Hey Mr Key, how about using that friendship with Obama for some actual good and get him to phone Egypt over their disgusting sentence of Al-Jazeera journalists



What is the point Key being Obama’s best friend forever if Key can’t call on Obama to do the right thing? America co-sponsored the latest coup in Egypt and they have the behind the scenes muscle to force Eqypt to behave. Egypt’s latest coup was supposed to blossom a democratic state, the irony of course being that it was a coup against a democratically elected majority and Eqypt’s decision to sentence Al-Jazeera journalists to 7 years and 10 years imprisonment doesn’t herald democracy breaking out any time soon.

So Key should call Obama and impress upon him to make Egypt release the journalists, or is this friendship a spineless one-way kind of friendship? One where our PM acts as the President’s golf caddy while signing away our economic sovereignty with the TPPA?

What actual worth to NZ is this relationship if our PM is too frightened to tell the President of the United States that they need to intervene and do the right thing?


  1. Our Jonky disappears into ‘Merica , comes back to Nu Zild via Hawaii loaded to the gills with money and you expect him to give obama a telling off for doing nothing so far over the Egyptians senselessly sentencing the overtly anti jewish news organisation Aljazeera journalists to years in prison for doing their jobs ? Journalists who produce stuff like this ( http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/witness/2014/05/lab-20145475423526313.html )
    Seriously ?
    Jonky will find this as amusing as a skin head gang might while watching a brawl between the mongrel mob and black power .

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