Why won’t Judith Collins identify who the Chinese ‘bureaucrat’ is?

By   /   April 15, 2014  /   9 Comments

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Rumour as to the real reason Judith Collins won’t reveal who the mysterious Chinese ‘bureaucrat’ is who dined with her at a private dinner is because the Chinese ‘bureaucrat’ wasn’t some lowly border official and they are actually a junior ranking member of the Chinese Government.


Rumour as to the real reason Judith Collins won’t reveal who the mysterious Chinese ‘bureaucrat’ is who dined with her at a private dinner is because the Chinese ‘bureaucrat’ wasn’t some lowly border official and they are actually a junior ranking member of the Chinese Government.

If that’s true, Judith is toast and that explains her vicious counter when Winston pushed her on it in the House today…

Gloves come off in Parliament
Allegations of corruption flew across the House today as Justice Minister Judith Collins countered NZ First leader Winston Peters’ accusations of a conflict of interest with some of her own.

Collins was again under attack in Parliament today with Peters asking why she would not reveal the name and position of the border official she had dinner with while on an official visit to China.

Collins has admitted having dinner with the official and Oravida chairman Stone Shi, who is a close friend and business associate of her husband.

Opposition MPs have accused her of using her position to benefit her husband’s businesses – accusations she has strenuously denied, saying the dinner was private.

The justice minister today turned the tables on Peters.

“I would say to that member if he is worried about corruption I think he should consider a member of Parliament who asked questions in this House and written questions to help his girlfriend in her position with a major global company,” Collins said.

…if Collins has lied and the person she had dinner with was a member of the Chinese Government, then the dinner takes a far more serious turn and her description of the person as a mere border official is as disingenuous as it gets.

If it’s true, she will have to step down. Whichever Opposition Party gets the details of the mysterious diner confirmed as a Government first will claim Judith’s scalp.

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  1. Allan Alach says:

    There’s also another variation:

    This is bigger than Collins and she is playing, on behalf of the team, a very defensive batting role, in order to safeguard other players.

    New Zealand’s version of Watergate?

  2. Weepu's beard says:

    Aww, they look so cute together. Baby George looks a little upset though.

  3. jackM says:

    Maybe the Chinese representative is a security agent wanting information on the U.S.A TPPA deal and who`s ALL involved in this partnership?

  4. Weepu's beard says:

    They have to come up with some evidence rather than chipping away with questions because the (National) speaker has already signaled his intentions ie, he’ll allow Judith Collins to not answer those questions in the house.

  5. YogiBare says:

    Isn’t there some way, under the freedom of information laws, that she can be forced to reveal the identify of the mystery dinner guest?
    Politicians seem to forget they are paid by us and therefore are accountable to us.

  6. countryboy says:

    @ Allan Alach . Yes . I agree with you and I’m not usually so agreeable .
    Collins won’t say , etc , because she knows that if push comes so shove , she doesn’t have to say anything to anyone .
    Jonky can tell lies because he can do so and remain unchallenged .
    Dozy old Mana , The Greens and Dotcom will remain the poor cousins at the wedding hoping to hide their poverty behind the argument for shabby chick because their fat old Aunt , the Labour Party , is still pissed on the spoils of 1984 while refusing to acknowledge her dubious farmer genes .
    Although her stockings are starting to sag and her purse is lying under the sofa with only a few pennies left after the Roger Douglas rats have cleaned it out , she’s still pretending she’s all for us working class volk who’re now so well groomed by the neo liberal machine , they’re more Right Wing than a dyslexic chicken .
    Why won’t anyone try to find out who we are exactly as a Country ? Who are we ? What are we becoming ?
    I read an fascinating piece about legal pot in the USA and an interesting question arose . “ When weed is no longer illegal, does it cease to be part of the counterculture? When the counterculture becomes mainstream, what is it? “

    When politicians become so overtly bent that they seem relatively normal as a consequence , what then of politics ?

    We may as well not vote . Not participate and not make the bent politicians accountable for their actions .

    Heeeeyyy ! ? Wait just a gosh darn minute ?

    It’s now normal to expect politicians to be crooked . It’s now normal for cops you beat the shit out of you if you stand up for your rights . It’s now normal to know that beneficiaries are having to become criminals to survive . It’s now normal to be up to ones titties in debt while suffering low wages and increasing utilities costs [ for the profits of rich off-shore people . ]
    Clumper Collins is sweet . She’s making millions . And she couldn’t give one small flying fornication .
    If a dope grower get’s busted for growing the aforementioned dope to sell and supply ( Hey ! Look ? Capitalism ? ) the dope grower , supplier and seller can have their homes taken away and sold . Forfeited to the Crown ( Ironic when considering Queen Victoria was known to have a toke or two ) Collins , if proven guilty per se , will just waddle off with your money .
    As did the Banks , Fay Richwhite Group , Elders , and a cadre of others who’ve been swindling our economy for generations . Interestingly , they will never ask you to prove anything . In case you try . Collins isn’t slithering around the back door to OUR Parliament buildings because she’s innocent either .
    While the Philistines bag the Royals how about since they’re here we ask them if they can help us normal people sort this shit out ?
    ( Sigh . ) No , or course not . Us Dopy bloody Kiwis will go back to what we abused know best . To continue being abused .

  7. countryboy says:

    And for those of you whom might be interested . This is interesting .


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  9. Arto says:

    Look, the NZ minister of ‘Justice’ does not have lunch in China with a random nobody border-official. Lunches and dinners of this description are strictly reserved for meeting the higher-up Chinese elites in order to build strong business guanxi relationships. The episode stinks to high heaven.

    Heres a link to more info about guanxi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanxi