The Liberal Agenda 1st March-3rd March



The Liberal Agenda 1st March-3rd March

Welcome to the first ever Liberal Agenda. Eeeep. Big weekend to kick it all off. A tonne of theatre and Fringey things to keep you busy. Here we go…

Friday 1st March
King Lear kicks off at Auckland Uni today and will run throughout March (expect a review soon). This Summer Shakespeare is no ordinary Summer Shakespeare, it’s the 50th Anniversary of this wonderful tradition. Lisa Harrow (who was in the RSC so we can assume she knows her stuff) is directing and is joined by Michael Hurst (acclaimed actor/director) as artistic consultant), Michael Neill (Shakespearean scholar) as King Lear and Sam Neill (bring-in-the-heavy-weights-why-dontcha?!) as Executive Producer. Big line-up for a big-milestone.

If you’re feeling less Bard and more bizarre, then I highly recommend both Puppet Fiction and Velcro City which are both on as a part of the Auckland Fringe. Alternatively, if contemporary dance and kitchen utensils inspire you, then A Beautification of Spatulas is a good bet and also worth popping along to at some point (there are multiple performance and they’re only 20 mins long). There is so much seriously good Fringe stuff happening that it’s impossible to list it all. Suffice it to say there is no excuse for being bored this weekend.

Saturday 2nd March
Right. Here’s the plan. Head to the Pacific Showcase at the Cloud first up, have a stroll around the markets and stalls, check out the performances and Valerie Adams doing her thang. Then grab some yummy food and take said food to a park and listen to some music. Your choices are Bella Kalolo at Jellico Park (Onehunga) or Avalanche City at Nixon Park (Kingsland).


Sunday 3rd March
The Stardome Children’s Day is on today with activities, shorter planetarium shows and obligatory face-painting. Today is also your last chance to get along to Auckland Art Gallery’s Who Shot Rock and Roll. Get there early or you’ll be queuing. It’s time for another Kite Day with Trade Aid as well. Music and food and thousands of kites to be decorated and flown! The perfect way to round off a busy weekend.

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The next blog will be up on Sunday 3rd March for the week ahead.

If you’re involved in anything cool please drop us a line with details and we’ll include it in our weekly round-up.

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  1. Is this going to be an Auckland centric events diary? Because all of the events mentioned here are in Auckland.

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