The freedom to tell us what comparisons to use. The freedom to even have ownership of the language.

    • INDEED NOT !!!!!!….we , …do not want , need , or desire anyone , ANYONE , to be harmed .This is not what this is all about .

      This is demonstrating that in the land of New Zealand , we can do things in the way we always have – practical , commonsense – and by giving ALL a fair go .

      And we can be proud of that tradition .Very proud of it.

  10. I could do no better than to post this to remind us :

    Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’, 1964

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    • I find it really hard to listen to that song these days. It’s just so sad!
      The Revolution happened all right. Unfortunately it was a revolution from the above, and continues to be so to this very day. The day is not far distant, when the entire planet, and its people, will be owned by a tiny, non-productive global ‘nobility’ of a few hundreds of people. The rest of us, all of us, will be owned, along with the planet’s resources, means of production, ideas, thoughts… everything. Being owned, we can and will be disposed of as the owners see fit.

      This ain’t Nazism, it’s just plain… nasty.

      • Assuming you’re correct are you/we going to meekly lie down or have a bit of fun along the way?

        • Hmmm, Bob Dylan was never the real thing: Townshends lyrics from Wont Get Fooled Again are more prophetic and cynically realistic…”Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”

  11. Yes, …and in the totally eloquent vernacular , demonstrated so aptly and succinctly with the most dexterous of phraseology from our wonderful young people……..

    FUCK JOHN KEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @ Peter Archer . I couldn’t have said it better .
    A couple of concerns I have however is that those bastards you speak of will get away with our stuff , money and the lives of people wasted for their profits without a scratch . If there’s to be a revolution , there must also be an inquiry in its wake . The neo liberal scum must be held accountable .
    Banksey , the street artist said ” There are only four really important things in life . Food , sex , sleep and vengeance ”
    Fantastic Post Chris Trotter . I bet you enjoyed writing it .

    But why am I still feeling a chill ? A taint of doubt ? A sense of a kind of double , double , double cross ? What is it about the very rich , particularly the flamboyant , nouveau riche that makes , indeed demands that all my alarm bells clang like a sack of ( Old school metal ) hub caps dropped down a stair well ?

    Dotcom is a guy with a swindlers criminal record . He makes his money from on-selling the creative energy of artists . He’s enjoying the same cult like status that propelled jonky into the lime light and while we swooned at his omnipotence , he fucks us all over while hiding behind brain fades , lies and deflection . Dotcom’s presence onstage is one of confidence , practise and learning . He knows what he’s doing and he’s done it before . But is it as bad as I hope to fuck it isn’t ? And does it really matter , so long as jonky and his feak-show minions get kicked out in September ?
    Only time will tell by the looks of things .

    • For me, Dotcom isn”t the star of the show, Laila is. Do I trust Dotcom? Not as far as I could throw him. Do I trust Laila? With my life.

      Luckily, it isn’t Dotcom who’ll be in Parliament. Maybe he’ll get deported. Maybe not. I’m bitterly disappointed they didn’t hold the hearing in July, that would have cleared the decks.

    • The primary difference between FJK and Mr Dotcom is this :

      FJK supports the ongoing 30 year neo liberal division and spying on our population , endorsment of the enslavement of the working poor through policies that cumulate in the likes of the TTPA and TSA , crushing of unions , and murder of our national soveriegnty through the sell off of our public assets. In short …actions tantamount to treason.

      Mr Dotcom , IMP , Hone , and Laila are the exact oppersite of this.

      FJK !! FJK !! FJK !!

  13. @ Andy . Jesus ! You need to get out more . Have sex with something for Gods sake . You need a hug man .

  14. Revolutions, someone once said, are festivals of the oppressed. FJK, now that could be a name for a political party, or even a good band name.

    FJK is now immortal.

    When both the big old parties, National and Labour are condoning the murder of innocents, conducting normal relations with their murderers. alongside all their other crimes GCSB,TPPA, destruction of the environment

    FJK is a just expression of rightful anger


  15. I am going to Helensville.

    I’m not young, and I’m not a student, but I feel a spontaneous chant coming on.

  16. I am sad that you give all the “energy” to dotcom. Isn’t it more accurate to suggest that Mr Dotcom is reaping the benefits of a movement he has bought into. Before Dotcom’s revolution was Mana.

  17. Could some one please give me a list of the national governments main stuff ups scandals bloopers and bungles since they have been in power. I want to have a good arsenal when I talk to national voters

  18. For the past six years NZ has been in a very dark place, with Kiwis being subjected to subterfuge, lies, deceit and corruption. The worst aspect, being sold out – betrayal of a NZ permanent resident and his family; could be any one of us at any time – asset sales and the pending sovereignty breaking TPPA!

    It could be the IMP, just might be the light at the end of the tunnel, the brighter future ordinary Kiwis have been denied for so long during the Key reign. I hope so.

    This is obviously scaring the right, from National to the ABC faction in Labour and I include Kelvin Davis here. He has been set up by right wingers to bring down Hone Harawira, thereby preventing the emergence of the IMP in Parliament. Enough evidence the right in NZ are running scared!

    The winds of change are blowing now.

    “Are you ready for a revolution?” You bet. Bring it on and FJK!

  19. Unfortunately, ‘the empire’ knows how to crush revolutions because it has had plenty of practice. That is why we are in the mess we are in now.

    What the empire cannot do is alter the laws of maths, physics and chemistry; and they WILL bring down the empire

    • Bring back public hanging in the town square and march out the Beurocrats hat have plotted for 6 yrs.’ to destroy our lives and freedoms and then march all NATZ out and hang them afterwards Like the tale of two Cities, ours is tale of two criminal terms of corrupt Government that will end in a revolution. Bring it on .

  20. I can’t believe that no one’s calling out how racist it is to say ‘it was like Munich in the 1920s’?!! Let’s face it, it’s only because of Kim’s German accent that they’re likening it to Nazi-dom.

    It’s 2014, are there really still people around that as soon as hear a German accent think ‘Nazi’?

    • The people likening it to 1920s Munich actually have no idea what they are talking about. Chris would know more about this subject than all these half-brains put together.

  21. Perhaps the Mana/Internet alliance will be New Zealand’s version of the UK Independence Party – a party that has been built on discontent about the entire political system. That party was widely written off as just another short-term breakaway movement but now has members in the European parliament and hundreds of councillors around England. It is now threatening both Labour and the Conservatives in opinion polls. This party was a reaction to people feeling disengaged with the established parties. Internet, and to perhaps a lesser extent Mana, are similar in many ways. Remember how well the Alliance did in 1993 because people felt neglected by Labour and National. Internet/Mana may well pick up these voters this time. This is going to be a very hot election campaign, one gets the feeling that it hasn’t even got warm yet.

  22. It is not just young people who are seriously considering voting Internet-Mana. At 63 years, I have never voted National, and wouldn’t, even to win a bet. Voting consistently for Labour until 1987, the ‘policies’ of the 4th Administration sickened me into seeking out alternatives ever since. In 1990 it were the Greens, but then they joined the Alliance: a dumbass decision. But having joined they later got out: another dumbass decision that confirmed in my mind that the Greens had inherited the flakiness of the Old Values Party.

    At that, the votes I have consistently cast since 1972 have been as much to drive National out of office and keep them out, as a vote ‘for’ something. Any political party that considers itself the ‘natural party of government’ deserves never in this world to occupy the Treasury benches.

    The contemporary Labour Party is still in thrall to Neo-con class tyranny and Neo-Classical economic ‘policy’ advice, based upon ‘theory’ that ought long ago to have been discredited in any and all certified colleges and universities that carry an Economics faculty. I used to call So-Cred the ‘Poor Man’s National Party’. Now, Neo-con Labour has taken over that unenviable mantle, and seems too fond of the ‘fit’ ever to remove it from their shoulders. I will, however give Labour this much credit; they don’t seem quite so keen to game the MMP system as National and its pals in the Association of Crooks and Tax-dodgers, and the Anal-Retentive (Conservative) Parties…

    I won’t be voting Labour again any time soon. No: Internet-Mana will getting the nod from me: candidate and Party both. I’m not so much interested in their policy – that sort of thing is largely swamp-gas anyway, from any and all political parties or candidates. Rather, I am voting for the breath of fresh air wafting through the New Zealand political environment.

    Cheers, and have a cold one for me,

  23. How do you know if our government and their supporters have landed at the airport after a tax-payer funded junket and they feel the heat of the FJK saga? The whining continues after the engines have stopped!


  24. “The Establishment, in its hysterical reaction to the FJK clip, has already demonstrated a willingness to do almost anything to upend Internet-Mana’s campaign”.

    Old man Armstrong has already sneakily put out his disclaimer so that even if the revelations on Sept. 15 are massive he can still pretend there’s nothing to see here…

    “Foolishly, Dotcom has raised expectations to a level which is so high that falling short even by a small margin will result in him being torn apart by the media and becoming subject to ridicule.” – Armstrong – NZHerald July 19
    Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11295776

  25. FJK, no. I would rather not.
    What i would rather do to him is something I read out of a Bryce Courtney novel.
    After being tied up on the ground for several days and humiliated he then has a string tied around his cock with is severed and then put in his mouth and his lips sewn shut. He would then be encased in a fresh cow hide, again snugly sewn in with a hole cut out around his face so he can breathe (can’t be too cruel) he is the slowly steamed alive over the embers of the fire until tender.
    That would be just fine by me.

    • The legal system might have a few problems with your barbeque. All Key cares about is money. Take it off him and let him live out his life in poverty and disgrace as a warning to other neo-liberal crooks.

      • Yeah. Correct me if I’m wrong. I understand that Key made a lot of his bonuses while raiding the NZ dollar for his overlords, basically he raped the dollar to benefit his bosses of the day using his intimate knowledge of how NZ worked, that, while it may not legally be treason it is indeed treasonous and dastardly behaviour and he should be roasted for it.

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