Karl Urban Makes My Lady Parts Tingle left me tingling



This month you may have missed a show that if there was a God would have been seen in this years Comedy Festival for its pure comedic genius.

Hosted by the burlesque Miss La Vida in a skin tight cat suit, Karl Urban Makes My Lady Parts Tingle is a joyful romp through the real life absurdities of real life Karl Urban fans.

Hosted in the cosy basement of 1885, the season was only a couple of days long because it was moved last minute after the fire at the Maidment Theatre which meant this gem was probably missed by many.

That is a disappointment. I urge any late night TV show producer or comedy promoter to grab this show as soon as it surfaces because it is hilarious.

The real stars of the show are The Nudey Ukes. Normally I despise the Ukulele as the non-instrument people with limited musical ability can strum as their BBQ party trick. It’s the modern day recorder and is one step above the triangle, that said, the Nudey Ukes are this country’s greatest undiscovered cultural treasure.

The comedic timing is brilliant between all 4 of them as they recount their devotion for Karl Urban with songs and banter that flows effortlessly.

It’s funny as fuck and very adult.

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