Top 5 Joy Division Songs #CunliffeShuffle



5: Shadow-Cabinet Play
4: Backbench Isolation
3: Transmission deregulated
2: Curran’s Lost Control
1: Caucus will tear us apart


  1. 1-New Labour Dawn Fades
    2-24 hours of media attention
    3-Lack of atmosphere
    4-Attrocity exhibition
    5 Not – Leaders of men

      • well it certainly aint going to be any Closer than last time

        Confusion reigns in the red ranks if they think Cunliffe has any chance of bouncing Key , the man has the streat appeal of roadkill

  2. Joy Division? What crap. When anyone says “Joy Division is my favourite band” you can almost be certain they have only heard three songs.

    Like when someone says they have read Das Kapital or enjoyed Atlas Shrugged.

  3. Always a near impossible question, music being the biggest church in the world.

    People usually reply trying to get cred rather than what they really play.
    If ‘knobber’ Jones likes E Street good on him a genuine quality band now they have nabbed Southside’s best horns, “The National” what a bunch of tossers, “Joy Division” Dave better start wearing black turtle necks, what a depressive pain in the ass band, nice sound scapes tho.

    My more dignified answers would be:
    DC–Bryan Eno “music for airports”
    BR–Dusty Springfield

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