Welcome to The Daily Blog – now with Laila Harre


Kia ora and welcome to The Daily Blog, where 30 of the best New Zealand left wing and progressive opinion shapers daily critique politics, media and culture.

Many thanks to all of those who have helped make this happen. A doff of my cap to Unite, NZDWU and the RMTU for having the vision to see a counter narrative get online.

I would like to announce that Laila Harre will also be joining Professor Jane Kelsey, Chris Trotter, Selwyn Manning, David Slack, Sue Bradford, John Minto, Keith Locke, Lynn Prentice, Phoebe Fletcher, Morgan Godfery, Coley Tangerina, Gareth Renowden, Queen of Thorns, Efeso Collins, Marama Davidson, Steve Gray, Tim Selwyn, Aaron Hawkins, Burnt out Teacher, Frank Macskasy, Allan Alach, Chris Flatt, Wayne Butson, Matt McCarten, James Ritchie, Dr Wayne Hope, TDB Reposts and The Liberal Agenda.

If Seven Sharp is the new dumbed down level of public debate, the blogs have a responsibility to step up and fill that gap. We don’t pretend to hide behind the corporate media’s farce of objectivity. No one can ever suggest this blog is peddling a hidden left wing agenda, we are all very open about our left wing agenda.

Let the combat of ideas begin.



  1. Heartiest ongratulations Bomber, you’ve created the single most positive step for Progression in decades. Media control of public opinion, the final frontier.

    The format and content is excellent, (strive for humour and titillation too, a la Huffington)) but moderation of comments is crucial and a delicate balance: Lynn’s example on The Standard is fine, and with your huge array of stellar contributors you should be able to avoid any deterioration such as the damaging and pointless Shearerbash that has dominated there recently.

    You’ll be hated and attacked with a vengeance: relish it, welcome it, accept it as the sincerest affirmation of your efficacy. Grow in strength brother, remembering always that your efforts and this single intitiative will eventually lead to the relief of misery for tens of thousands of our least fortunate brethren.

    Onya mate, the battlers of the past are proud of you.

  2. Hi Martyn

    Congratulations and thanks to you and everyone else involved, for getting this site together. I’m pleased that you can make comments without having to hook up with Google or whoever. I hope you have plans to promote the site to the wider world on an ongoing basis. Of course, I will promote it to people I know but you really need to reach out to the wider community, not just those involved in left wing debate. I only discovered Citizen A by chance and I’m pretty switched on. I hope you do have a plan to actively promote it. Good luck!

  3. This is an excellent initiative and thank you for setting it up. As an expatriate kiwi living in ‘Socialist Europe’ I have long since given up on NZ’s corporate media as a reliable source for keeping me up to date with what is going on in NZ. Blogs written by those pretending to represent the left (like those from chardonnay socialist brigade e.g. Brian Edwards) don’t fail to frequently disappoint either. I think that I will enjoy reading this one.

  4. Good one Brad you’re got some great minds to keep us fully informed and engaged. MSM is getting worst by the day,month & years!

  5. A most excellent development bringing together so many talented, independently minded bloggers of the progressive left. Thank you for making it happen Bomber and The Daily Blog team. Am in heaven reading all of the contributions.

  6. Had a good read around and the verdict: brilliant!

    Two suggestions though:

    1. The Daily Blog Poll.
    As much as I appreciate your humour, consider perhaps a satirical poll and another one concerning an important issue. Though I get the drift of it, I just couldn’t participate in today’s poll because I simply can’t stomach the idea of supporting anything remotely positive of Key or this government – food ain’t cheap and I can’t afford to regurgitate it.

    With a poll concerning an issue of importance, it’ll be good to see something more comprehensive than what we can expect on the NZ Herald.

    2. Perhaps a “suggestion box”, for reader suggestions of improving features on the site?

    It’s good having a blog as a collective effort in the true leftist way, may the flow of ideas enrich us all.

  7. Well done TDB crew and all power to you! Am much looking forward to the articles that such a great group of writers will be posting. I really do hope that TDB will in time be able to break out into the world of the ordinary person and engage with those who are turned off politics and are unaware of how the democratic and political process affects our daily lives. Apathy is our enemy!

    One another note – Love the satirical lol polls! keep them coming, as well as the serious ones. We are desparetly missing political satire in our country. Satire is a great leveller and can help keep those ego’s in check. And don’t we know that our poli’s ego’s are on the rampage these days…………

    Big Ups.

  8. I hope it will allow serious debate, and freedom of speech unlike The Standard who are so precious they just want to debate amongst themselves. They seem extremely scared of anyone that has a well founded argument. That doesn’t fit with the dumbing down program

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