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John Key knew Peter Dunne was not complying with Henry Inquiry

Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: John Key knew Peter Dunne was not complying with Henry Inquiry

Grant Robertson  | 
Thursday, June 13, 2013 – 15:46

John Key was briefed multiple times about the investigation into the leaking of the Kitteridge Report and was told that Peter Dunne was not complying with the inquiry a week before his resignation, Labour Deputy Leader Grant Robertson said.

“Under questioning in Parliament today Gerry Brownlee, answering on behalf of the Prime Minister, said that John Key was briefed several times about the Henry Report in the week leading up to its release. This included being told on the 29th of May that Peter Dunne was not complying with the inquiry.

“This contradicts the statements John Key made about the inquiry.

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“On the 30th of May John Key said that he had not sought assurances from Peter Dunne as to whether he leaked the report, and that he did not need to. Mr Key said ‘I accept him absolutely at his word…I’ve got no reason to doubt that’.

“It is now clear that John Key was being kept well briefed on the inquiry despite his public claims, and had a very specific reason to doubt Mr Dunne.

“John Key might like to distance himself from this mess, but he can’t. 

“Mr Key needs to answer why, when he was told Peter Dunne was not complying with the inquiry, did he not personally ask Mr Dunne to do so?  We are talking about one of his Ministers refusing to comply with an inquiry into the release of a highly sensitive document that he himself ordered.

“John Key’s failure to get his Minister to comply with the inquiry raises the question again of whether he ever wanted to get to the bottom of who leaked the Kitteridge Report. 

“Today he still can’t tell New Zealanders definitively who leaked it.   He needs to be upfront with New Zealanders about exactly what he knew about the inquiry and why he did not ask Mr Dunne to comply with it as soon as he knew there was a problem,” Grant Robertson said.

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  1. Jesus ! So Jonky used Dunne to slow-release the fact that we’re being spied upon so that we’d all become used to the idea that we are being spied upon so we may as well get used to it ?

    It’s the old boiled frog versus the slowly heated frog trick ?

    Jonky and Dunne are head fucking us ! ?

    And Dunne is still there . In Parliament . He was a dead duck BEFORE the ‘leak’ bullshit so he had nothing to lose ! ? OMG !

    What else is Dunne hiding in his hair ?

    WTF ?

    OMG ?

    LOL !

    WTFU ! ( Wake the fuck up ! )

    • Yes Key’s intention is to completely undermine our belief in this country’s political system and he has very nearly achieved success – we just need to look past his ‘economic well-being’ smokescreen of lies and carry on diligently supporting those with true intentions:

      NZ ELECTIONS 2014

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