Snowden-Greenwald Docs Show GCSB Complicit In Mass Spying


Part Two of Democracy Now’s IV With Journalist Glenn Greenwald on the latest NSA/Five Eyes revelations

(begins 11:30 mins)

NSA-docs--Tier A-comprehensive-cooperationGlenn Greenwald’s latest revelations, published in his new book No Place To Hide, show how the Australian and New Zealand governments, through their membership to the US-led Five Eyes network, are considered top-level share and partner members of the spy SIGINT network.

Membership to Five Eyes cause New Zealanders and Australians to not only become subjects of unwarranted data surveillance but to also have their governments act as participants in a raft of data surveillance programmes that target, disrupt, degrade, and control the otherwise legal activities of individuals the US deems hostile to its national interests.

Most disturbingly is that the documents, an unofficial release of official US NSA documents, show how New Zealand and Australia spy agencies have knowingly been part of mass communications data on a country and global scale.

As such our countries’s spy agencies have knowingly seen or overseen the surveillance of non-suspiscious citizens, on a massive scale, even though domestic legislation expressly forbids the practice.

New Zealand and Australia have also been privy to NSA platforms that snoop on aircraft passenger communications while inflight. That system is named Thieving Magpie.

Another practice is more sinister, named Manhunt, it targets individuals and groups and creates attacks that are designed to disrupt, degrade, and destroy the reputations of those who oppose, or have been deemed a threat to, the US’ national security and economic interests.


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But more on Manhunt and Thieving Magpie later. Here above is the Democracy Now interview with the author of the book, Glenn Greenwald.

In the meantime, I recommend readers view and read the compressed version of documents etc from Glenn Greenwald’s expose. (pdf)


  1. Oh, Selwyn, you also wish to be arrested, I notice, writing this will put you into the “risk group” now, same as me and so many others, being observed by GCSB, SIS or even the NSA. We are the “enemy of the people of New Zealand”, just wait for that to start, once the Nats get their third term. And I tell you, after the budget tonight, their chances are much greater to achieve that, stealing many policies from Labour.

    This is how modern day capitalism, even fascims works, pick the less expensive policies of your enemy, incorporate them, and sell them to the public as your own, it works, and it worked for Hitler too.

    Now we are onto the GCSB and stuff, and yes, did you hear a damned NZ media report on it tonight??? Did they report much if they did? NO, they are complicit, they also do their own privacy breaching, by mass gathering sensitive data exposing person’s browsing and buying behaviour, which they sell as “formats” to advertisers, earning millions if not billions.

    All you “faithful” and “trusting” persons out there, do you seriously think you have some “freedom” and “independent choice” in what you get offered, served and sold? Hey, perception is all that counts, and most of you are hood winked 24/7, by the forces that have an interest and run the system, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and all others.

    But what do you do? Nothing, right, you all just continue serving the “masters” that use and exploit you. So while some get worked up re the NSA and Snowden’s revelations, you are all victims and also sell outs, as you do not stand up and stop it, right?

    Best is to rebel, stop using the internet, which has actually caused more mental and other harm to people than good, perhaps use alternative systems, the hidden internet, or get back to living a more physical and “free” existence than this madness of 1984 style control.

    This is NOT freedom, it is smartly manipulated perception of individual freedom but not true freedom.

    But we better not take it further, as it will get dicey.

    • But, but, but Marc,

      I enjoy upsetting em. It’s fun. To fear them is to allow them to take over control of all of us. It is the NSA’s ultimate mission statement to control the world. They won’t succeed and they know it.

  2. did you hear a damned NZ media report on it tonight??? Did they report much if they did?

    actually RNZ did, and highlighted the contradictions raised by Key’s past assurances lies.

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