Why Whaleoil probably helped end Willie & JT and what Radio Live needs to do now


Old media Radio Live have been damaged by the new media blogs. The power of twitter & Facebook allows a focused roar from the crowd to descend with crushing force on whatever target it decides to destroy.

It’s trial by social media.

I doubt however many of the advertisers contacted by blogger Giovanni Tiso had heard of his unranked blog or had read it much, I imagine what most Coms people heard when contacted was ‘Blogger’ and that immediately sparked a horror set of flashing visions of Cameron Slater slowly torturing their brand for months on end. Genuine disgust at the comments mixed with fear of a social media generated boycott produced a result of spectacular proportions. Kudos to Giovanni, he has lifted the bar for the NZ blogosphere.

In the case of blogs, the bark is only slightly worse than the row after row of razor sharp teethed bites.

This growing realization of the power now available to social media users won’t dissipate, it’s only going to build. I think the next election will be won or lost online and a big part of that will be social media generated.

Radio Live has a damaged image. That they mishandled the event so poorly shows that they were blind to seeing how offensive Willie & JTs questions were. I pointed out in the weekend that they needed to pull them off air now, and remind them that a serious donation to Rape Crisis is in order for atonement to be fulfilled.

Who should Radio Live replace Willie & JT with? My heart says Annette Sykes & Sue Bradford, but I think the first contender in the partnership has to be Wallace Chapman. He is one of the best talkback hosts Radio Live has to offer. He has the intelligence to handle the current debate with intellectual rigor and compassion.

The other host would have a few contenders depending on availability. If the genuinely brilliant Mihingarangi Forbes was available they would be foolish to not create a partnership like that or they could opt for a more counter point co-host. National Party MP, Claudette Hauiti would be an interesting choice. She would need permission from John Key to pretty much write the rest of the year off in Parliament, but she is an excellent talkback host, will provide the alternative voice and could generate some real debate on air.

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Beyond all of this is the horror of so many women being raped within a justice system that is only successfully prosecuting 1 out of 100 rapists. Whoever replaces Willie & JT should look there as their starting point.


  1. Claudette Hauiti? Are you serious? I’ve heard her been interviewed on radio and seen her make a public appearance. Both times she was nuts. If she was given the freedom of a radio show, it would be a PR disaster for National.

  2. My neighbour was murdered in Miramar on the weekend.
    That protection order did it’s job.
    May she rest in peace.

    I disagree with you Bomber. You need to reflect on why Andrew Fagan and Sean Plunket “went there on air” but neither you nor the rows of razor sharp teeth targeted them.

    You need to challenge the hypocrisy of the advertisers, who continue to use facebook to market their brands.

    SEX SELLS Bomber.

    And our date-rape-culture hangs out with our booze-culture every weekend.
    Think about the men who “normalise” that and sell it to our kids as hip and cool. Because those powerful men are not the ones stuffing up on the radio and working at the coalface in their communities.
    Unlike the invisible mayor, and the silence his message sends… unchallenged.

  3. “If the genuinely brilliant Mihingarangi Forbes was available…”

    God help us. Forbes, when she was on TV3, reminded us that she had periods. When female journalists need to tell us that – and to be fair, she is the only journalist who has needed to do it – it is time they thought about pursuing a different career.

  4. “Beyond all of this is the horror of so many women being raped within a justice system that is only successfully prosecuting 1 out of 100 rapists.”

    I probably should have known you wouldn’t produce an iota of evidence – not merely repeating misinformation – to back up this claim, but still, I was hopeful.

  5. geez ross, I bet you never got as busy on the internet as when you would have been defending Clint Rickards and his pack rape police chums.

    But here you rise again ……………

    Wille, JT & Clint are having a bar-b-q ………. your invited

  6. I realise zb has Cameron Slater occasionally but surely he would be a delight on the air with his rabid group of supporters. Like the National Front’s view on how our society should be, a peculiar dystopian and nihilistic perspective would inevitably emerge but it would give him something ‘positive’ to look forward to each day!

  7. Willie and John reiterated which surprisingly many = men actually feel about the value of women. This may be due to the way the corporate media sends their messages out via porn, video games and movies and men buying into it without critically thinking enough. Willie and John did bring humour to the plate, but this time they went too far. Deborah Coddington should step in, she doesn’t need a partner, she has enough mana and confidence to lead it anyway.

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