EXCLUSIVE: Massive online ACT Party data breach


The Daily Blog has been contacted with information that the ACT Party database has been left open online…

…we’ve had a look, and they are right. There is a huge data base of members and donors on the list, alongside a fascinating document from Franks/Ogilvie to the hard right NZ Initiative outlining their hatred of Maori gaining any power under the new RMA.

As far as I can see the entire database of donors and members are just open on this and I estimate there maybe about a 1000 names there.


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There’s also a weird amount of ACT/United Future logo designs in there, are they looking to join together?

If I was an ACT Party member or donor, I’d be pretty pissed off at having my details so openly available online and would expect far better security.

To protect their privacy we won’t publish any of their details, but ACT might want to hire someone to make their database secure.



    • They are the cancer that has inflicted the National Party, so someone doesn’t like their policies as us 99% don’t either.

      “Massive tax cuts for the rich”

  1. @ DAVID SEE-MORE saw more so he’s taking it and giving it to those who don’t need it because ?
    Because we will most likely let the little weasel fucker.
    No disrespect to actual weasels.
    Like roge douglas, if you see him? Introduce him to multi tasking. Running while screaming for mercy.

  2. ACT has a lot of tax cuts planned.
    Doesn’t say anything about what government services will be reduced, closed or what assets (those few remaining) will be sold to fund it.
    Unless they intend to fund it by BORROWING.
    Thats what you get with ACT – only half of the story.
    No wonder they can’t even get up to 1% of the party vote because no one trusts them.
    Ponsonby only votes for Seymour because National gives him a free ride and the Ponsonby yuppie pretenders don’t actually have any use for a real MP, a puppet on a string will do nicely.

    • ACT’s tax policy for this coming election, again clearly favouring the rich and wealthy:

      “Under the policy, the lowest tax rate of 10.5 percent would drop to 10 percent, the middle rate of 17.5 percent would drop to 15, and the top rate of 33 percent would drop to 25 percent.

      ACT would also cut company tax from 28 percent to 25.

      The party’s leader, David Seymour, said its policy was far stronger than what he called the “tax bracket tinkering” Steven Joyce would announce in this month’s Budget.”

      So the TOP income tax payable would only be 25 percent, compared to the already somewhat low 33 percent National brought in a few years back, a massive tax cut for the high earners and rich!

      I bet this will come with massive welfare spending cuts, and forced labour policies also.

        • No cuts to core governments spending.

          You gotta be s*****g us, Gosman? You’re trying to tell us that ACT wouldn’t cut “core government spending”?

          Ok, I’ll bite; what is your definition of “core government”?

          And what is not “core government”?

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

          “Core government spending” according to ACT ideology, you mean, skeletal spending, without any flesh that lives, yeah right!

    • No services would be cut as it will be paid for by scrapping corporate welfare like the 300 mil bridges is giving to the film industry

  3. Well done Martyn and TDB for being reasonably discreet about the details of ACT’s exposed data base. That takes integrity and respect, something ACT and its parent the Natz, are sorely lacking.

  4. they aint call the act party for nothing they act up and they act down and see more acts like a gnats clown but really they are one big act and its time for him to be put down ( I mean go down) he he he

  5. This is called “transparency”, I suppose, something we get far too little of in NZ Inc., although governments and officials often tell us exactly the opposite.

    I wonder what the MSM will report on this, that is if they even bother to do this, as it would hurt and damage one crucial support party and MP that holds up this appalling government of double standards, misinformation and endless lies.

    Another gem was presented by John Campbell on Checkpoint on RNZ last night, revealing how MSD had tried to intimidate social housing providers it contracts, to stay clear from the media, i.e. telling them they must inform the Ministry before talking with MSM.

    Read this, please, it is very IMPORTANT also:

    NONE of the two main TV stations reported anything about this, nor other media, as far as I have learned!

    It is time to expose the whole machinery behind this, and whosoever was behind digging this from the vulnerable ACT Party server did us a favour and service, I think.

    Shall we call it “Kiwileaks” perhaps?

  6. .How come Campbell on RNZ covered the MSD attempted shut down of information by Social Housing Providers while the TV networks did not? I
    Tall poppy. Keep up the great work JC.

  7. Not just databases but hashes too are available to any concerned security consultants conducting scans in the name of privacy and in good will.

  8. If there are 1,000 people on the ACT membership list, I guess they don’t all vote for ACT?

  9. Mr See-More is conspicuously silent on this story.
    Everything to see here people, stay put!

  10. Something is really fucked up when the political class actively lie and obfuscate and deceive the public, and anyone who publishes a leak exposing the truth is condemned.

    I guess thats one way to find out who are the establishment shills

  11. It’s almost comical how bad most internet security is. Most people are still doing the digital equivalent of leaving the key under the welcome mat (something that always makes me wonder, why bother locking the door at all?)

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