Claire Trevett shows how biased msm works



Read this nonsense by Claire Trevett…

David Cunliffe denies claims he is ‘running scared’
Labour leader David Cunliffe has dismissed claims he is running scared from Prime Minister John Key and playing hard to get over a Campbell Live series featuring political leaders and their partners at home.

Eyebrows were raised at Parliament today after Mr Cunliffe missed Labour’s weekly caucus meeting and the chance to question the Prime Minister in Parliament’s question time, in favour of delivering a speech to a business audience for the Institute of Directors in Auckland.

TV3 has also revealed problems getting Mr Cunliffe to take part in a series in which John Campbell interviews the political leaders and their partners over a home-cooked meal, and he had pulled out of two proposed dates.

…astoundingly, Trevett reports that Cunliffe is ‘chicken’ and running scared because Cunliffe decided to talk to the Institute of Directors in Auckland and because there had been a clash of times in the glad handling behind the scenes Women’s Day-esk family at home routine which quite frankly should be beneath Campbell Live.

This on the same fucking day that John Key pulls out of a debate on housing affordability that bloody Key himself had challenged Cunliffe to…

PM won’t debate Cunliffe over housing
The Prime Minister says he will not debate David Cunliffe on housing prior to the election campaign.

Yesterday Mr Key challenged the Labour leader to a debate on housing policy during the post-Cabinet media conference. It follows Mr Cunliffe’s comment that National’s housing policy is “disgusting”.

Mr Key said at the briefing that “if David Cunliffe wants to have a bit of a chat about it on nationwide TV, I’m more than happy to do so. Yeah, we’ll call it the first debate, I’m looking forward to it.”

…Key chickens out on appearing in a debate that he himself demanded on an issue a thousand times more important to NZers than a soft pap piece and Claire Trevett has the gall to report Cunliffe is the chicken???

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The petty crap that makes headlines regarding Cunliffe should be taught in media classes as examples of why public broadcasting is so vital for the quality of democracy.

This is bullshit.


  1. I look forward to the day that New Zealand’s media is once again free and independent. Currently, Pravda (Dominion Post) and Izveztia (NZ Herald) are not worth buying. I can get the same verbatim press releases – free – from National’s website or…

        • You stated that the MSM (specifically the Dom Post and te NZ Herald) were essentially mouth pieces of the National party. I just linked to an article from the Dom Post which disproves this. Surely even you can comprehend that.

        • He alerts that the record has been put straight concerning Cunliffe’s ‘Campbell Live’ dine-with-me filming and that John Key is, for the time being, ‘chicken’ and running scared regards housing policy discussions.

      • Ummmmm…. He chickened out of a debate he instigated. What’s the matter john? Haven’t got your ducks in a row? chickens lined up? Done your undercover work? Let’s have more impromptu debates so the world can see how good you really are.

        • Last time Key got impromptu was when he was interviewed live at parliament (some situation where he had contradicted himself again) and broke out into unintelligible gibberish. It was like one of the moments watching a drunk man who had taken mushrooms as things got twisted out of shape.

          I recall he spat the dummy after that refusing to answer questions unless he was fully briefed first.

      • Problem is the inconsistency in the medias approach when it comes to National and Labour. A fair, balanced, and independent media is one of the cornerstones of a democracy, and it is the attacks by this government on principles of our democracy which has been the hallmark over the past five and a half years

  2. Well Like another Claire: Trevitt /Robinson
    One does wonder if they are just Shrills for a certain
    Michelle with links to a party that enjoys Devine right!!

    • Yes Robinson is becoming unbearable, without any pretence at neutrality. She could hardly contain her irritation when on the panel with Laila Harre on Q and A. To be honest things were just as bad in the Muldoon era and that didn’t last forever. Just need to change the Govt. and things will improve.

      • I thought Laila did a great job. Wouldn’t be spoken over by the others in the panel. Richard Preeble past his use by date. Yaaah! They’ve allowed a strong woman to front left opinion. And that Robinson person. Patronising know it all.

  3. The headline reads “David Cunliffe denies claims he is ‘running scared” and then there’s a photo of him laughing his head off as if it’s the silliest taunt he’s heard all year – which it possibly is.

    Whoever chose the photo has completely undermined the article – whether by design or not I don’t know. Gave me a good laugh though.

    Apart from that I totally agree the article is bullshit and certainly anyone writing it is clearly not deserving of the title of journalist

  4. It just occurred to me how *awkward* that Campbell Live stunt could be for some leaders, if their spouses don’t wish to be public figures, or an accessory to their (usually) husband’s career.

    If there is tension in the marriage, or they’re quietly divorcing. Awful. Many people stay married for years, but live separate lives… then to have your hand forced into putting on a show of domestic bliss, or be labelled a coward? Yuck.

    I don’t presume to know the state of any politicians marriage, but that Campbell Live piece is basically smoking people out of their own home.

  5. Yes, as someone who tends to think the media is biased to the left, I was surprised to see the way that article was reported. I thought she might be borrowing from Whale Oil.

    It reminds me of the old Lyndon Johnson suggestion of accusing another politician of being a pig f8cker. Not because it was true, but so he would deny it!

    On the housing issue, it’s pretty obvious the demand could be eased by restricting not only foreign ownership but reducing our intake of people so there is some population stability. The net population increase in Auckland from overseas considerably outnumbers the increase in housing stock.

    The media and politicians seem to avoid that though.

    • Yes the right successfully put David Cunliffe on the defensive as a result of his actions. This happens in politics. The same will happen the other way around as well.

  6. It’s weird. John Campbell used to be very much for the people and now he’s lost connection with and is openly criticising the leader of the people’s party. I wonder if David Cunliffe has decided to give John Campbell a wide berth after the change in editorial policy at TV3 recently and the fact that John Campbell has gone to ground somewhat (some might say he’s not the same man) after John Key savaged him on live TV over the GCSB bill in August last year?

    Indeed, has John Campbell been hauled into the new editorial line at TV3?

    I wonder.

  7. What surprised me on tonight’s TV1 National Party news was the fact that there was no reporting on Bill English and his pre budget speech. Frankly, when a right wing channel fails to report it’s own news, I find it really irritating.

  8. Why the bloody hell would David Cunliffe’s family want their home invaded by tv cameras to generate rafts of wet media fantasies?
    I caught part of that Campbell Live last week and, from what I saw, John & Bronagh hosted his breakfast fry up at their batch- far from the madding crowd and no personal items up for display, other than the organic eggs, not exactly a nitty gritty down-home kitchen table scenario, I don’t know if they even went inside.

    • Didn’t it look sparse and barren? A cold, austere, loveless place set up for the cameras with far too many gratuitous shots of those sausies.

  9. Ummmm… He chickened out of a debate he instigated.
    What’s the matter JK? Haven’t got your ducks in a row, chickens in a line, done your undercover work on your opponent? Let’s have more impromptu debates and let the world see how good you really are.

    • She will doubtless be receiving regular tokens of appreciation from the National Party for her astute reporting.

  10. A good response to this stupid circus of a ” meal with a leader” (still don’t see why such an idea should be considered desirable or enjoyable) would be for all the rest of the leaders to refuse to take part on grounds of invasion of privacy or whatever – leaves Key high and dry and a publicity hound. Not everone can take cameras and reporters away from their normal environment to an empty “Bach ” which would be pristine – most would have to make-do with a house which would have a lived-in look, especially with children and animals, and god help them if they haven’t cleaned properly or don’t display the requisite number of televisions etc. don’t know about others but I really do not want to see all details of private lives.

  11. @ Weepus beard . I never thought john campbell was much more than a whiny old aunty AND a covert sycophant to jonky . Remember when he did a brief stint on National Radio ? He was awful . His droning , cuddle , cuddle voice made me sick . It still does . He’s first in there to promote Campbell Inc when people are bleeding , dying or are about to . His latest foray is into the pools of tears of those less fortunate , being dopy teenagers too dumb to say no to fake pot . They need a kick up the arse , not a snuggle fest . The very best thing to do , while on that subject , is to shut right the fuck up about it . Not use feeble minded , reality avoiders to sell Mazda cars while our eyes glaze over as jonky does what ever the fuck he likes to us .
    And why IS cunliffe being all fancy pants psyops ? Why doesn’t he just deck jonky on campbell live then explain why to a shocked audience . That’d do it . I’d vote for him then .

  12. The story so far: Mr Key challenges Mr Cunliffe to a dual at high noon. Mr Cunliffe accepts then Mr Key decides his schedule is full and can’t make it after all but no matter, Mr Cunliffe can start without me! (Pan to MSM sycophants all giggling and tittering on cue). Mr Cunliffe then takes leave from parliament for a prior booked engagement and Mr Key calls him a chicken for not appearing in the house to duke it out with him (Pan to MSM sycophants all giggling and tittering on cue). If that makes Mr Cunliffe a chicken, then it makes Mr Key a right prize turkey!

  13. Claire Trevett is shamelessly bias and the calibre of her writing is a million miles away from being the Deputy Political Editor of our major daily newspaper.

    I have an article before the Press Council complaining about one of her article about David Cunliffe.

    I will post on this website their decision. I would encourage anyone reading this blog to complain too.

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