It’s a sad day when keeping kids warm, fed and educated is framed as a ‘lurch to the left’.

When the Prime Minister talks to a hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater regularly it’s not a ‘lurch to the right’.
When the Government are considering going into coalition with an arch-social conservative like Colin Craig it isn’t a ‘lurch to the right’.
When ACT elect a leader who has argued for the dismantling of all labour laws and seems fuzzy on why it should be illegal to marry your own brother or sister that’s not called a ‘lurch to the right’.
Calling Matt McCarten’s appointment a ‘lurch to the left’ shows how the mainstream media lens of news always sees the right as normal and anything they do is within the paradigm. If the Left even dare to voice an opinion
It’s a sad day when keeping kids warm, fed and educated is framed as a ‘lurch to the left’.

‘Lurch to the left’ sounds like everyone wearing glasses will be forced from the cities to work in the fields while a Communist State pours billions into subsidising Helen Clark stature building alongside a domestic flax woven tampon industry.

If making sure as many of our 270 000 children in poverty are fed, warm & educated is a ‘lurch to the left’, let’s lurch away!
Where can I sign up? 


  1. Key and Engliah are determined to take NZ back to the Victorian Era with slave wages, child poverty and poor working conditions. Keys world view is that NZ Workers should be competing with Chinese Workers for work in a Free Market Model, which is actually what is happening.

  2. I don’t think any child cares or needs to know about left or right wing jargin.. Their fundemental needs are important…Being housed adequately (warm dry affordable homes). Being healthy (receiving affordable /free health care). Well nourished and well educated (free education)- these are the important issues. Regardless of the race, financial, political, religous, moralistic, idealistic, sexual preferences of the parents and caregivers. Where is the equality for the children of this country. I don’t care how the gap is closed – lets work collectively towards this end….What right have we to judge other countries for the inadequate care in all of these areas. Pull together and become world leaders.. ..Our politicians squabble over who spilt the milk . No more blame games = For the sake of our children Far left – far right unite. Do something we can all be proud of. Just stop the jibber jabber and sort it out.

  3. 285,000 (27%) children below the poverty line, Treasury botched the figures; according to them low and middle income earners had a phantom $1.2 billion amongst them.

    Serious problem I find in this country is the political discourse influenced by greedy older wealthier folks with complete disregard to the next generation (besides their own offspring I guess). Loud incoherent murmuring of full mouths demanding another helping that’s never enough, easily forgetting that the system they were raised in was more nurturing than the one they’re influencing.

    Studies that have pointed out the prevalence of mental illness in youth last year should be heeded as highly concerning. Considering the great demands placed upon youth to get ahead for something more secure in the way of a future, mental illness can seriously disrupt such chances and indeed ruin lives.

    Today it’s easy to find many youths drifting through life aimlessly with the impression a future eludes them, which is totally unacceptable. If we continue down this track surely the country will face major ramifications in future.

    • Already happening mate! Visit Northland’s bleak streets and empty country towns with feral illiterate confused youth wandering the country roads too. hitch hiking all hours because it is only way they can get around.I cry these days( bit menopausal) every time i see another shuffling aimless youth with his hoody over his bowed head. Northtec has lost 70% of it’s funding thanks these scumbags in govt. Many of my friends lost their jobs as a result. Courses for valuable training( computing, information systems,digital media, motor trades, retail trades, standard apprenticeships all gone) cost my man and me a fucking fortune to get our offspring out of here to employment in Aussie.

      • Unfortunately they will see little point in voting in this year’s general election, so they won’t and once again all the north Auckland seats will be won by old fart National candidates with their customary backers – dairy farmers, country manor lords, rich retirees and summer bolt hole rich corporates.

  4. And speaking of ‘political obfuscation’:

    The attempt by Amy Adams to justify public exclusion from input into exploratory deep-sea oil drilling, on Radio NZ “Morning Report” this morning, was absolutely pathetic.

    She made it clear that she doesn’t understand (or perhaps chose not to understand):

    1. The difference between current deep-sea drilling proposals and earlier shallow off-shore drilling in NZ which she claims were similarly not subject to public scrutiny. Hey Amy, as you probably know already, deep-sea drilling is a totally different ball-game.

    2. That in order to drill an exploratory well you have to drill deep. The risks are as great if not greater in drilling an exploratory well as they are in exploiting what was found in a later commercial development phase.

    The purpose behind exploratory drilling is to find out if oil is there, and if so, how much. That means you drill to the depth at which the oil lies. Exploratory drilling might happen over a shorter time-frame than commercial development, as Adams acknowledged, bur the risks, during that time-frame are if anything greater, not less than during the commercial-development phase.

    The entire interview was an excellent lesson on political “fudging” or “obfuscation” of the truth.

    Some might just prefer to call it outright lying and an attempt to deceive the public.

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