In case you missed it – Labour are rolling out well thought out policy


If the Right Wing of the Labour Party can just stop going public with their hate for a Party whose main policy is to feed hungry kids in poor schools and tut tutting over students chanting ‘Fuck John Key’, it might allow for some news oxygen for Labour’s impressive roll out of policy this week…



– Labour is committed to a world free of nuclear weapons

– Labour has a proud record in opposing nuclear weapons: we sent frigates to oppose testing at Mururoa and passed the Nuclear-free law

– Labour will continue to work to rid the world of nuclear weapons

– We will reinstate the Cabinet position of Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control


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Youth Employment policy


– We are committing $183 million to a comprehensive Youth Employment Package designed to reach 24,000 young New Zealanders

– We’ll get young New Zealanders off the unemployment benefit and into apprenticeships by paying the equivalent of the dole to employers willing to offer a permanent full time job

– The Youth Employment Package is part of Labour’s comprehensive economic plan to create jobs, lift incomes and pay down National’s record debt,



Small Business policy


– Right now, too many small businesses are struggling and need a government more responsive to their needs,

– Small business are missing out on government procurement opportunities ~ Labour will increase their share going to small businesses by $300 million a year,

– We will also make tax compliance easier and tackle unnecessary red tape,

– This is part of Labour’s comprehensive economic plan to lift incomes, pay down National’s record debt and create jobs.


State Services


– Conduct a Royal Commission into the State Sector with a view to revisiting the principles underlying an effective state sector.

– Ensure that the public service core capacity is rebuilt to enable it to do the quality job it needs to do.

– Ensure that all core public servants are paid a Living Wage.

– Ensure that all organisations bidding for government service contracts are good employers paying fair wages and respecting the right of their employees to join a union and bargain collectively.

– Implement a plan to increase government procurement from New Zealand manufacturers by $200 million a year and from SMEs by $300 million a year.





– Labour will give more New Zealanders access to affordable doctor visits and invest more in primary healthcare,

– The current government has let the health budget fall in real terms; half a million Kiwis couldn’t afford to go to the doctor when they needed to last year,

– Labour will invest $60 million a year to give 2 million Kiwis access to low cost doctor visits and support public health NGOs,

– Labour is committed to affordable, accessible healthcare for all New Zealanders.





– Labour will clean up New Zealand’s rivers and lakes inside a generation,

– We will set standards for all rivers and lakes to be swimmable, fishable and suitable for food gathering,

– We will do this by improving regulatory safeguards and putting in place a resource rental on large water takes for irrigation, set at a fair and affordable price,

– It’s not a choice – with Labour’s approach New Zealand can have both a clean environment and a strong, vibrant economy.




Arts, Culture and Heritage


– Focus on building careers in the arts sector through a Creative Industries Apprenticeship Scheme, and by reinstating PACE,

– Reinstate the Artists in Schools Programme and establish a network of Children’s Art House,

– Continue to support the New Zealand film industry including reviewing incentives to ensure benefits to the domestic industry are maximised.






– Labour is committed to making ACC fair, comprehensive and affordable, and keeping it as a public asset

– National has manufactured a crisis around ACC as an excuse to cut coverage, raise levies, and ultimately privatise it

Labour will not sell ACC, we will make compensation fairer for people who are injured before they can start earning, and we’ll reduce levies as we can

– Labour has proudly defended ACC against National’s attacks; now, we’re going to rebuild it


This kind of real policy is the perfect lead into the Labour Party launch in Auckland on Sunday which I am very much looking forward to covering.

Now if only Labour’s ‘friends’ like the shrill scream of the Wellington left from Patrick Leyland, the boring hysteria of the Labour right  from Phil Quin and the tired stale old thinking of Lynn Prentice can focus on changing the Government rather than protecting their tiny fiefdoms, we might just kick Key out on September 20th. But let’s be clear, if Progressives do win this election, it will not be because of Lynn, Phil or Patrick.

With friends like these – who the fuck needs enemies?


  1. You have to go to David Cunliffe’s FB page or the NZ Labour Party FB or the # sites to hear ANY of the fantastic Labour announcements. The MSM are not covering them from any party but planetkey. Or reporting any of the Vote Positive initiatives. We get plenty of the conservatives or Act activities. Not one Labour or Green or I-M list member has been introduced to the public via the MSM. Meanwhile a rank old ex-bureaucrat conservative has been given the stage for the last 2 days. Biased??–Against good policy it seems. Stay on the net people.
    PS. Labour Party launch on Sunday, Aug. 8, 1:30, Auckland (waterfront) Events Center. Tickets online and free (not $5000 a pop).

  2. Chimpkins, Nash, Kunning Kelvin and the rest just need to keep their traps shut for a few weeks, (is that too much to ask?) and David Cunliffe needs to do well on TV and Labour can get over the line with solid achievers the Greens and new kid Internet Mana.

    I don’t even want to speculate on what might happen if Labour’s right wing cost this election.

  3. Labour has proudly defended ACC against National’s attacks; now, we’re going to rebuild it

    I do hope that means that they’re going to put it back as it was – as a pay-go model. In reality, only a pay-go model works.

  4. Labour have some good policies coming out. Glad to see they will actually give ACC a bit of a rark up – too late for many though.

    Time for David to show some dominant leadership skills by sorting out the riff-raff dissenters in his own party.

    If he wants to lead a country, first he must lead his own crew, and be capable of casting out the wrong-doers and those of ill-intent.

    If he can’t do this, then he can’t lead a country.

    I was staunch Labour – but now I don’t know if he will get one of my 2 votes yet or not – depends on whether he shows himself strong enough. Also, he will need to join in the political revolution! Modern-up considerably.

  5. Agreed DWNATS, it is frustrating as a voter in this country, that the media is totally one sided. They are neglecting their job of fairly showing New Zealanders what policies are on offer from each party.
    Thank goodness for the internet, but what happens when the powers that be, get their hands on that….

  6. All the people banging on about the internet and how great it is – with which I agree. And again I agree with labour, there is a digital divide. Why do you think our corporate/conservative press is going so hard? They know they are fubar if the left deal with this divide.

  7. Hmmmm…some nice wee goodies on the servery table…..but as said…if not gaurded , the spoilt brats of the Right just might sneak in when the adults are not looking and put salt in the sweet things and sugar on the more meaty issues.

    However..there has been quite a public affair with the FJK incident…and at every turn IMP seem to have effectively checked and taken the rough edges off any sabotage attempts so far.

    It would appear perhaps now is not the time to brag about being a neo liberal too loudly.

  8. Thanks Martyn, as you imply, blogs are the main source of information Vs gossip, for voters this Election. The silence from National is deafening apart from dog whistle policies on gangs and beneficiaries. The RMA reforms signal their proposed direction I guess, but other than this where are their policy announcements? What exactly are these sinister globalised pimps up to. I hope prospective voters are noting the yawning abyss that stands in for Nationals policy and will vote for the coalition that has NZs sovereignty at heart. Great policies and good to see Labour and Greens with very harmonious ideas. This could be our most stable and progressive coalition govt. ever.

  9. If I hear another Herald-reader say “oh but Labour don’t have any policies” I’m going to scream. They have been releasing so much policy – much more than National from what I can see – and yet it is not getting fair coverage in the right-wing propaganda machine that is our mainstream media.

    • Yes..perhaps I should clarify…these are exellent policies and I would dearly love to see these sorts of policies put in place. We are all sick and tired of the bleakness of the neo liberals – to the back teeth.

      I would like to see a strong coalition of the Left …to really nail down this victory.

      I will support IMP this election..I want to see them well established for the future, and also be able to give confidence and supply- in exchange for policies…. I also want to see Mr Dotcom stay here ….after what he’s been through..and the shoddy treatment dished out to him ..I take my hat off to him for his political involvement. Good on him.

      I would also like to see Labour shed its neo liberal elements…the ABC’S …and to firmly get back to its true ideaological roots.

      And also the Greens with their many people/.environment friendly policies…what a wonderful place this could be.

      And though it may be not so popular with some…Winston with his anti asset sales stance among other things …there is a real body of people who wish to see a return of New Zealands national soveriegnty amongst all these various folk..

      Its high time we took it all back.

      Its our country.

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