Labour Party Coup Watch warning upgrade


Team Shearer (14)
David Shearer, Phil Goff, Annette King, Trevor Mallard, David Parker, Clayton Cosgrove, Shane Jones, Damien O’Connor, Darien Fenton, Kris Fa’afoi, Ross Robertson, Carol Beaumont, Maryan Street, Ruth Dyson.

The Young and The Restless (9)
Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Phil Twyford, Clare Curran, Megan Woods, Ian Lees-Galloway, David Clark, Andrew Little.

Cunliffe’s People (11)
David Cunliffe, Lianne Dalziel, Moana Mackey, Nanaia Mahuta, Louisa Wall, Sue Moroney, Rajen Prasad, Rino Tirikatene, Su’a William Sio, Raymond Huo.

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The terrible bout of Labour Party Poll results must force the colour coded Labour Party Coup Watch up to elevated. June or July is the last window for any faction to suddenly pull the pin on Shearer’s leadership. Look for any large gatherings of Grant’s Young and Restless tribe.

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The concerns are that while Labour’s policy is being well received and in the majority, Shearer as leader simply isn’t firing. Those concerns are getting louder, not quieter.


  1. Unfortunately David Shearer has not caught the voting public’s imagination. He does not inspire and seems indecisive and hesitant. He fails too often to go for the jugular when he should have the government on the ropes. And this government has presented the Opposition with plenty of opportunities to attack them but Shearer either fails to attack or when he does just come across as rather meek and impotent.
    The Nats are sleep walking to victory in 2014 as Labour has chosen the wrong leader!!!
    I hate to admit this; but Key will annihilate him during Leaders’ debate during the election as Shearer does not seem to have the ability to respond and react quickly during debates and will look as vulnerable and inept as Dr Brash did up against Helen Clarke in 2005.

  2. Shearer is all that is saving National the public are aware of current regime,s incompetance but don,t see Labour under Shearer as an alternative the Green,s also are scary to some.Cunliffe is the one guy the Nats are scared of because
    he can match motor,s with Key he,s a better attack dog than tonguetied Trev Mallard and the MPs who can,t forgive Cunliffe for setting up Goff in the last election need to ponder this do you want to be in government in 2014 or in opposition again not hard to figure out is it ? sometimes what is right isn,t always popular and vice versa

      • … nor did he attempt a coup against David Shearer at the Labour Party Annual conference last November. That was also a fabrication perpetrated by a handful of ABC club members – aided and abetted by the likes of Patrick Gower.

  3. With all of the outright, caustic policy and behaviour of the incumbent regime, it is beyond belief that the Opposition is unable to knock the Don-Key Government for 6 – especially, when considering the overwhelming amount of ammunition the Don-Key Government is providing to it’s Opposition.

    Labour, where the bloody hell are you?

    • I’m beginning to suspect that Labour has a deep-seated pathological fear of actually getting into government. It seems that Labour only wins elections by mistake. The mistake usually being that occassionally Labour goofs up in its decades long campaign to convince the public that the National party alternative is more competent than it is.

      Since Norman Kirk, I can recall the names of 7 leaders of the Labour Party. Five of them wouldn’t have won an election if Labour were the only party contesting it. Labour strives tirelessly in its efforts to lose elections. How else can you explain the decisions to make Bill Rowling, Geoffrey Palmer, Mike Moore, Phil Goff and now David Shearer the mouthpieces for the party?

      There are two scenarios for Labour to lose the upcoming election:
      1. keep Shearer
      2. get rid of Shearer but make sure that it is done so close to the election that the new leader won’t have time to get established.

  4. Shearer has to go . He’s one of them , not one of us . Labour is being poisoned from within . Labour has a confederate/confederates within it’s ranks . But who is it ? Who are ‘ they ‘ ? About ten years ago and motivated by the societal horrors I witnessed in the poorer areas of Christchurch , I wrote a letter to the then minister of police , Annette King . I described what I saw and prompted by verbal support from a now district court judge I asked the minister if she believed Neoliberalism was directly to blame for creating the dysfunction , crime and poverty I was witnessing . Her response was to send the police into my business so that I could explain to them why I was complaining about a lack of policing in our shopping precinct ??? Perhaps one could ask Annette King if she knows of any ‘confederates’ within The Labour Party ? After all , she’d been in the Labour Party during those heady years that excreted roger douglas et al . It’s my view we need to very , very carefully analyze the Labour Party . They may be more dangerous and more covert than anything National can cough up . Besides , we can see those rats . They’re already caught in the headlights . Again , it’s my view that certain old guard Labourites are running defense for Neoliberalism . Labour unchained could slaughter National at the polls over night if it chose , such is the anti jonky sentiment I gauge out there . So why does it not ? Because Labour is being muzzled and those within Labour with good intentions are being bullied ? Why ? Because the neoliberals who sold us out have more work yet to do before we’re colonized by the Lizard People . Only joking . I put that in there in case you were drifting off .
    I’m not yet sure who’s colonizing us but the appalling way our tax-paid-for Politicians are treating us is inhuman and perhaps more chillingly , is unnecessary which makes it just a little bit sick .

  5. Actually blaming Shearer is beside the point.

    Whoever has control of the Labour Party, it sure has hell not been the membership (what membership?), should reflect on their own dependence on a steady loyal spare dollar power base.

    Since 1984 Labour has successfully alienated, disillusioned, disenfranchised (economically) its own membership and electorate power base.

    There is a constitutional convention about Cabinet responsibility.

    Maybe the members of the Labour caucus should reflect on their own dependence on party membership (or lack thereof) and their dependence on voter turnout (or lack thereof) while playing their egotistical power plays.

    What about caucus collective responsibility? with all those egos, yeah right.

    Why Shearer agreed to run is beyond me.

    He probably wanted to be nice and not offend anyone.

    He has not just been fleeced he has become a sacrificial sheep to a bunch of self serving careerists.

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