Should we listen to Winston over Aratere? Ask Harry Tam


Aratere bridge crew union lawyer slams NZ First ‘coffee run’ tweet

Union lawyers representing the Aratere bridge crew have slammed NZ First for claiming the ferry crew may have switched on autopilot and gone for a coffee before the ship grounded.

New Zealand First on Tuesday posted on social media, asking if it was true the Interislander ferry had autopilot on while someone went for a coffee, “then couldn’t turn the autopilot off in time when that someone came back…?”

Remember Harry Tam?

Remember how Winston claimed Harry Tam had hid covid invected prostitutes in the boot of his car to vists and infect Marae all over the North Island?

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Remember how Winston had to immediately apologise because they whole fucking thing was a lie?

Remember that?

Winston Peters apologises to Harry Tam over Northland allegation

Former deputy prime minister Winston Peters has apologised to Mongrel Mob life member Harry Tam for incorrectly associating him with the Northland Delta outbreak.

On October 9, Peters told Newshub Nation during a live interview that Tam brought the two women at the centre of the Northland outbreak to Northland via Auckland.

Tam sent a legal letter asking for the record to be corrected and for Peters to apologise, which he has now done.

So why the fuck are we listening to Winston allege the grounding of the Aaratere occurred because someone went off for a coffee, an allegation that has already been claimed is false?

While we are asking that, why the fuck was the training so pathetic on the Aratere that people weren’t aware of how to switch off the autopilot?

While we are asking that, why the Christ is Winston Peters as the Acting Prime Minister, getting involved in an inquiry about Ferry safety making allegations that are half false???

What the fuck is going on here??? Allowing the Acting Prime Minister to insert themselves into a safety inquiry, half of which turns out to be false, this is how Banana Republics behave, this is not how a liberal progressive democracy should behave!

Can someone tell the Acting Prime Minister to shut the fuck up, stop spreading falsehoods and allow the investigation to occur without Winston interfering???

That this has happened at all is extraordinary.


      • Lack of evidence is not evidence of a conspiracy to cover up evidence of a cover up, but the threshold of suspicion will linger around the possibility, of untoward influence over investigatorial determination, that is not prompt and thorough and open, and without any duress being exerted by powerful maritime and caffeinated industry insiders, who may have infiltrated the top echelons of the bureaucratic hierarchy, according to undisclosed whistleblowers within NZFirst laws of the sea enforcement raptor squad.
        The unredacted NZFirst “NescafeGate” allegation, was simply that a person (name changed to JFK) on the Aratere bridge, did indeed engage the autopilot, and then a further person, who may have been the first person (name change to Elvis) did indeed engage the execute button, enabling the whole calamity to then unfold.
        The key piece of the jigsaw, that draws the whole conspiracy together, being the alleged presence of an alien technology, that used a form of “tractor beam” to momentarily move Mabel Island into the direct path of the Aratere, where the ship became grounded, before moving the island back to its original position.
        The reason that no timely corrective measures could be taken by the crew, was because someone who was in on the whole conspiracy (name change to Jack Ruby), had secreted a dose of fast acting knockout drug into the coffee machine on the bridge, and from that point the whole scenario became a fait acompli.
        TAIC are yet to be convinced by this NZFirst revelations.

    • Probably just an apology, it worked for Winston with his attack on Harry Tam, so no big deal Henry.
      If they aren’t true it’s just further proof Winston is unhinged and need of the dementia ward.

      • Certainly not a career politician(some of his policies have been criminal). Did you even read where Winston apologised to Tam for untruths?

        Pat O’Dea – Spot on.

        • Of course not Bg they don’t actually care, they are purely political to the extent of not caring.
          Callous people.

        • Typical hard right wing response. Has anyone in the media asked Winston where he got the information from? The same place as when he accused Tam or Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley over his superannuation overpayment and had to apologize to all three.

          BG you’re full of shit.

  1. While he is on his witch hunts he should ask how many of the total covid deaths were unvaxinated people and how many had been infected by the unvaxinated .He needs to stop the bull shit and deal in facts .At no time would there have been no one on the bridge of the ferry .His lies and I reckons are un help full.Same with his witch hut trying to lynch Jacinda because she cut him loose .H e and his ferral river of filth followers need to remember that covid was bought to NZ by un vaxinated people because there were no vaccines .The borders were shut to prevent the virus becoming rampant due to all the carriers rushing home for the free wellfare they enjoyed upon return .
    One only has to look at the carnage in Spain and Italy to see how well we were served .
    Im sure any intellegent reporter would be able to find Winston going hard out in support of the governments moves at the time .I can remember him bleating to so called kiwis living over seas to hurry up and get home because we needed to close the shop .

  2. Look, it was human error. The pylon collapse was also due to human error. These minor disasters are occurring all the time in New Zealand and they cannot be blamed on “old infrastructure”. Cuba keeps old plant, machinery and infrastructure going because they have no alternative and because they are committed to maintaining what they have. New Zealanders used to do the same. Then something went badly wrong. That was not an accident. It was a political decision. The fourth Labour government decided that we were going to abandon the old cars along with the old ideology, that we would give up the number 8 wire approach, and New Zealanders no longer needed to know how to fix things or how to keep things going. In the brave new world of New Zealand everything would be automated and computerized. This attitude has had its impact on working New Zealanders as well as politicians. Contractors and “supervisors” (who replaced the old foreman/leading hand class) are among those worst affected by the culture which devalues care, prudence, and diligence in the workplace. You won’t fix anything by throwing billions of dollars at the problem, even if you had the billions there to throw. The first step is to accept that it is a human problem, not a ship problem or a pylon problem.

    • Winston couldn’t really say the ferry had no one at the helm cos they were all down below deck watching blue movies with his mate Jonzie who was later secretly smuggled off the ship.

      • Nz/AO doing it for themselves Clive I like your style and you can be scriptwriter when we make a film or as Kim Hill said ‘filum’ – it’s going to be called Under a long white cloud and loving it.

        I too like your thoughts Geoff. Let’s Picard them.

    • Governments aren’t good at stuff. Thats why they can’t manage the contract of the company that manages the contract of the contractors who contract the supervisor of the minimum waged worker who wasnt trained and didn’t know not to remove all the pylon screws. There’s only one solution to a problem like this privatise transpower. You will be told it’s TINA’S idea.

  3. Peters is doing it to detract from the fact that they have canceled a plan, either because they are just stupid or pleasing the trucking industry, and haven’t presented a plausible alternative. It’s like clockwork from this stupid old prick.

    • This actually has nothing to do with Harry Tam. It’s about Winston putting up a smoke screen to take the heat off Casey Costello being labelled a law breaker by the ombudsman.
      Winston should shut up and fire his criminal cabinet minister.
      If he won’t Luxon should.

    • nathan, explain the relevance of a politician having to apologize to a gang member. Did you trust Winston when he made the accusation against Winston?

  4. Winston wants to get rid of the law giving g all workers smoko and lunch breaks. This is the opening salvo in the campaign to get rid of them. Anything that the workers have, the government wants to take off them. Breaks, holidays , wages, sick leave, etc.

  5. Is looking a little true… didn’t no how to turn off the autopilot… kiwi rail incompetence shining strong again!

  6. Winston’s bullshit is allowed to unfold simply because he tries to cancel any media that reports on his rhetoric. It’s sites like this that are able to show the truth about Winston Peter’s lies. I note a certain person here blaming TDB for Winston’s behavior. That is truly pathetic!

  7. I cannot stand Winston but in this instance he is right to speak up . He also shed extra light on the whole ne ferry budget blow out . In both stories Kiwiraill are shown up as not to be trusted.

    • And National and Winston have just wasted 1/2 a billion dollars in cancelling the ferries that will cost billions to replace alongside the damage to the transport industry.

      • So you were happy to let this group of liars to be in charge of a 3 billion dollar project. It started out at 1.2 billion . The ferries were a good deal but the new docks were not.

  8. I cannot stand Winston but in this instance he is right to speak up . He also shed extra light on the whole ne ferry budget blow out . In both stories Kiwiraill are shown up as not to be trusted.

    • Pull the other one Trevor. By next week Winston will be saying it was WHO guidelines that ultimately led to the person at the helm spinning out due a severe reaction to the COVID vaccine. You can bet your arse Peters knew more about the costs at either side of the strait too. He’s a consummate bullshitter who actually says something pretty obvious and gets plaudits because of his 80’s car salesman grin. Fire the person responsible but it doesn’t change the fact that they need to do something.

  9. So the deputy PM is allowed to perpetuate rumors now. Will this terrible government know no bounds of decent human behavior or is this particular person feeding both his ego and his cooker base, best he look at some of his colleagues who have been running amok with the truth and clandestine meetings.

  10. Winstone should have something constructive to say as acting PM ,not some childish rant about a so called leaked doc that every one else has .He just tried to make out he was the only one with the document which was probably freely given and not a leak at all .He should be more concerned with the way Costello tried to hide information around smoking and the telling off she got from the Ombudsman.Clearly his lie about the crew all leaving the bridge is a smoke screen to cover her rear end once again .She should be sent to the back bench if not right out of parliament altogether .

    • “Clearly his lie about the crew all leaving the bridge is a smoke screen to cover her rear end once again.”

      What is the point of having crew on the bridge if they don’t know how to operate the autopilot equipment? I would suggest that a totally untrained crew on a vital piece of navigation equipment should not have been there at all if they are not supervised by someone competent.

      • Overseas registered ships have got staff with fraudulent certificates. Now NZ/AO has Got Smart we may be catching up with such efficiencies, and accepting a few errors cropping up. Blame the system, blame the algorithm, I’ve got rhythm!
        I got daisies
        In green pastures
        I got my man
        Who could ask for anything more?

        Old Man Trouble
        I don’t mind him
        You won’t find him
        ‘Round my door

  11. Satire is a dying art. Sigh.

    The worst part is that last night this was true, this morning it’s false because Winston made a joke.

    A week ago it was mechanical failure.

    And then the MSM wonders why they’re broke.

  12. There’s that photograph of winston peters having what looked like a very intense and intimate conversation with don ‘bare chest’ brash the arch neo-liberal traitor and governor of the reserve bankster himself back at that time. What was whinny talking to the withered mafioso about? Rogers bum hole dia?
    roger, winston, don, derek etc and our 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires and the four now australian owned, once-were AO/NZ banks who are now the second most profitable banks in the world only to Canada are in a spa pool. Are you going to get into that soup? Well, no need to answer that because you’re already in there, floating helplessly about in the smelly bubbles and curly hairs and barely able to keep your head above water. Is this where a double dose of Martyn Bradbury’s electricity might come in handy?

  13. ” That this has happened at all is extraordinary. ”

    Oh I don’t know. Anything goes now it’s a free for all.

    Its hard to accept we have become a Banana republic and we get a reminder every now and then.

  14. While all of us know Winston loves to spout pure rubbish to keep his name in print let’s admit 2 things:
    1) Despite his exagerration that they were going for a coffee it does look like the autopilot was on incorrectly and caused the crash when they couldn’t turn it off. Not the aging infrastructure argument the Left have been screaming. (And I’m not hiding from the fact they need replacing. It just wasn’t that cause this time)
    2) Labour, especially Chippy the Fraudster, continued spouting lies about the 2 women visiting Northland for business despite already knowing the truth. And doubled down on the slander when challenged.

    No side of any party in Parliament is to be trusted. Especially if they slend months proclaiming “we’re tho only ones who will tell you the truth.”

  15. Let’s admit you’re an idiot because…

    1. Your surmising and
    2. Uffindell was cleared by Luxon’s “INTERNAL” inquiry.

  16. I think you have hit on the answer to some of our problems, being in a banana republic, now we have warm climate change let us start producing a Kiwi version that we don’t have to fight over copyright for. We already have some trees growing so expand exponentially. Sell them here and emphasise they are our own with some complicated trademark.

  17. Looking at the ferry run aground and all lit up I have some ideas. NZ First aren’t the only looney ones around!
    1 That the electricity at a building nearby had a power outage and someone put up a please help for lighting to a bro on board the ferry while they worked out the problem.
    2 Someone else had a crush on someone on the mainland there and decided a straightforward direct approach was the only way to start the affair.
    3 Someone had a bet with someone else that they couldn’t make about 20 people defecate in different parts of the country all within an hour and not having any contact at all.
    4 Someone feels sure that the communists are our sworn enemies since we totalled the Mikhail Lermontov and that they carried out a retaliatory strike like the French did on the Rainbow Warrior at one of our ports.
    Better ideas are challenged.


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