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Monday, June 17, 2024


The Daily Blog has been hacked


The Daily Blog was hacked yesterday and that is why you saw a maintenance page for most of the day.

The hack was very sophisticated and very tricky.

Thank you to everyone who reached out, these moments are always a mix of infuriation and terror.

We can’t point the finger at who did it, but we can see trends.

Whenever we criticise China, we get cyber attacks.

Every time we criticise Israel, we get cyber attacks.

Every time we criticise Russia, we get cyber attacks.

Every time we post out how racist NZ is, we get stupid cyber attacks.

Every time we have a go at NZ First’s weird Qanon antivaxx culture war bullshit we get really dumb cyber attacks.

Every time we criticise woke overreach we get cancelled.

This hack on us yesterday was a lot more sophisticated and I would be surprised if it didn’t originate offshore.

We have a new page design up and running in the interim, there will be updates made to it for the rest of week as we iron out all the damage caused and tweak it for TDB readers.

Obviously this all costs and arm and a leg being offline so if you are in a position to donate – please do into our bank account 12-3065-0133561-56

You never know how important critical media voices are until you lose them!


TDB Team

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  1. How silly to hack a website to shut down discussion. If more people listened rather then screaming from their tribal corners we’d be in a better place.

  2. You must of hurt someones feelings Martyn, I’m betting its either Israel, or fossil fuel companies.

    • No indeed not very edifying. When I was in Denmark in the 1970s they seemed to have embraced a robust societal attitude to life. I wonder if they have all the creepy and juvenile stuff on their internet that breaks through our crust here? Foreigners here say that we aren’t open and assertive in our thinking and speech, more into hiding our feelings not able to verbalise them reasonably. That could come out in sort of mad max outbursts and prurient leanings.

  3. Sorry to hear.
    Although I seem to increasingly not get comments published here, I appreciate your commentary on China and Russia as fairly balanced.
    The NZ left is in danger of pursuing a China centric foreign policy and voices like yours are needed in that space more than ever.

  4. That was hilarious! I saw a lovely photo of a lovely pond in lovely mountains then I got pinged over to a ragged old porn site but not just any ol porn site. It was a porn site that looked like it’d been shot in a truck workshop in Yugoslavia which was doubling as a surgery for smack addict people transitioning.
    So TDB has been hacked then… Cool ! Any publicity is good publicity, right. Life is just a circus after all.
    12-3065-0133561-56. Aw bloody Hell. ASB? Really? They’re our mortal enemies.
    Try Co-Operative bank as well and see who wins on deposits. ( Even though everyone in the co-op ad looks stoned and/or has been huffing NOS.)

  5. Some people just can’t accept a plurality of worldview, thought and opinion

  6. Glad to see your IT fellas have decent backups. One thing I would point out- in regards “We have a new page design up and running in the interim, there will be updates made to it for the rest of week”. If you’re asking for something to be customized in a WordPress setup, it’s a good idea to follow every feature request like “I would like a scrolling marquee of stories up the top” for example, with “as long as that doesn’t require a plugin to be added”.

    The vast majority of WordPress breaches happen because of some random widely used plugin with flawed security that then gets exploited across every single site on the web that uses it as soon as the security flaw is discovered.

        • That would possibly be correct and factual if you said there is more that is real (and solid) in Israel than Palestine; because Israel has bombed so much of Palestine that was built up over the centuries.

          Why take out all the dormant, repressed anger just on Palestine? When the task in Palestine is finished will Israel send missiles into Germany and further Europe? I am reading a book about the Polish treatment of Jews; civilians set themselves up to seek out Jews and kill them. The Hungarians were quick to close down Jewish businesses once the edict came from the Nazi PTB in Germany. Lots of targets for the future when the pain of loss sharpens and the hyperbole refreshes it.

        • No matter how many kids you nonce, friend of Epstein, you will never erase the nations of the human race.

  7. Should we be concerned that Username/Password data was compromised during the hack? Or was it more a simple DDOS attack?

    • Yes I wonder if someone has replied to this query somewhere we can all access, or will as the fix gets bedded in.

  8. Sorry to hear this, Martyn.

    You host some gaping orientalist orifices here, but you put in the mahi and your heart is in the right place.

  9. There are malicious entities which will attack and bring down a website which is simply providing a platform for honest, informed debate. Then there are entities which will do that in response to a severe provocation. There is nothing you can do about the first category, but you can protect yourself from the second, Martyn, by refraining from gratuitous provocation.

  10. Some people want to take us all down all the time so we have to stay smart. This is OM stuff but pput up as I have met the perp and his wife I think; we need keep this tax drain in our minds; unpaid tax, docked wages, part of the bleeding of the country.
    https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/518036/nelson-restaurant-ripped-off-employees-during-quiet-hours-must-pay-30-000 – 2024 May.28
    The company, Mirac Limited, owned and operated by Omer Akbaba, was ordered by the ERA to pay $30,886.44 in wage arrears, holiday pay and interest to the three employees.

    This before – https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/302135/tax-dodger-who-owed-more-than-$100k-sentenced – 2016 Apr.22
    Omer Akbaba, a restaurateur whose wife is currently receiving hospital treatment, appeared in the Nelson District Court this morning.
    He was sentenced to five months’ home detention and 120 hours’ community work for failing to pay income tax and GST amounting to more than $103,000.

    He had earlier admitted charges of aiding and abetting Richmond company Mirac Ltd to mislead Inland Revenue by providing false information.
    Judge Tony Zohrab said the offending was serious and, if others did the same, there would be no hospitals to treat the likes of Akbaba’s ill wife, nor would the country have schools or roads…

    The judge spells it out well.
    I think the actual bloke has shifted to Blenheim and a new restaurant. Very nice bloke, I met him but when a country (NZ) is corrupt it encourages those ‘getting ahead’ to push harder. It’s a lot of work in a cafe but not bad when others do it, for low or no wages.

  11. Hi Bomber. Thanks for the update. It would seem this site has a long list of enemies including the ones you can’t see. I hope your systems are robust and can protect TDB from undue malicious activity. Good on TDB for exposing a lot of issues that seem to go under the radar particularly with the MSM and is making a number of recipients uncomfortable enough that they are trying to attack real honest fact driven journalism.

    TDB cant be bought like many of the existing mouthpieces who sold out themselves and their country a long time ago.

    I am on the minimum wage and every dollar is precious but I value having this blog and all that it contributes and I will find the money to assist you Bomber and the team.

    Like the other campaign against you involving the state and you prevailed in the face of the awesome power of your adversaries you will do so again with this.

    I am sure I speak for all the other true left believing contributors on this site “who don’t use it to stir shit ”

    We have your back.

  12. TRUTH and FACT are the casualties of liberal free democracy of the established monied class and their worldwide representatives.

    Right wing Conservative

    Pretend masked ” social democrats ” who say they represent the kinder neo liberal established pretend parties of the rest.

    And our own working persons sell-out Mr Hipkins who will not back any nationwide action against the system he protects.

    And if you need convincing for 2026 here is what is playing out in the U.K in the run up to their general election.


    Business will sign up for UK-Labour now that Corbyn and the lefties who tried to bring the Labour party back to what it was formed to represent before it was hijacked for the free market.


    • Yessss it’s National to blame! Lol, that record you keep playing seems to be cracked Gordon, needle is stuck, perhaps come into the 21st century and get some CDs

      • NActional grubs tried it on ‘The Standard” ( hacking), last time they were in government ….

        …. So ‘Im Right’ is wrong ,,,, again…. The needle sure is stuck with that clown.

        Even though he seems stuck with CDs :0 ,,,,, how quaint.

        • It was National party that hacked the standard was it B Sleepy?
          Got proof…or are you just assuming, was the person caught (?), were they a paid up member of the National Party/member of the caucus?
          Put up or be quiet whilst the adults are talking.

          • We know National Party nonces have targeted anyone speaking the truth before, as they did Nicky Hagar.

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