A brief word on the Green Conference – why there must be a Green Cabinet



My invite to the Green Party conference must have been lost in  the mail. Again. I get direct invites from Labour, MANA, and Internet MANA, but the Greens must  have my old address.

In terms of their conference, the Greens must gain a Green Cabinet this election. If you look at the Labour caucus talent pool, it’s terribly shallow. The Greens have some incredibly smart brains and they will be required to do all the heavy lifting in the next Government, so much so they should demand a higher percentage in Cabinet than their proportional total.

Labour simply don’t have the MPs to be Ministers where as the Greens have a huge brains trust, Cunliffe needs to recognise this and limit the threat of the ABCs within Labour who still want to kill off his leadership by promoting the Greens.

It could turn out that Russell and Metiria ends up being Cunliffe’s best mates.


  1. Martyn

    If you’d chill out a bit with the “Emerald Stormtrooper” smear line, then you might find Green invitations a little bit more forthcoming. I doubt Trotter, Hooton, or Slater were invited either. But then again, did you even submit a request for one?

    Personally, I don’t mind Labour having a proportionate share of the ministerial positions, so long as they’re wise enough to choose a good number of Green MPs as Associate Ministers to do the “heavy lifting”. We’re not really a party who are into inflating egos at the expense of policy.

    It is the works, not the perks, that are important.

    • I don’t mind Labour having a proportionate share of the ministerial positions, so long as they’re wise enough to choose a good number of Green MPs as Associate Ministers

      Did you mean to write disproportionate?

  2. …Cunliffe needs to recognise this and by promoting the Greens limit the threat of Labour’s ABCs, who still want to kill off his leadership.

    Grammar matters.

  3. Martyn why do you always have to make everything be about yourself? You made the same reference about not getting an invite to the CTU conference. Why do you expect an invite? You’re not a media outlet you’re a partisan blogger. You are from my side of politics and I eenjoy the blog but it is certainly not news media. Stop making everything about you.

  4. Oh Martyn, have you got a bit of a bad conscience now, previously looking for opportunities to criticise the Greens, same as Winston, now realising their potential?

    I know you get very excited, and you have together with your mate Hone stitched up a huge and smart deal for IP and MANA, but sadly you did at times lose sight of the Greens, who will definitely have to be part of a future government.

    At least you are realising some things now. Thank you!

    • Dear Marc, I think this is a fairly childish reading of my views on the Greens. My beef has previously been with their Wellington Staff and the weak attempts at tactics which seem to backfire on them. The Greens have all the tactical aggression of moss. Their fuck up in 2005, their flirtation with National and their egotistical desire to split the electorate vote and allow National candidates to win are more eye rolling than impressive.

      I think it is you who lose sight of that.

      I have voted Green most of my life and that changed when they became a Wellington based Party. I believe the Greens are the only Party with real policy to make the economic transformation we need to use to confront climate change. I want the Greens in power with a strong voice in the next Government to do that. I argued for the creation of MANA as a party to the left of the Greens using a sub 5% threshold strategy because Greens + Labour could never add up to a majority unless you want to be dictated to by NZ First?

      I’ve done all that realising some time ago, your desire to poke sticks at me isn’t perhaps your smartest choice on this issue.

      • Sorry for upsetting you, Martyn, I was thinking along the lines of what PASUPIAL commented above. But I may have missed some more positive posts you wrote on the Greens and their policies.

        I accept that it is problematic that they put up candidates in some electorates, where it may be better to do some “coordination” with Labour and other opposition parties, to ensure a Nat or ACT candidate does not win. But re that I think there is also a lot of responsibility that Labour have, who are running a campaign that is solely Labour focused and kind of sidelines the Greens in many ways.

        Best wishes.

  5. For some reason Labour really seems to struggle with the idea of being in government with the Greens versus any other party ( including National).

    • No its the fact to many of the labour party have differculty getting their heads around Global / climate change and what is needed to attack it.

      In other words the climate deniers and neo liberals.

  6. So just to clarify what your saying.

    Greens are smarter than Labour (have a larger talent base)and the Labour leadership is shaky, so Cunliffe needs to suck up to Greens (to keep his job)

    Is that correct?

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