The spin that McCarten’s appointment is a ‘lurch to the left’



The spin on Matt McCarten’s historic appointment is that this is a lurch to the left, which is just a joke.

John Key has admitted to regularly talking to far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater, National is flirting with an arch-Conservative from the religious right as a coalition partner and ACT just elected a leader who argued to end all employment law. It’s the bloody right wing who have lurched so far to the right that the appointment of Matt is seen as a lurch to the left.

It shows how normal to the mainstream media the Right’s goose step to the fringes of their own political spectrum seems and how shocking anything articulating basic social and economic rights via democratic engagement looks to the political journalists of NZ that they need to label it as a ‘lurch to the left’.

‘Lurch to the left’ sounds like everyone wearing glasses will be forced from the cities to work in the fields while a Communist State pours billions into subsidising Helen Clark stature building alongside a domestic flax woven tampon industry.

As Cunliffe has said…

…that’s hardly a lurch to the left, that’s basic social justice. Good forbid when keeping  kids warm, fed and educated so they have as good a chance as their parents is considered a ‘lurch to the left’.

I’m hearing that internal polling has Labour at 35 and Greens at 12, don’t believe the hype that John Key is going to skip into power for a third term.

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Matt’s appointment should be a clarion call that the Labour Party leadership is serious about implementing real social change.

The chances of a progressive left Government just rose dramatically. There’s money to be made on iPredict today.

Finally, I think Kiwiblog allowing readers to mock speech impediments is pretty Whaleoil-esk. Ugly Farrar, very ugly.


  1. Cunliffe looks better with a beard.

    I like that feral, ‘Wolverine’, thing he’s got going.

    As for Matt McCarten and the supposed “lurch to the far left” – bollicks.

    But right wing nutbars will use any smear tactic to try to discredit Labour. That’s how freaked out they are at the prospect of a Labour-Green-Mana(-NZ First?) victory later this year.

    I’ve known Matt during the Alliance’s halcyon years in the 1990s, and he was an effective, highly competent organiser. And a thoroughly likeable bloke.

    Bugger the pollsters.

    This is a victory.

    Good call, David Cunliffe.

    • Good one Frank and Martyn. Agree.

      Matt McCarten is a good man with strong social justice principles, as is David Cunliffe. Matt’s main focus is on getting a better deal for working and low income Kiwis. So where better is he likely to achieve that, than being involved as an active participant in parliamentary Labour.

      National obviously finds these features quite disturbing, (as it arrogantly sells NZ off to its odious mates), hence the pathetic attempts at fear tactic spin!

  2. Question: How many times did the Hootin Hoorton repeat the phrases “extreme left wing”, “left wing” ,,,, ad nauseam on NatRad’s 9-Noon, while commenting on Matt’s (at the time) rumoured appointment. So much for incisive political analysis and comment. Mind you what else do you expect from a narcissistic, private schooled prat, not lurching but goose-stepping in time to the “extreme right wing” beat.

  3. […]     Print When the Prime Minister talks to a hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater regularly it’s not a ‘lurch to the right’. When the Government are considering going into coalition with an arch-social conservative like Colin Craig it isn’t a ‘lurch to the right’. When ACT elect a leader who has argued for the dismantling of all labour laws and seems fuzzy on why it should be illegal to marry your own brother or sister that’s not called a ‘lurch to the right’. Calling Matt McCarten’s appointment a ‘lurch to the left’ shows how the mainstream media lens of news always sees the right as normal and anything they do is within the paradigm. If the Left even dare to voice an opinion It’s a sad day when keeping kids warm, fed and educated is framed as a ‘lurch to the left’. As I posted yesterday… […]

  4. Bloody well said! This is not a ‘lurch to the left’ it’s a ‘lurch’ to returning to a fair and caring society and I utterly utterly agree with the idea and ideal of ALL Kiwis being able to have enough food, a warm dry home, a good health system and a great education system and the dignity of a good day’s work for a decent day’s pay. Not a lurch to the left at all. A lurch towards a New Zealand with a decent value system.

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