UPDATE: Last chance to force 26 weeks paid parental leave by tweet bombing Peter Dunne tonight



The Government are using urgency tonight to pass their miserly paid parental leave. Labour are going to introduce a Supplementary Order Paper (SOP) to extending it to 26 weeks. The only thing stopping this is Peter Dunne who is giving the Government a one vote majority on this legislation.

We know how difficult parenthood is and giving parents time to bond with their babies is an essential process that deserves state support. This is a chance to strengthen family bonds.

Dunne has voted for Labour’s extension of paid parental leave and even said…


Mr Dunne admitted he was tempted to withhold support for the Labour MPs’ bills in revenge for the “smears” he was subjected to during debate on the state assets sale bill, but decided sticking to his principles was more noble than political utu.


…if sticking to his principles is more noble than political utu, Peter Dunne should vote for Labour’s SOP tonight.

So let’s encourage Peter to show his true value 4 months out from an election. Please tweet bomb Peter Dunne tonight on his twitter account using the #voteforSOPtonight and #26weeks hash tags.

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Please do the right thing Peter Dunne, give parents real time with their new borns not political lip service. Vote for Labour’s SOP tonight.


UPDATE: Sadly Peter Dunne flushed principles down the toilet and voted with National. More reason to throw the bugger out this election.


  1. He was sent DESPERATE requests to reconsider his postion re the most radical social security reforms last year, he never even replied to the “person”, why do you protect him from abuse, Martyn, he is evil! That is re my earlier comment not being published, I heed the reaction, but reluctantly.

  2. If he votes for this legislation it might be another reason for the voters of Ohariu to finally boot him out. Then Labour can introduce the bill themselves after the election (hopefully!).

    His supporting National could be win/win here.

  3. Put that MAN onto the dole, thanks, he put many others there, left them there and he deserves NO better treatment, he is an embarrasment! He must SUFFER!

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