Has Tamaki Makaurau just opened up for Marama Davidson?


Marama Davidson at last years GCSB Town Hall meeting

This has been fumble by Labour

Wilcox won’t stand as Labour candidate

Maori broadcaster Julian Wilcox has no plans to run for Parliament in this year’s election, Maori Television has confirmed.

…Wilcox should have been confirmed well before Shane’s report came out. With so many balls in the air with Labour, it was bound to miss one.

Perhaps the level of co-operation that will be required in Government is needed now in Tamaki Makaurau? MANA recently said it would look at an arrangement with the Greens in Te Tai Hauāuru, what if a similar arrangement was sought in Tamaki Makaurau? Marama Davidson is the Green candidate and represents a clear generational shift in progressive politics, her presence inside Parliament representing Tamaki Makaurau would be a mighty win for flax root social justice activists.


  1. There was a number of Electorate seats in the last election that went to National but the sum of Labour & Green votes exceeded the National votes in those electorates.
    Stick with your own party for the List vote, but Electorate votes have to be tactical.

  2. Don’t panic Bomber, Labour will still win this seat.

    Though I would have to chuckle if their mishandling resulted in the Maori Party retaining the seat and it sealed a National led co-alition government. Can’t see it happening even though the Maori Party have found a good candidate.

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