Injury prevention in National’s line of fire

Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Injury prevention in National’s line of fire

Health and safety training is just the latest casualty of National’s war on injury prevention programmes, says Labour’s ACC Spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway.

“As soon as it became the Government, National started axing prevention programmes. It began in 2009 when proven programmes to prevent elderly people having falls were scrapped.

“That was despite a review of ACC’s 2008/09 investment in injury prevention which showed intervention programmes were good value for money. For every $1 invested, at least $1.12 and up to $1.23 was saved.

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“Since 2008/09, funding for these high-value prevention programmes has fallen from $39.5 million to $22.4 million, a 43 per cent cut.

“This is typical of National Party governments that are only focussed on short-term cost cutting, not on long term strategies to reduce the burden of injury and disease.

“At the same time as it is cutting back on prevention, ACC is refusing to accept more claims, kicking more people off compensation and denying home help support to more of its clients.

“The agency is one of New Zealand’s greatest assets, yet it has become callous under National and Kiwis are losing faith in it.

 “When Labour is re-elected, we will work to restore confidence in ACC. It is a world-leading organisation, but only when it is allowed to properly carry out its function to prevent, treat and support recovery from injuries.




Total prevention spend

$39.5 m

$22.4 m


Motor vehicle account

$7.1 m

$5 m


Earners’ account

$6.1 m

$4.3 m


Work account

$16.6 m

$9.7 m


Treatment injury account




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  1. “we will work to restore confidence in ACC”

    So long as the ‘golden parachutes’ are smaller than an A4 sheet the cost to users might be bearable.

    I’m sure there are decent people who work there. I’m sure there are a few stray skivers ripping off the system. And I suspect the numbers for both don’t pass 1%.

    Come on Labour – just what will you do to flush the Augean stables at ACC, WINZ, and the less than best at whatever name ‘Labour and Commerce’ is snuggled under this year? I, for one, have had enough of useless talk fests followed by the tired flapping of wet bus tickets as the mandarins swap seats on the gravy train.

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