Interference in the Kim Dotcom case?



One of the worst lies being perpetrated by the mainstream media and Government mouthpieces is that Kim Dotcom has funded a political party to interfere in his extradition case.

The sheer double standards being applied  in this lie are remarkable because from the very first day, this Government have interfered with the Kim Dotcom case. The Campbell Live timeline establishes the process with which this interference has taken place and we now wait on the Snowden revelations and KDCs own evidence to fill in the details.

On top of the unseen political interference, we now have public statements by senior members of the Government cheerleading their lawyers into ‘nailing’ Kim Dotcom…

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.41.14 am

how is what Bill English is saying here not interfering in the judicial process? Publicly hoping his Government’s lawyers nail someone before the court case has even been heard? How is that double standard allowed to go unchallenged by the mainstream media? Is English putting pressure on the prosecution the way Maurice Williamson tried to heavy the NZ Police into protecting one of National’s donors?

So let’s just get this straight in terms of the mainstream media narrative here,  when the National Party instigates interference, it is not interference. When Opposition Parties question the level of National Party interference, THAT IS political interference.


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  1. I don’t think our judicary is that dishonest in NZ that they would let a political party interfere in the judicial process. It is a similar situation with John Banks the judicary will look at all the facts and make an honest upright decision?

    However over history politicans have had a say in the judicial process here in NZ, Judith Collins poking her nose in the David Bain Review by the Canadian Judge Binnie would have to be one of the classics.

  2. I think the outcome of the John Banks case will be a useful litmus test as to how free of political interference the NZ judiciary really is.
    I suggest that if JB gets of scott free then it is clear to all independent thinkers that we no longer have a free and politically unbiased judiciary.
    If he get a jail sentence (even if it is subsequently suspended) then it is probably fair to say that it is still free from sizable political interference.
    The grey area in-between will give you an indication of how effective the obvious desire by any Government to have influence, has been successful, under this present Government.

  3. This is not political interference in the judiciary. This is simply a politiican making a nagative comment about an opponent. Kim Dotcom has decided to enter the political sphere, As such he should expect to be the target of these sorts of attacks.

      • Where are Labour and the Greens on this subject then? Political interference in the judiciary is a major issue. If this was evidence of that I would expect both of these parties to hound English till he resigns. Do you think that will happen?

  4. The same as in the Banks court case applies. This is routine everyday shit from a defence counsel in any court anywhere. Think of anyway one can to denigrate a key witness such as a motive to lie, no matter how far fetched, then let it fly and see what happens. It is ludicrous and illogical to think that Dotcom’s donation to Banks, then became split and anonymous was his idea and that it is now an attempt to overthrow the government. Fuck, what next Dotcom is going to do a Guy Fawkes?

  5. Bill English is on very, very, very soft ground with comments like that. Not only does he run the risk of being in contempt of Court, but Dotcom’s lawyers could (I’m guessing) use statements like that in any appeal that might be lodged.

  6. How about Muldoon influencing the court to remove owners from Bastion Pt . PM and appointed judge All to close for me .. all for a few greedy $’s by US before proven guilty . “Not as corrupt as ” is not the same as “above reproach”

  7. English has crossed the line!! This corrupt bunch of ogligarks
    have GOT TO be VOTED OUT to save our homeland!!

  8. The Nat’s hate dotcom because like Snowden dotcom and his lawers have lifted the lid on the hidden surveillance state being used to spy on all of us all of the time.

    Being such a lap dog to the u.s.a and being a member of the 5 eyes white boys spy club will diminish or country’s standing in the world.

    It could harm our trade ………. and now the world also knows we are part of the drone murder network.

    National are good at smearing our international reputation ….. hell, Muldoons Nats ruined the Montreal Olympic games as most of the African country’s boycotted it because we, New Zealand were there.

    We were the last country in the world to keep playing sport with the then South African apartheid regime …… the nats hosted a rugby tour by them …. all so Muldoon would win another election .

    The nats have always been dishonest power abusers.

  9. Bill English as Finance Minister, and his brother, a leader of Federated Farmers, hold a degree of power in this country, that is worrying. Perhaps Bill English just for a moment forgot, that he is not a Chief Justice, but “merely” responsible for running the finance portfolio, and to fill in when Key is out of the country, to act as PM?

    For a moment his mind jumped to conclusions, and his jaws moved, before further thoughts could bring him back to reason.

    Yes, it is bizarre, but not surprising, I think, as being in power for too long just leads to total arrogance. Wait, next week he will announce a state of emergency and authorise a military coup, to ensure the “safety” of us all, Fiji style. While Key is in Samoa, English takes over the helm, getting drunk on power.

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