Hunger striker and PSNA National Chair speak at protest outside Rakon


Will Alexander (on Day 10 of his hunger strike for Gaza) and John Minto, PSNA National Chair, addressed a protest  outside the Mt Wellington office of military hardware supplier Rakon.

A week ago Rakon approached PSNA to suggest a meeting to discuss our concerns about their involvement in weapons being used to slaughter Palestinians in Gaza. We accepted and agreed to meet but now Rakon has backed away saying “there is no longer the basis for a good faith discussion” because we have continued to raise concerns about Rakon publicly.

The most important point here is that Rakon has never denied any of our claims. It is donkey-deep in supplying crucial components for the US guided munitions industry whose products are being used in Israel’s genocidal slaughter in Gaza.

NOTE: Hunger striker Will Alexander has made stopping Rakon exporting these products one of his three demands on the government as part of his hunger strike.

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  1. Deepest respect to Will putting his life on the line for a cause that is gonna define the 21st century hope our Govt makes a uturn on their fascist foreign policies so Will doesn’t die and our country legacy is written in the archives as being on the right side of history.

    Free Palestine

  2. What you are witnessing in Gaza with this murderous, ongoing Arab Holocaust & ethnic cleansing of a race by genocide perpetrated by the US & it’s Colony vassal Israel, is the double standard hypocrisy of what the United States calls its lawless & fabricated American “RULES BASED ORDER” & if you want to find those rules, don’t bother, none are written down because it means, No Rules For Me, Only for Thee, Do as I say, Not as I do & through this hypocrisy the Americans & Zionists have been exposed as evil War criminals & psychopaths? The shameful cries of the Zionists who use Antisemitism & the Memory of the Holocaust to justify its murder of women & children in Gaza just don’t cut it anymore with the Global majority? What really showed you the truth of this blatant double standard was the Americans congratulation of the ICC & their warrants to arrest Putin for removing children from a War zone, done for their protection, they were sent to Germany to be reunited with their Parents yet when Netanyahu gets charged for real War crimes by the ICC, the ICC is threatened by the US & Israel, the US Govt is seeking to punish & sanction the ICC & ICJ for Israel’s heinous acts of genocide, a ex Mossad leader even threatened to take out the Judges, why? Because the US is complicit along with Israel for War crimes, it’s supplying the bombs, weaponry & targeting, they know full well the implications in the eyes of the World & Global Majority because the Mask has been torn off the Evil US Empire, first because of their murderous Warmongering in Ukraine now in Israel, letting loose it’s Zionist attack Dog Israel? That hypocrisy was shown when Julian Assange exposed US War crimes & that is the reason why he’s rotting in a English jail despite not being charged with a crime, that’s how evil the US & it’s vassals are, the ones who commit the War crimes don’t get punished, only those who expose their crimes? But the Whole World is watching in Horror at the Shit show double standard hypocrisy that Genocide Joe Biden & Satanyahu are doing in Gaza with the slaughter of unarmed Men, Women & Children & the blatant disregard of International Law under the UN charter & the Geneva Convention, the Americans & Zionists are shitting on International Law, committing Genocide & the World is witnessing it in real time? The United Nations needs to vacate their premises to another Location & America & Israel need to be booted out of the United Nations, ostracised & isolated as Pariahs & sanctioned, their Reserve currency status stripped from them, that will end their murderous criminal Warmongerings & genocidal behaviour, once & for all time because they won’t be able to fund it!

    • 100% The U$$$$$ its only value. And its monster Israehell need to be put down once and all. The U$ and NAZO are the cause of the Ukraine war.

    • You do realise it’s not the done thing to admit Palestinians are Arabs on this site. Tends to undermine the indigenous claim.

  3. Israel Prime Ministers and their true family names versus their fake/changed surnames ,,

    Benjamin Netanyahu would/should be Benjamin Mileikowsky ,,,, which is a Polish name that his Polish father, Grandfather etc were born with.

    David Ben-Gurion’s real Surname is Grun

    Moshe Sharett’s was born Moshe Chertok ,,, a name as Slavic as he was

    Levi Eshkol …. born Levi Shkolnik

    Golda Meir ,,,, changed from Golda Mabovitch

    etc etc etc …… The reason why these EUROPEAN surnames got changed is because their European origins don’t fit the made up Israel script ….

    How Israeli Prime Ministers Changed Their Names to Sound More Middle Eastern

    Israelis ,,,,, the modern and real ethnic cleansing anti-Semites ,,,,

    Palestinians are Semites (people of the Middle East) ,,,, and the European Israelis have them as their Untermensch alright ,,, Israel is Ghetto Cleansing them like European Ubermensch are renown for and have a name for doing.

    • Exactly Awakesky. Half these champions of Israel don’t have a Semitic bone in their bodies. A bunch of land thieves waving biblical texts in your face to justify what they are doing. IDF Barbie, Gal Gadot defended her real estate ram raid as gods will.

      • Very strange that Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini. born in Cairo and educated in Egypt should drop most of his inherited names in favour of some mountain miles away in an Arab land though wouldn’t you say Wheel?

  4. Clearly it’s the vegans who are the war makers. They attack halal eaters and sacred religion. John Minto expel them from your ranks as they only add insult to injury. They weaken your ranks with insulting beliefs

  5. You guys are unhinged at least Israel protects the rights of vegans. Last I heard Palestinians are arabs. You guys all twist stuff around. The Arab league revolve around Arab identity. The Iranians are anti semites and support Palestinians. You guys don’t respect the largest group of vegans in the mid east. Meat eating savages. Vegans are against your frauditing.

    • No the Arab League was formed to counter the musical offerings of The Human League. It was a battle of the bands that made Eurovision look positively light weight


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