Design – Beauty – Glitter – Maori intelligence and Mums cooking!


How many times can we accept mediocre design ?

Yep this blog is about beauty or more to the point “lack of it” … In fact it will probably be a recurring theme.

What is our nation preoccupation with mediocrity! Celebrate the bland whilst ignoring the amazing.
Real beauty exists when people are free. This means where our government does the simple act of showing care for all of us here, now and future generations.

We have Marriage rights now. Oddly, as happy as I was for those who will choose this option I was more struck by the simple fact that in 2013 we still needed approval of someone else to have that kind of freedom. There are still 8 countries that kill gays (I’ll probably use that term a lot as the anagrams glbt lgbt. Glbitt – gay lesbian bi intersex transgender Takataapui, fafafine is still at odds with me – the thought of being reduced to an amalgamated abbreviation is odd. We should also add St8 and find some group with the letter E, then I could call us GLITTERS! lol

Anyways I digress

The freedom when you accept that you are just ok. So, why do governments still prevent us from being free / that’s right? Why are governments still deciding the kind of freedoms we all deserve? Eg. Why is there a concern that we can’t grow our vegetable gardens (that’s right there is a real threat that regulations may prevent us growing our own spuds, kumara and herbal teas!)

Mums can no longer make home preserves for school fairs WTF … I don’t know about you, but I have always trusted any mums cooking anywhere in the world! It’s a fact Mums cooking is always the best. I took my dance crew to India in 2009. Every day we ate on dirt floors, using our fingers eating off palm leaves NOT one illness. Some of the dancers tried a restaurant once and jelly belly galore!!

Why is there a real threat that Maori traditional medicine our herbs and natural Taonga can possibly be taken and owned by a multi nation foreign nation?

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There, where’s the beauty in that?

I use beauty as a way of expressing frustration in our day to day survival.

I breathe in the pure energy of the universe and breathe out L. O. V. E. Eliminating ill will and ugliness, whilst calmly drinking my latte.

It’s quite good to reflect on how we all change. How we can free ourselves without from society burnout, that “what’s the point I can’t do anything” feeling. We can actually do a lot. Because you read this and I write it –we create freedom and beauty. In many countries censorship would prevent us participating in either.

I want To be able to protest – drive a dingy against a nuclear frigate

March for people who are about to lose their homes

Just so I’m upfront here (declaring conflict of interests). I belong to no political party. I formed the Mika Haka Foundation ( A charity I created to support young minds & future leaders explore amazing social change through arts and health programs. I prefer not to use the term youth at risk – all youth are at risk, white, brown, yellow.

We make art that provokes. We discuss issues and generally we don’t celebrate smoking, drugs alcohol, junk food into our space. We do however encourage safe sex and sexuality and freedom of thought. I welcome your comments & support.

Yes we need to feed children – we also need to feed their minds spirit and dreams. What’s the point of having a full stomach if the mind isn’t nourished? Long live debate alternative views
Someone asked me (well criticized is a better word for it) my working with MP John Banks. The reason I worked with him was to challenge both “our” stereotypes of how NZ is and how our people are, as his recent support of gay marriage showed. Sometimes we simply need to hold out a hand to those who don’t really know us.

And then there are the new Maori – ME. Ones who believe Maori culture is not an obese stereotype. Yep health is a political issue. I believe obesity comes into lower socio classes not just because of poor food choices and inactivity but because of pure mental exhaustion and lack of proper breathing. It’s interesting why so many Māori now live in Australia. Part of it, I know is some were sick of having to be Maori! Yep, every time an issue came up they were expected to comment on it; at their work place, locker room, supermarket, hairdressers. So to disassociate themselves from the issues some left NZ for a place worse. Yep c’mon we all know how Australia is – you can still be at a dinner party and hear someone “those b$@#$? Abo’s all drunks, on the dole (fill in the rest) …” Lol.
Until next time

Kotahitanga ma te rereketanga – unity through our rich diversity