BREAKING: David Cunliffe wins Labour Party Leadership Race

David Cunliffe launches his leadership campaign. Image courtesy of Greg Presland.
David Cunliffe launches his leadership campaign. Image courtesy of Greg Presland.
David Cunliffe at the launch of his leadership campaign. Image courtesy of Greg Presland.

The win for Cunliffe in songs. For his supporters….

…for the Wellington Press Gallery who called it for Grant…

…for the long suffering members and affiliates of the Labour Party…

…and for John Key…

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A more detailed analysis right after a third round of vodka shots.


  1. Congratulation to David Cunliffe and Labour as a whole!!!

    Great to see David win in the first round, so no second round was necessary. This is a convincing win, determined by the membership and the affiliates, and the ones in caucus, that is about half of the MPs sitting there, do listen, to follow, do support your new leader, or else it will be at your peril to undermine him and a new direction.

    I look forward to David, to work with a new deputy, who I suspect will be Grant after all, as he is the logical one for the role. I expect Grant to honour his promise to support the new leader. I also expect Shane Jones to join the ranks and support David’s leadership and put personal agendas aside.

    As for a non member and in the past much disappointed supporter and voter, I expect Labour to bring in new policies and a new, convincing, rational and yet passionate direction, so that voters can trust you again and throw this rotten lot out that has overly long been occupying the treasury benches.

    I also challenge you, to get rid of the nasty social welfare regime that Bennett and her mentors (Key, English and Joyce) have put into place, under which now so many suffer.

    Also ensure that welfare will bring back a system where expectations are met with genuine service delivery, with a fair, reasonable and fact based approach, where respect, inclusiveness and constructive measures are applied, not the stigmatisation, punishment, draconian pressure, and where doctors are now being told to cull sick and disabled from benefits, under highly questionable measures based more on selected thinking and pure ideology.

    Your future actions on this and other areas will be watched and judged by all of us who are directly affected.

    Thanks and enjoy the celebrations for the rest of the day!

  2. From the Stuff website – by non other than Tracey Watkins – One MP warned that if Cunliffe won, how he handled his first days in the job would be crucial: “I reckon we will know in the first week or so how it’s going to go. If he can’t bring the group together then he’s shot.”
    I humbly reckon if a Labour MP did in fact mutter those words he or she probably should be shot tomorrow at dawn with a bloody great blunderbuss!

    • The mainstream media are largely staffed by superficial self-serving journos out for any easy headline story, so they will now be out looking for every flaw in David Cunliffe, his likely deputy also. They will be at his home, digging through the rubbish bins, they will assemble outside his office, do the same there, they will be up all night, following him, to see whether he is “cheating” on his wife, they will go and approach the very MPs that may not like David, they will chase for any past acts or lacks thereof that David is responsible for, they will raise his expensive “mansion” in Herne Bay, they will twist every word he may say, they will work overtime to discredit him, his new deputy, the whole party and their policies.

      That is what is to be expected, and they were already busy trying it during the contest for leadership.

      So prepare for much “dirt”, “mud”, “rubbish”, “division”, lies, manipulations and misinformation, as that is what will come.

      Already now I hear Radio Live report that Cunliffe “only” got a third of caucus behind him!

      We must fight back and expose the wrong reports, counter act this with much social media activity and commenting and informing. That is where we can deal to the MSM at their worst.

      Roll on election 2014, and throw Key and his supporters, inside and outside of Parliament, out of office, thanks!

  3. What’s interesting is, for all the comments of the caucus hating David Cunliffe, he still managed just under 50% of their votes (after second preferences were counted).

    In both the membership and affiliates, he’s received a clear majority of 68% and 78% respectively, after second preferences.

    Go forth and rid us of John Key in 2014, David Cunliffe!

    EDIT: Full results here

  4. I see that the idiots at the herald are describing this as a narrow victory.

    I guess they don’t understand preferential voting.

    • @ Tom – well of course the NZ Herald would call this a narrow victory, because they see Cunliffe as the biggest threat to their golden boy, Key!

      Since almost the beginning of the Labour leadership challenge, most NZH correspondents have been sniping at him, putting the barbs in! Now all their scurrilous efforts have come back and bitten them in the bum, as Cunliffe has emerged the winner, to take on the traitor Key!

  5. Good one 🙂

    Congratulations David Cunliffe. Seems as though Labour has finally seen common sense and looked towards the future for a change. To have done otherwise, would have been the death knell for the party.

    Cunliffe is the man to unite Labour, bringing it together to contest and win the next election!

    May John Key’s nightmares begin! Bring it on!

    • yes yes yes…go forth David Cunliffe…ha ha ha enjoy ya vodka’s Bomber you deserve…hmmm there will be a few flowing at mine too

      Thank you caucus for doing the right thing ooops they better get a new animal welfare advocate since Mallard is going to leave??????

  6. Congratulations to David Cunliffe.

    Congratulations to Shane Jones and Grant Robertson, for their own credible campaigns.

    And congratulations to the Labour membership.

    We’re on the way, folks.

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