Those who love Big Brother


The majority of sensible, clear-headed New Zealanders are clearly opposed to  any further extension of the power of the State to spy over all of us;




But there are a few, as evidenced by a handful of comments on various fora, who seem to be “relaxed” with the growth of the Surveillance State. They seem to be unconcerned that state apparatus  can violate our privacy at will, without just cause, and with minimal checks and balances.

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People like these on a post-article Comments section, in a piece written by Rob Kidd and Francesca Lee for the Dominion Post;


In support of the GCSB Bill

Source: Dominion Post – Thousands join rally against GCSB


If you aint got anything to hide why should you worry???” – says “Niggly”.

Which is an interesting statement to make since all five supporters of the GCSB Bill (including “Niggly”) are using pseudonyms.

What have they got to hide, I wonder?

It seems fairly clear that supporters of the GCSB Bill are not so keen to abandon their privacy after all. Or, perhaps, being National Party supporters, they believe that Dear Leader Key will be Prime Minister forever, and “their man” would never spy on his loyal supporters.

The word deluded springs to mind.



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If you aint got anything to hide why should you worry???


  1. My guess would be National Party PR trolls making the rounds…no one could really truly deliberately be that thick in the head could they? Really?

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