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Attempting to address non-residents who can access lower interest rates than domestic residents when purchasing residential land isn’t a ‘Chan-ban’.

‘Chan-ban’ is a racist concoction cooked up by Whaleoil for Christ’s sake – using it as a term is intellectually bankrupt.

If one wishes to be critical, criticism should be handed out to Labour for failing to include Australians in the restrictions and an honest appraisal of what exactly ‘affordable housing’ means.

These restrictions on residential land sales for non-residents are a good first step, but it’s a step in the right direction for the electorate Labour are really aiming it at – the children of the middle classes.

For beneficiaries and low wage earners, home ownership is a dead fantasy killed by the 600% interest rate they are having to pay loan sharks monthly for just buying bread and milk each week.

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Their interests would be better served by a mass State House rebuilding program akin to the one adopted in the 1930s that would also generate jobs.

Maori of course must be rolling their eyes over all this talk of foreigners buying up land. Seeing as they lost 95% of their land in only one century, it’s a debate steeped in irony.

Watching sewer dwellers like Slater twist this into a race issue for his political point scoring is as smelly as it is dirty.


  1. I fail to see how this policy can be coined racist as it doesn’t single out any particular ethnic group rather it targets anyone who is not a resident of Aotearoa. I do agree with your view on the status of Australian non-residents.

    If this policy belongs to a particular “ism” then I suppose you could call it a form of nationalism.

    However that said, non-residents still have the right to build house here which I see a boon in a country with a housing shortage.

    What I also fail to understand is, if Mr Key and Real Estate “experts” are to be believed, that this only targets a tiny group of investors and will have little impact on the housing market – why are they so up in arms about this policy?

    They protest too much I think…

  2. Whaleoil is kinda like the 4chan of NZ Poltics anyway, right? A pack of whiny white libertarians sitting around trying to invent memes all day. So how about we suggest the media instigate a ‘4chan ban’ and try to come up with stories themselves instead of just picking them up secondhand from Slater? It might lead to all kinds of amazing things, like learning how to frame issues without help from DPF.

  3. From someone who is selling their house 10 min from Auckland cbd for well under replacement cost, hmmmmm

    • Actually, James Cameron buying the walnut farm was quite a positive thing. I’ve been on the walnut farm and it was a fantastic development from scratch by its former owners. Cameron was just the right person to buy it. I understand he is a vegan and the former owners are going to help him develop the farm and probably new plantations on some of his other land. I understand Cameron is quite environment conscious and as far as I understand he has New Zealand residency and lives in New Zealand a good part of his time now.

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