Open Letter to the National Party, ‘Meh’ is not an appropriate response to the People’s Mental Health Report

By   /   May 11, 2017  /   8 Comments

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As a collective Political Party you should not only be ashamed of the mental health system you have overseen for 9 years, but you should also be deeply ashamed by your response to the truth and the way you have spat in these New Zealanders faces.

This is on you National Party

Dear National Party

Let’s put aside that you have underfunded Health by $1.7billion so that you could give your rich supporters tax cuts.

Let’s put aside that you are so ideologically driven that you have ratified the bloody TTPA even after Trump killed it.

Let’s put aside that this idealogical drive is focused on mutilating the State’s ability to raise revenue so that the State can’t afford its social obligations.

Let’s put all of that aside and look at the way you have as a Party responded to the People’s Mental Health Report.

First up was Jonathan Colman’s venomous response which was designed to appease your rump supporters rather than address the substantive issues raised.

It’s ugly of you that you would disgrace yourselves to the level of branding Mental Health Advocates as left-wing anti-Government protestors when you consider the subject matter is the suffering of our fellow New Zealanders.

This cruel and bullying knee-jerk was followed up by Bill English’s cold indifference to what was revealed in the People’s Mental Health Report.

Effectively the Prime Minister looked into the faces of the tens of thousands of New Zealanders who have suffered under a broken mental health system and said ‘Meh’ to their collective agony.

It doesn’t matter what part of the political spectrum you come from and it doesn’t matter what Party you are in, to shrug off the painful testimony of those damaged by a mental health system that isn’t functioning is a fucking disgraceful response.

As a collective Political Party you should not only be ashamed of the mental health system you have overseen for 9 years, but you should also be deeply ashamed by your response to the truth and the way you have spat in these New Zealanders faces.

We can’t let our brothers and sisters with mental illness continue to suffer in a broken system, yet your disgusting disregard for their experience under your mental health system means their evidence is treated with disrespect.

All of you should be ashamed by your politically convenient apathy.

To every other New Zealander astounded by the callous response by this National Government, sign Labour’s petition now and send a clear message that mental health must be an issue this election.

The Labour programme will provide funding for:

  • Increased capacity for GPs to conduct interventions and make appropriate referrals
  • Mental health service co-ordinators to be based with primary care providers
  • NGOs to provide social assistance such as help getting a job or finding somewhere to live
  • Increased access to counselling
  • Coordinators to facilitate shared care between GPs and DHBs 

It’s bad enough that the National Government oversaw this mental health collapse, it’s beyond spite that you show those suffering such contempt.


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  1. WILD KATIPO says:

    ”Effectively the Prime Minister looked into the faces of the tens of thousands of New Zealanders who have suffered under a broken mental health system and said ‘Meh’ to their collective agony.”


    And therefore it is also time we say ‘Meh’ to the National party and the driver of its free market neo liberalism , Bill English. These people are destructive subversives and none more so than Bill English , – the chief fiscal architect of this ideology of National over the last 9 years.

    And in order to understand who and what drives Bill English and others like him , a small study of NZ’s recent political past is necessary. Below are 3 interrelated links , the first by the late Hugh Price of Price Publishers.

    It is in fact the most damning and revealing of the origins of Friedrich von Hayek’s neo liberalism and its effects on the New Zealand population.

    The following two support and demonstrate the validity of Prices work.


    * New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

    * Thule Society – Wikipedia

    * Young Hitler – Excerpts Appendix | The Thule Society


    If you have read the above links , you will now understand just how these individuals can act and behave and adhere to such a vicious ideology with such callous impunity and complete indifference to the effects it has had on their fellow New Zealanders who elected them.

    [Katipo, you’ve posted those links several times. TDB does not encourage repetition on this forum. – Scarletmod]

  2. Mike in Auckland says:

    Ffs, we do not need a petition, just present a solid policy and program for mental health funding and the rest of health care, dear Labour.

  3. geoffrey brittain says:

    good to see some honest assertive reporting, its a shame the major news media most people rely on fail us so badly with their political bias due to their globalist owners agenda, this national government is a puppet to big business globalist interests, it even ignores referendum results with huge majority results and barges ahead with its own agendas putting the interests of big business multinationals before the needs of NEW ZEALAND citizens.

  4. Helena says:

    This is a link to California Government buried truth …
    If we think about the tech that surrounds us everyday, plus all the cell towers popping up in crowded places and out of the way weird places it is little wonder that we are all being fried from the inside out and that our mental health is increasingly becoming ill health leading to depression and suicide.
    Time to tear down the towers.

  5. LOSTRELIC says:

    It makes me very sad to say this, but the truth is, only a person who knows nothing about mental health would support these proposals.

  6. Cassie says:

    Yes Kapito. You are completely up a garden path. “Hitler” has nothing to do with it. (He was a National Socialist trying to protect his nation from Communists- but he lost. ) People have just no idea how WW2 history has been lied about.
    And “Thule Society”? Bullshit red herring. Research “Frankfurt School” instead.
    Marxist ideology. How to transform societies from within.

    Communism never died. It has re-emerged under a different name:
    “Globalism”. Recognise this big Buzz word? Used a lot as if to be a natural progress. (Bullshit)
    This is what is has infiltrated New Zealand (just like other western governments) People just don’t recognise the symptoms, because they are naive. ”
    Recall 1980’s Economic Reforms” = the turning point.Towards “Globalism”
    Public Services turned into business for profit. Power in the hands of a few.
    Schools & institutions of learning -turned into businesses for profit.

    “Globalisation”- turning the world into one melting pot. Flooding western nations with mass immigrants to destroy national unity….to install a One World global government. (And it sounds like U.N . is going to play a role.) One big Super Power . (All the masses under surveillance. Loss of freedoms. Free speech replaced with Political correctness- already evident in NZ )

    You surely recognise the attack on our sovereignty as a nation: eg all the multinational corporations that have a foothold now and calling the shots.
    And what do you think “changing the Flag” attempt was really about?
    Yes there are traitors within the ranks. JK is one of them but there are others.
    How to identify their traits :
    1) Lack of compassion.
    2) Money before People

    It stands to reason, that issues such as the Mental Health crisis & Failures will be deliberately ignored.
    You all KNOW something very wrong here with that. This is not how the New Zealand we once lived in operated. This is NOT our values.

    This denial of Mental Health failure is called “Gaslighting”. Deliberately LYING & contradicting people’s reality , people’s own REAL observations. It is a psychological pathology.

    You are ALL aware that the Corporate Media (No, NZ media is NOT independent) does the SAME:
    Here is a classic example-
    The Herald: “Experts say that mass immigration does not change the demographics”….
    (Well BULLSHIT. Just check out Auckland city)
    See? DENYING our own observations and claiming Experts know better. Who are these “experts” who can tell us we are imagining things? It’s LIES (=Gaslighting)

    (Martyn, Maybe a year ago, not sure, you posted an article , with an anonymous Herald Staff person pictured. What was on his sweat shirt? A Communist emblem. Subtle but significant. )

    I’m telling you.

    HOW else do you explain the obvious destruction of true journalism and discussions on genuine concerns, and the loss of people like Campbell who engaged the public on such matters?-The general dumbing down of Media.

    Then there is also the DECLINE in Living standards/wellbeing of Workers & Families in general,
    -Longer working hours & less pay
    -loss of regular hours job security replaced with casual/part time.

    -The general dumbing down in Schooling
    -the fact that for past decades kids have been emerging MINUS maths & literacy skills (disguised in the Media by all sorts of irrelevant articles, on everything, blaming teachers even, everything BUT the obvious LATTER)
    -The intrusion in ‘news” by the banal & trivial.. such as “celebrity” garbage.

    Their Modus Operandi, to have
    SOME articles that mention SOME public concerns ( buys public confidence =Pretense)
    -But NOT to tell the truth about REAL concerns, such as how the demographics has been changing in NZ slowly whereby native NZers feel as if they are in a foreign country.. and if you say something you are labeled as “racist” . (= one of several Political weapons of terminology used that people fear)
    They do NOT tell the truth about the obvious ramifications of mass Immigration, such as how it puts strain on our existing infrastructure, eg waiting lists at hospitals.
    They LIE about how it is cheating our own citizens, our own young people of jobs
    They LIE about the REAL reasons for the housing shortages..which we damned well KNOW the reasons…
    They LIE about overseas events. Eg the true effects of mass immigration in European nations
    They continuously call them “refugees” when most are NOT.
    I could go on & on.

    Look up “Gaslighting” . It is a form of Abuse. Abuse by one who has power over another and LIES to confuse & make the person question their own reality.
    (The Media has power over people)

    The Mental Health disaster is YET another symptom of NZ’s demise.
    And this sort of problem is NOT only in NZ but all western countries. UK is same. Ditto USA. As for European countries..well they are being so flooded with migrant invasions that they’re drowning in other serious problems.
    But you surely get the general picture. And if you don’t , it’s because you’ve been believing the lying deceiving media and are still ignorant & deluded.

    Ok so this is a long rave & I’ve jumped around a bit. But people need to wake the hell up and see the bigger picture. The sooner they do, the more likely to think of a constructive & realistic solution. If it’s not too late already.