Latest msm Cunliffe feeding frenzy over donations




In a new style of campaigning via the Labour leadership campaign, Cunliffe decided to use a private trust to collect donations. The mainstream media feeding frenzy is the usual froth from a Press Gallery now seemingly taking verbatim editorials from John Key.

I don’t care that Cunliffe used a trust for the leadership campaign, this Government are well known for the manner in which they demonise anyone dissenting and the secrecy the trust provided was to protect donors, it wasn’t to hide them and Cunliffe’s offered to pay back everyone not prepared to publicly declare.

The reasons why they were anonymous is the deciding issue here, not how.

Voters don’t give a toss about who donated what in a leadership contest, they care about affordable housing, child poverty and providing protections to our fragile environment. They care about sustainable jobs, rising inequality and well funded education. They care about mass surveillance and unsafe work places.

The mainstream corporate media on the other hand care about constructing a narrative to discredit Cunliffe. Astounding that Judith Collins appears to front for her Husband’s company in direct conflict with the Cabinet Manuel, and we don’t see anywhere near the level of media scrutiny of that.

With media bias like this, I’m surprised Key isn’t polling 70%.

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This is another teacup in a storm.


  1. Contrast media reaction to this with the free pass given to Judith Collins paying a visit to the company her husband is involved in while she was in China on official business. The company then claimed her endorsement of product in promotional material.
    TVNZ allowed Dishonest John to flannel on the issue without any hard question or comment.

    • Thats what I thought Richard. Cunliffe gets roasted while Collins got out of it relatively unscathed. This should drive home to all Labour, Green, and Mana candidates that we oln the Left have to be squeakier clear than the Nats and ACT. If we stuff up, the msm will be over us like an STD rash. So hopefully this will be the last of any gaffs. Otherwise we might as well stay home this election.

  2. It is a disgrace that Collins has so far gotten so little flak for her obvious promotion of her husbands business and the cynical way she tried to spin it. It did seem to wipe the smile off her dial for a second when confronted about it though.

    I AM interested in donors and methods because it tells a lot about a politician who they accept donations from. Look at the US politicians who are bought and sold.

    Transparency is very important and other politicians have gotten into deep water on this and deservedly so. The public does have a right to know in these instances. We seem to be heading further and further down the American path.

    It’s not acceptable or smart to try to avoid the system or be vague and secretive about funding campaigns anymore. It just looks shoddy, bent and manipulative from whichever camp it comes from. Not good.

    We are all desperate to get rid of John Key’s National for NZ’s good…this is not the way to do it. Cunliffe should know by know he is not going to be given any quarter surely? In fact he should have worked that out before now.

    The public will remain mesmerised by the snake oil seller John Key and HIS sleight of hand at this rate.

  3. MSM is doing a hatchet job on David Cunliffe and Labour, to save their blue eyed boy John Key and his odious government. Implanting thought processes into individuals, without their knowledge they are being indoctrinated with misleading information.

    It’s called subliminal manipulation! Hitler did it, as did many other despots in history! Now it’s Key’s turn, using msm as his mouthpiece, to do as much damage to the opposition as possible! It’s how the disreputable operate. Crucify your opponents to the extent the public begins to believe the one doing the crucifying is quite justified and absolutely correct in their actions!

    How is it Key always emerges so lily white? He must have a team of well paid minders watching his back 24/7, to prevent his dirty activities being made public!

    Cunliffe’s mea culpas this week have led something close to a virtual massacre of Labour, due to msm’s salivating reporting only the negative aspects of Cunliffe’s leadership.

    A point I query is the emailing of Labour’s communication and IT release, being “accidently” forwarded to National’s communication minister! I find this a bit sinister. Has a mole infiltrated Labour, working towards destroying the party altogether? Call me an old cynic, but something isn’t adding up here either!

    All fodder for msm and its master Key! Comparable to birds of prey going in for the final kill!

    • “Cunliffe’s mea culpas this week have led something close to a virtual massacre of Labour, due to msm’s salivating reporting only the negative aspects of Cunliffe’s leadership.”

      Well when there are NO positive aspects, what’s left is what get’s reported.

      • …. and of course MSM are meant to be unbiased. What a joke. I heard Rodney Hyde slagging off Cunliffe on Willie Jackson’s Radiolive show for at least 1/2 an hour.

        …and don’t get me started on Michelle Boag and Deborah Coddington either…

        The media let these clowns drive and wallow in anti-left sentiment – it’s a disgrace to democracy…

        TG for the Daily Blog where we can go a little way to redress the balance

    • Interesting your notion of foul play regarding ‘leaked’ Labour policy as Nat ammo…come to think of it, this is a perfectly realistic scenario. After all, we do live in a hackers’ perfect storm.

  4. There is little point in whining on about MSM bias it ain’t gonna change is it?
    We need to organise not agonise.
    The votes are out there but moaning about that which we can’t influence makes us appear impotent.
    We need people out there knocking on doors and talking face to face about what concerns them.
    Those who did not vote for the last couple of elections most probably do not read the MSM, they have real issues to worry about.

  5. Is this going to be the dirtiest election campaign in our history. Certainly shaping up to be. I reckon its over CGT…NZ’s useless and lazy wealthy hate it…Cap Gains is where most have gained their wealth from not dynamic and enterprising businesses.

  6. The way drama queen Corrin Dann reported on David Cunliffe as contrasted against his underplaying of that cow Collins was infuriating. I found myself fighting the urge to find him and kick him in the nuts.

    • I thought TVNZ was meant to have “unbiased” reporters. Corrin Dann needs to declare his right-wing bias to his boss at TVNZ, then fall on his sword like Shane Taurima did. Sure Dann hasn’t run right-wing meetings in the cafeteria at TVNZ, but if he was anymore right-wing, he could run for ACT leader when Jamie Whyte makes another incest gaffe ….

      …and don’t get me started on Paddy Gower or Mike Hosking ….

  7. I suspect that these are the sorts of reasons that Matt has also been brought on board. My memories from the Alliance/NLP are that he was very good at ensuring that one foot was put in front of the other in terms of organization.

  8. Just to prove that the MSM has bias on both sides, Bryce Edwards of the NZH tweeted the following:

    “I’m writing a Political Roundup for tmrw on ‘National’s overconfidence problem’. Any bloggers wanna address this issue, so I can link?”

    So there’s no story but he’ll try to get others to write one for him.

    What nut job.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, IV. I’ll see what I can do to help out Bryce. I have a few ‘juicy’ matters I might bring up… (Nice to have your assistance on things like this.)

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