Winston flirts with Key by ambushing Key’s current partner Dunne (should Peter vote for Feed the Kids?)


Peter Dunne gets planked.

Bizarre allegation by Winston that Dunne leaked the GCSB report.

With National seen to be riding high in the polls, Winston is repositioning to the right for a possible National Government post 2014. His decision to give Key the votes for the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders has been the first dinner in this new political romance, attacking Dunne as the source of a highly embarrassing leak is Winston wanting to seal the deal.

This is very public repositioning and Dunne will know it. If Dunne is no longer needed by the right, will Parliaments survivor start to pitch to the left?

Maybe Peter Dunne should consider voting for the Feed the Kids Bill as a signal he may be a swinging center as the political ground shifts under his feet, because if John has Winston, he doesn’t need Peter Dunne.


  1. My understanding was that Winston was very strongly opposed to asset sales which would hardly position him to the Nats’ right.

  2. Labour’s Charles Chauvel came close to unseating Dunne in 2008. Now that’s he working for the UN, in the absence of another locally well-liked opponent in 2014, Dunne will be back in parliament. If so, he will do what he always does: back the winning horse. To describe him as if he actually has political ideas is to give him far too much credit.

    What I’m more interested in is why Bomber is reading Peters’ self-serving attacks on Dunne, who is his competition for king-maker whichever major party is closer to majority in 2014, as evidence of a shift in his political position? For that matter, why cast his totally consistent support for increased state power, which also underlies his opposition to asset sales, as some kind of statement of solidarity with Key? Like Dunne, after 2014 Peters will do what we always does: what’s best for Winston Peters.

    Is there more to this story Bomber? Do tell.

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