Ports of Auckland still intend to crush the Union


The hard right scum bags over at Auckland Council investments Ltd refused to answer questions by Mike Lee and Cathy Casey last night at the joke CCO Monitoring Committee over this outrageous statement of purpose to cripple Union workers in their 6 monthly report at the septic wound that has become the Ports of Auckland…

“POAL and MUNZ have not yet established a new collective agreement. There are now over 50% of the stevedoring workforce working the new shift and roster system and this includes some MUNZ members. There is a very real possibility that the dispute may not be resolved by a new collective agreement with MUNZ but by employees agreeing to work according to the collective agreement with PortPro or individual agreements.”

…so what they are really saying is that they are hoping new Employment Relations Amendment Bill that National are trying to implement where bosses can simply walk away from negotiations will get passed allowing the Ports to treat their workers with outright contempt.

Let’s not forget the Port had employment history of a Union protester illegally leaked to far right hate merchant Cameron Slater and have done all they can to crush the Union rather than work with them. Forcing a Union legend like Dave Phillips out by threatening legal action over blogs he wrote defending the Unions shows the level of gutless tactics the Ports have brought to this dispute.

Ports of Auckland’s deplorable behaviour towards unionised workers is the reason Len Brown is a gutless, spineless Mayor and deserves to lose the next election, not his dalliances with Bevan Chuang.

Again, this is another damaging example of the true values of this government towards workers, but it isn’t leading the political news, it’s in the shadows of the feeding frenzy over Cunliffe wanting to protect those who supported his leadership run.

Again. The mainstream media are far more interested in creating a narrative structure that Cunliffe is ‘tricky’ rather than hold the Government to account.


  1. Will our new legislation be retrospective or will these low lifes be bound by the legislation as it was at the start of the dispute?

    Our councillors do need more control over these allegedly (but not) controlled organisations.

    • Right wing cheerleaders applaud anti union legislation believing non unionised conditions enjoyed by some employers in China etc as panacea however, worker’s will stand up and fight back.

  2. I hope the Port Company haven’t used the allocation of shifts to ‘maneuver’ some employees to sign a different agreement, that would be bullying and rather sinister. If the CCOs were more transparent then councilors and the people of Auckland, the port owners, could be assured these workers weren’t being discriminated against. It’s heartening to see MUNZ members continuing to resist such a despicable and disingenuous employer.

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